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The Untold Story Of Milk, Revised And Updated: The History, Politics And Science Of Nature's Perfect Food: Raw Milk From Pasture-Fed Cows

The role of raw milk in the rise of civilization, the milk problem that led to compulsory pasteurization, the politics of the dairy industry. Revised and updated with the latest scientific studies documenting the safety and health benefits of raw milk.Raw milk is a movement whose time has come. This book will serve as a catalyst for that movement, providing consumers with the facts and inspiration they need to embrace Nature's perfect food.

Paperback: 491 pages

Publisher: New Trends Publishing; 2 Upd Rev edition (March 16, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0979209528

ISBN-13: 978-0979209529

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In my review of the first edition of this book, I remarked about how hard it would be to make the book better. It seems like this is Schmid's answer to that. Everything I said in my review of the first edition goes double here.This is more than just a revised edition, in some ways it is a new book. While the first edition touched on most of the subjects contained in this second edition, Schmid pushes to much greater range and depth in most of those areas.He has increased the amount and depth of information about the history of the relationship between humans and bovines, and elaborated on the impact of that relationship on both species.He has also delineated the overt and covert campaign against healthy raw milk in vastly greater detail. He goes into greater depth in his discussions of the legal cases involving raw milk and the people who produce it. If the stories about the behavior of government officials paid good tax money to protect the citizens of this country described in the first book upset you, then the additional material and depth on that collective malfeasance/criminal negligence in this edition will make you positively fume.My personal feeling is that a tax-paid official who knowingly misdirects or otherwise influences an investigation of toxic substances in food is guilty of at least a couple of felonies, especially if people die or are severely injured. As the case histories here show, this has happened far too many times, with raw milk getting blamed for illnesses known to be caused by other foods. This is criminal on at least two points - attacking innocent citizens (wrongful prosecution, malfeasance), and letting the real culprits continue to poison people (aiding, abetting, and conspiracy).

I have not read the book, BUT I do NOT need too. Here's why, based on personal experience, I grew up on raw milk from Guernsey's that produce 5 to 7% butterfat, normally closer to 7%.I drank raw milk as a boy until I was 17 when I joined the Army. I remember that I was very seldom sick, in fact I only remember going to the doctor one time before joining the army for illness. My parents grew up during the depression and such things as measles, mumps, chicken pox and the normal child hood illness' were treated at home. In fact back then girls were intentionally exposed to measles because it could cause birth defects if they caught the measles later in life while pregnant. Sorry just a foot note for historical purposes.I helped milk a 149 cows twice a day many times as a teenager. We used buckets to carry milk to the milk house where the milking utensils are cleaned and the vat for storage is and the milk is chilled to 37 degrees. This was the 50s and 60s and many barns had not been industrialized with pipes and feeding with grain as most are today. Cleanliness is the key to healthy raw milk for consumption. We fed with alfalfa and silage made from alfalfa, and I drank three or more large glasses of raw milk a day and many times it was less than 12 hours old. And everyone I knew who drank raw milk were/was healthy.This is very important so read this part carefully. When a cow calved, the calf was kept on momma's milk for three days then started feeding grain and hay and fed barn milk until weaned quickly off milk. Barn milk meaning the milk from all cows. Momma was put in the herd for milk production. Cows are pregnant for nine months like humans but during the last couple to three months they dry up and do not produce milk.

The human species has been drinking milk from other species in its raw form for over 10,000 years. In the early 19th Century, as cities grew and pastures were displaced, cows were crowded into filthy buildings and fed distillery slop from the newly burgeoning whiskey business. Their tainted milk caused child mortality to soar.Following Pasteur's discovery of microbes and pasteurization, the demand for healthy milk led to a conflict between certification of milk produced by healthy herds or pasteurization of all production. Over time, in a culture trained to fear microbes by a growing medical monopoly, pasteurization won out.In The Untold Story of Milk, Schmid covers a lot of ground:* History of milk consumption* Pasteur vs. Bechamp (the bacteria theory of disease vs. the terrain theory)* The Milk Cure used to reverse numerous diseases* Enzymes and nutrients found in raw milk* The effects of pasteurization and homogenization on milk quality* The decline of pastoral cultures due to loss of land to agriculture* The cholesterol and saturated fat myth (lipid theory)* Industrial milk production and unhealthy diet of dairy cows* Bias in medicine and media against raw milk* The safety of raw milk* Benefits of fermented milk* Healthy diets for cows leading to healthy milk* Numerous health problems with pasteurized milk* Health industry bias against raw milk* Government and media distortion and liesWhat bothered me most in this book was reading about roaming pastoral tribes who are losing their culture because they are losing their land to agricultural encroachment.And the book infuriated and depressed me as I read about numerous raw milk farmers being set up to fail.

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