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Pokémon X & Pokémon Y: The Official Kalos Region Guidebook: The Official Pokémon Strategy Guide

Here’s what you’ll find inside: • Trade paperback edition of the popular selling Pokémon X & Pokémon Y: The Official Kalos Region Guidebook hardcover! • Dust jacket includes region map to guide players!   • A complete walkthrough of all the Gym Badges! • Detailed information on all the new game features, from Sky Battles and Horde Encounters to Pokémon-Amie and more! • A guide to where to find hidden items and special Pokémon—with a location index! • Hints on the best ways to use Roller Skates, ride Pokémon, and challenge Gym Leaders! • A super effective 4.78” x 7.18” premium fiber Pokémon screen cleaner to keep your Nintendo 3DS™ system looking sharp! • Helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of the PSS and online play! • An updated type matchup chart that includes the all-new Fairy type! • Pullout map to guide you through the Kalos region!

Paperback: 416 pages

Publisher: The Pokémon Company International; Pck Pap/Ps edition (November 26, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0804162832

ISBN-13: 978-0804162838

Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (376 customer reviews)

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.This review was revised and updated with new info.---- Original Review 10/16/13 ----For 17 years, the Pokemon players guides have ALWAYS had a pokedex section. When Prima took over publication, they started splitting the guide into 2 volumes. Volume 1 was a walkthrough with a small regional dex in the back, and volume 2 was a full National Dex.But for X and Y, Prima has decided to eliminate the pokedex entirely. So this guide is a walkthrough only, with no dex AT ALL, not even a *regional* dex.I don't care how pretty the pictures or how cool the maps are. For most players, the pokedex is the single most important part of the guide, and in some cases, the sole reason for purchasing it. Prima totally dropped the ball on this one.And if that's not bad enough, I just received Prima's response; They said there are NO plans to publish a 2nd volume this time. So there will be absolutely no pokedex for this game whatsoever. [SEE REVISED MESSAGE BELOW]---- UPDATED: 10/18/13 ----I had to revise my review, because Prima just emailed me again, with new (updated) information. . .Good news AND bad news.The GOOD news:Prima WILL be publishing a Volume 2 guide after all.The BAD news:It'll have a Regional Dex, but NOT a National one. . .AND. . .it won't be released until JANUARY 2014. . .the *END* of January. Almost 4 months after the game's release.Really? I don't know who's making these decisions, Prima or Nintendo. But whoever it is, has lost touch with reality. Most of us will have already finished the game by then.

Note: I've owned every single Pokemon guide since Platinum and I've played every Pokemon game since Platinum as well.I'll Get the good stuff out of the way first. It's Cheap (only 11.99). It has a beautiful, hard cover binding. Some of the pictures are nice.Now on to the bad stuff:1. It doesn't have a Pokedex of any kind. There isn't even a list of New Pokemon, let alone a list of all of the obtainable Pokemon. While previous guides (such as those for Pokemon Black/White) split the guides into two books, the first book in the series always listed out the regional Pokedex. There is nothing like that here. It's very hard to tell which Pokemon are brand new to the series and where to catch them. The easy-to-use and easy-to-reference guides that we had for the previous Pokemon games are gone.2. It completely omits key parts of the game. I can't believe it, but the guide doesn't mention anything about Mega Evolutions. This is a key gameplay mechanic and I expected the guide to list out all of the Pokemon that can Mega-evolve as well as the location of their Megastones in the game. Nothing. It doesn't mention this key gameplay mechanic at all.3. It completely omits any information about the post game. After getting all eight badges, defeating the Elite Four and becoming the Champion, the guide simply stops. It doesn't devote a single page to all of the things that you can do after the credits roll. Previous guides had tons of post-game information. This one has nothing.5. The new features that the guide explains (such as Pokemon-Amie and Pokemon Super Training) are covered in just a few pages and with very little detail or information.

The Good:This is a beautifully designed guide, with plenty of information on trainers and gym leaders. It gives some information of Pokéball item locations, and helps you understand the newest features of the game. The walkthrough section is very well done, and should help beginners on their path to the Pokémon League. It also offers a nice list of HM / TM moves.The Bad:No Pokédex! Seriously? The most important reason people buy the guides for Pokémon games is for the Pokédex. People like knowing what new and old critters are inhabiting the world around them, where they can find them, and how to raise them. Pretty much every guide from the beginning has had a detailed Pokédex section where you can research every beast in the game. This is information people want to know!No Pokémon index. That's right, if you are wanting to know where to go to find that one special Pokémon to finish off your team, I hope you have time to flip through every page searching the ones listed for each route. How do you not make an index for quick searching?No description of which pokemon are on what routes. Yep, each route map gives a quick list of names and rarity. If you have no idea who Croagunk is, too bad. At least you know it is in that route. Guess you better go catch one to find out even what type it is. You do get a couple highlighted pokemon for each region, with a picture and type. However, when presented with an entire list, and no way to look any of the rest of them up, it's a small comfort.No information on legendary or special pokemon. That's right, if you were looking for the legendary pokemon, or special ones like Mewtwo, good luck.

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