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Official Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide, Playstation Version (v. 1)

With the Official Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide gamers have the opportunity to save their world from an evil corporation which is siphoning off energy from the planet. Complete walkthroughs and all the maps help players navigate the game. Character descriptions, complete lists of items, monsters and magic and the revelation of all the secrets help players defeat the evil corporation. The ONLY Guide with COMPLETE Coverage of the American Game! Find over 350 full-color maps, ultimate weapons, extreme breaks, complete bestiary, walkthroughs, character bios, boss strategies, materia combinations, and more.

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: BradyGames; 1 edition (August 28, 1997)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1566867142

ISBN-13: 978-1566867146

Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 0.3 x 11 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (236 customer reviews)

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I'll say that there are parts of the game that would be very difficult to clear without the book. I'll even say that it helps you play an *almost* perfect game. But it misses out on several points. First, the monster guide is in places incomplete or misprinted. My wife and I, through our own work, found out many things that the book just missed. Master Tonberry morphs into a ribbon. A very helpful fact that completely missed the editors. When I finally turn to the book, I'm looking for completeness, and this just fell short.

I haven't seen the "Perfect Guide" by Versus, but I REALLY doubt it could be better than this one. I can't think of 1 thing this guide doesn't have except a list of Enemy Skills, which enemy you get them from, and what they do. However, they do list them in the Enemy List in the back. Other than that, this guide has everything, including all the Ultimate Weapons and Limit Breaks, every kind of Materia and useful combinations, a list of all the enemies, weapons, armors, and accessories, complete strategies to beating enemies, bosses, and mini-games, and anything else I might have missed...oh, yeah, and don't forget how to raise Chocobos and how to get the 4 special kinds. It really couldn't get better than this, and as far as the Enemy Skills go, if you don't like to keep looking in the back of the book, just go online and print a nice list out from a site. Even those skilled and experienced in the "Final Fantasy" series NEED to get a guide, preferably this one or the one by Versus (they make excellent guides, especially for the "Zelda" series), otherwise they'll miss all the secrets and things you would not be able to figure out by yourself. Trust me, GET THIS GUIDE and you'll be able to fully experience the fun of "Final Fantasy VII."

With the help of this guide I have obtained and done everything that is possible in FFVII. It would probably have been virtually impossible to complete this game in it's entirety without the help of this guide. All of the sidequests are outlined to perfection and there is a lot of detail included on how to finish it all. The highly informative strategies for the two hardest bosses in the game are also great if you really want to "complete" the game. THis is a must have if you plan to finish this classic.

This Book was very helpfull, but I have several complaints about it. First of all, the List of enemies in the back of the book is COMPLETELY unreliable, for example: Master Tonbery has 44,444 HP, not 8000, and he can be morped into a Ribbon. The little cactus men on Cactuar Island can be morphed into Tetra Elemantals, and ALL the enemies on the crashed Gelinka can be morphed into sorces. It also doesn't tell you where to get certain materias, or states it incorrecly. Final Attack is obtained by defeating the Boss Battle at the battle Square, not the Chocobo Races. Also, whats with the tissues, 1/35 sinra armored attack soldiers, autograpghs, Dio's Diaries, etc. The only good thing about this strategy Guide is that it has near perfect maps (some areas were missed, like the hidded romm in the Great Glaciers) IT ALSO RUINS THE STORY LINE, WHICH IS WHAT RPGS ARE ALL ABOUT. Buy it only if you are completly stuck, or go online. There are much better guides online, plus their free. Ok, I think thats it. And OZZY RULES!

I found this book really easy to read and to understand, it DOES give you the enemy skills in the beistiary, underneath the monsters name.It clearly states what to do, gives you EXTREEMLY useful info on what mateiria to equip bafore a boss, and also good character bios telling you how to use characters to bring out there best abilities, which is very useful for 1st timers.Its secret section pages are useful.... I've been playing FF VIIfor 2 years and have never heard of some of the things in those pages ( I suppose you could call me an ignoramus but there are more ignoramuses out there other than me!)Ok, so its gives away the plot but if u didnt want the plot given away WHY THE HELL DID YOU WANT TO BUY A WALKTHROUGH!?!?!? This is one of the best walkthroughs I've seen and definatly the best on FF VII dont mis out! Buy it!

It helps to have a good book to guide you through the pitfalls and other stuff that you should know! I just wandered and wandered not knowing what to do next. Since I have this it helps TREMNDIOUSLY!!!

Great strategy book and great game too. I bought a USED book from a buyer and was informed of no missing pages, only creases and scuffs from being used. That was fine with me. HOWEVER, I am missing half the map page. One whole page was ripped out. I know it was used but didn't think it was abused too. Not a big deal but if I was informed one thing and got another then that's false advertisement. Can't be trusted.

There's not too much to say about this guide, but it successfully helped me to get everything out of this game that I wanted to. It's been my experience that David Cassady has written some pretty complete guides, and this one is no exception. Of course with many official guides there are some minor errors here and there, but I can't think of anything that I wish had been included with this guide that wasn't.

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