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The Hand Grenade (Weapon)

The Hand Grenade is the dramatic story, covering its origins, development, use - in the World Wars and into the present day - and lasting influence on close-quarter combat and infantry tactics.Allowing the user to inflict damage on his opponent within throwing range without leaving cover, the portable, lethally efficient hand grenade is a ubiquitous weapon of modern warfare, and has now found its way into law-enforcement arsenals too. In this engaging study the origins, development, combat use and lasting legacy of the military hand grenade are explored and assessed, accompanied by specially commissioned full-color artwork and an array of revealing photographs of grenades in use and in close-up.

Series: Weapon (Book 38)

Paperback: 80 pages

Publisher: Osprey Publishing (February 17, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1472807340

ISBN-13: 978-1472807342

Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 0.2 x 9.8 inches

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For such a broad topic Rottman does a good job. This looks at the hand grenade, the "infantryman's artillery," and its development as an effective weapon in the 20th century. It explains how the modern grenade came about in WWI, which not only saw battles in which artillery bombardments lasted days on end but also raids into each others trenches... in this kind of close-quarter fighting the grenade is an ideal weapon. The grenade would also prove itself to be an excellent weapon in jungle warfare and in protecting perimeters and strongpoints against infiltration by the enemy. The book is well-illustrated, with diagrams which display how various fuzes work and a few paintings of "grenades in action." It has excellent photos as well. The book is also illustrated by instructional materials on how to employ grenades.I'm glad the author addresses how grenades work in the movies as opposed to how they work in real life. You don't get a big fireball and you can't flip cars with a genade.If there is a weakness in this book it is that this is such a broad topic that it is hard for The Hand Grenade to do a thorough job. Rottman looks at the development of French, British, German, American, Japanese and Russian hand grenades. Still, the need for the weapon to be cheap to make in quantity and the limited ways of safely using them effectively makes almost all grenades, regardless of the size and shape of their casings, to work the same.Definitely worth getting if you are interested in this topic and a good starting point for further study.

A good well written history of the hand grenade as a weapon, with description and pictures of the various types used. Excellent investigation and research as usual by Mr. Rottman. Tactics are covered better in the Osprey Tactics series. This book is more on development of the different kinds of grenades and uses for each and how well they met the user's needs. Recommended.

The Hand Grenade has been around for many centuries. This volume on Hand Grenade focuses on grenades used for killing. It provides a history of the development of the hand grenade in general and by nation for many nations and what armed forces in many nations use today.This Osprey Weapon book is the first I have looked at. I have over 500 Osprey titles and enjoy reading and benefit from the information contained in the volumes.

I have been waiting for a book such as this for a long time. I was not disappointed. Rottman has done it again. I pre ordered this book last year and read it in two settings. All the information you need on hand grenades. It will stay near the top of my book pile for quite some time.

Gordon Rottman is an excellent writer and Historian. As with most Osprey editions, they are intended as introductions to the particular subject matter. He does this very well for the major belligerents in WW1 & WW2. "The Hand Grenade" provides the essential information for the development, and employment of hand grenades, from its early historical development to its modern incarnations. As with most Osprey editions, the artwork and photos are excellent. This booklet is a fine addition to my Military History library.

Well written book on the history and technical aspects of this vital tool of the infantryman. It guides you on a journey of the development of the grenade and through the ins and outs of development. The recounting of the pressure of designers to make grenades safe thwarting their effective use through overly complicated steps is an object lesson to always seek the perspective of the user.

Not one of the author's best works. It is a decent economical reference, but that is about it. If you need information on grenades, this will do the job

Another winner by Rottman! All you ever wanted to know about hand grenades presented in an excellent format.

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