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You! A Christian Girl's Guide To Growing Up (Faithgirlz)

Knowledge is power, girlfriend. One day you were an easy-going kid, and the next—wham! You’re an emotional roller-coaster. Hair is growing in all-new places, and your best friend whispers the word “bra” in gym class. Now that you’re not a little girl anymore, you have lots of questions about growing up, your changing body, and your desires to move beyond kiddie lip gloss.  In this book you’ll discover all the really weird body stuff you’re going through is actually part of God’s plan for the beautiful, confident, grown-up you! In addition to health and beauty tips, you’ll find answers to some awkward, changing-body questions, ways to create a unique style all your own, and most importantly, you’ll discover the true beauty that is revealed as you grow closer to God in this fun, inspirational and interactive book by  best-selling author Nancy Rue.  

Series: Faithgirlz

Paperback: 432 pages

Publisher: Zonderkidz; Revised ed. edition (March 5, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0310733197

ISBN-13: 978-0310733195

Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 1 x 8 inches

Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)

Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (34 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #35,918 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #27 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Education > Home Schooling #86 in Books > Education & Teaching > Schools & Teaching > Homeschooling #284 in Books > Children's Books > Religions > Christianity

Age Range: 9 - 12 years

Grade Level: 4 - 7

My wife and I bought this book for our 11 year old daughter (she just turned 11 this past November). She is very shy when it comes to talking about adolescence and all of the changes that come with it. She loves to read though, so we thought this would be a way to start the conversations with her. Before we gave it to her, we read it and were both very pleased with the topics of the book as well as the style of writing. Here are the things we are most pleased with: 1.) It presents a wide range of topics, not just puberty and sex. It deals with healthy relationships, hygiene, being one's self,etc. 2.) It is Biblically based. Scripture is used throughout and the whole premise is that girls are unique, special creations of God. 3.) When it does talk about sex, it talks about it strictly in the context of marriage. It doesn't give any gray area or situations where sex outside of marriage is appropriate. It puts sex strictly in the bounds of marriage. As a side note, my wife and I are not naive in that she won't have sex outside of marriage, but we believe that is the foundation of the thought process behind sex. And really, it doesn't talk about sex that much. 4.) It devotes a no holds barred chapter on female adolescent puberty. This is really needed for her age to understand what is happening and what will eventually happen. As I commented above, she is very shy about these topics, and for obvious reasons, we want her to be prepared. We already know this book is having an effect, because it has been a conversation starter, in the sense that *she* is starting the conversations with us about the various topics. And when she starts them, we pretty much drop everything to listen to her and have a conversation with her. I really can't articulate enough how well this book was written and how beneficial it has been for us so far. I hope I have done it a small amount of justice!

OH MY GOSH! If I'd only had this book as I was growing up...It probably depends on the girl’s maturity as to when you give it to them but I think my daughter who's 10 1/2 is at the perfect age. There are quotes from young "mini-women" as she calls them ages 8-12. There are "tests" they can take to identify where they're at in their physical and emotional development as well as questions like, "Have you ever felt this way...", but it assures them that even if they have, or haven't, it's fine.... This way the girls feel totally "normal" where ever they're at. It also explains that this is normal to feel, but it points them to God's truth and quotes the Bible all over (without being boring.) It talks about periods and protection choices in that and even mention how they might feel if it starts while they are away from home, like school or something, but how it’s no big deal to ask another woman for a pad or something because we’ve all been through it and will sympathize and how it is special etc.The book talks about not only their changing bodies, but their changing emotions and changes in how they want to LOOK. But it points them back to how GOD feels about them and they are all unique and special. She writes a couple of other books that I may buy too. There are even questions they can get together and talk to other girls who have the book…It'd designed for the girl to read themselves but you could also read all or some of it together with your daughter. It might open up some great discussions. A MUST have for all young ladies.

I was so excited to get this book as I was looking for a faith-based book to discuss puberty with my 10 year-old daughter. I am so disappointed at the negative focus on body image in this book and will not be sharing it with my daughter. I am all for a single chapter about having positive body image, eating healthfully and staying active... but the entire book is littered with quotes about girls being worried about being fat, or ugly. I just don't want to insert those ideas into my daughter's head, and was expecting more of true biblical focus on the development of a beautiful character.Although the book repeatedly states that it's okay for girls to feel whatever they feel, the tone of the book makes puberty seem like a really uncomfortable, negative process. Also, the "quizzes" and journaling aspects (which I was originally drawn to) make the actual information about puberty hard to reference, since factual things like the stages of breast development get lost among all the discussion. All in all, a big disappointment!

A wonderfully styled book informing young girls (10-ish) about puberty. It's a conversational style, fun to read, like you're sitting right next to a close confidant who tells you like it is (girl-talk). The great part is this book doesn't go too far (sealing the deal, if you know what I mean!). I've found many Christian puberty books just go too far all in one book. I believe in teaching these things in stages and this book supports a slower approach. It has just the right amount of detail to help start conversations. I let my daughter read it on her own and then we discussed it and it worked wonderfully. I did extensive research on the perfect book and I think this one fits the bill. I highly recommend this book before puberty. The message throughout is "yes, you're normal" and "you're special to God". Very affirming.

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