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Guns Of The Civil War

Guns of the Civil War traces the evolution of gun making in the war torn South as well as those manufactured by established makers in the Civil War era. This book examines the guns developed by Colt's, Smith & Wesson, E. Remington & Sons, Whitney, Rogers & Spencer, Manhattan, Savage, and countless others that have become little more than obscure footnotes to our nation's greatest arms race. It takes you through the development of America's most legendary 19th century handguns and rifles and the roles they played in our nation's history. As the Civil War erupts, the author follows the politics of a country divided and how the North and South chose to arm their soldiers. In the tales of this great conflagration, Adler takes you step by step through the evolution of loose powder cap and ball revolvers and rifles in use, as well as the early development of the self contained metallic cartridge that was to play a monumental role in arming both the Union and Confederacy as the war continued, and the sweeping changes in firearms design that resulted in the aftermath. This is a sprawling history of a country built on the sweat and ambition of inventors, adventurers, and industrialists who, divided by differing cultures and thrust into a conflict that nearly tore our nation apart, brought all of their talents to bear in fighting a war to reunite country and its people.

Hardcover: 352 pages

Publisher: Crestline Books (September 10, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0785832297

ISBN-13: 978-0785832294

Product Dimensions: 11 x 1.3 x 8.5 inches

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A new book on CW weapons! My hands could not order it fast enough. However, what arrived was not worth the wait. The author has filled the book with numerous photographs of weapons, uniforms, and accouterments that should not be there. I expect integrity from authors and Adler has fallen short. Many of the weapons are modern reproductions or worse, the English fowling piece on page 247 being a prime example as the author admits he had it made by a fellow in Pennsylvania. There are original guns shown, but the fakes spoiled it for me. Lest I fail to give the devil his due, the photography is excellent-clear and crisp. My issue is with the subjects depicted. Also, there is no new research or startling revelations in the text, which was culled from other sources. Better books await the discriminating reader in other places.

Limited useful data for a collector of Civil War Weapons. Plenty of replicas, commemoratives and modern made tribute weapons to peruse. Large gaps in historical presentations, for example, little to no mention of the smoothbore, 69 cal,. model 1842 that saw substantial use during the early years of the war. Pretty pictures, seek your facts elsewhere.

If your looking for information on Long Guns of the Civil War better get a different book. If you want information on hand guns then this is probably the book for you. Wasn't what I was looking for at all. Kindle wasn't a good idea with this book, better stick to hand held books when it comes to reference material, that way you know what you are getting.

Best book (for the price) I have seen (this subject). Nice overview of most Civil War firearms. Pictures are super. Good basic text. Some books are better re: specific firearms, but for total coverage: this book is great. Same author has a similar book (same format) covering "Guns of the Old West". It is just as good.

The Civil War is a passion for some, a hobby for many and an interest for everyone. This book serves the second two groups better than anything before it, because it familiarizes the reader with an overview - a sort of walk through the tools of that bloody battle - without getting into gory, sensationalist retellings and - always necessary - without boring the pants off the casual reader with the weight of detail meant to fill pages when the authors do not know how to tell the tale of war. Adler does, he's been here before and does not let me down. Bravo!

This author has researched carefully and photographed the weapons brilliantly. His background writing about each gun is very informative and often surprising. A nice volume for any civil war buff!

Dennis Adler always has a very good book. I like the lay out and subjects. The price was good and shipping very fast.I couldn't be happier.with this purchase.

a truly beautiful book, the photos are great, and it is nicely broken into categories and chronological development of the various firearms. It's companion book, Guns of the West is equally fine. One should buy both.

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