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LDAP Directories Explained: An Introduction And Analysis

Directory services matter to nearly every organization because they help centrally manage information and thereby reduce the costs of computing services. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a set of protocols that have become the internet standard for accessing directories. Many people need to understand directory services and LDAP in order to make decisions for their business. The books currently available are too advanced for technical managers and those new to directory services. This book is designed to fill that need. The author spends the first half of the book exploring how directory services and LDAP work and then the second half discussing the most popular implementations - OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, and Directory Server - for those who are trying to compare products. This book provides the technical foundation that will enable IT managers to make sound business decisions and developers to move on to more advanced books.

Paperback: 432 pages

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1 edition (March 2, 2003)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 020178792X


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I was looking for a book that would tie together the bits and pieces of LDAP knowledge that I had gathered from the internet for a thorough overview of LDAP. But after reading this book, I still don't have a clear understanding of basic concepts such as namespaces. One section led me to believe that a DNS-based namespace was the same as an LDAP hierarchical namespace, but then I had my doubts after reading another section. Are cn, ou, dc, and uid all object classes? I have heard that LDAP does not respond to a client with a pass/fail response, but there is a discussion of result codes in response to such operations. What are theses codes? When and how are they issued? Walk the reader through from beginning to end with an example of connecting to an LDAP server with a query or an authentication request and show the messages that are passed back to the client (if any). In a discussion of public key encryption, the author states: "the public key is published for anyone to know, whereas the private key is kept secret from everyone but the doesn't matter who knows your public key, because the public key can't be used to impersonate you." Please explain this apparent paradox; if I need the public key to decrypt your message, and anyone can have the public key, then how is the data secure? Couldn't anyone tapping into our communication decrypt it if they have the public key too? Including some actual PERL, or JSP, or VB.NET with ASP.NET scripts for connecting to and querying an LDAP server would have been a plus.It is difficult to write a technical book that doesn't merely present a collection of technical facts (which I will take on faith as being accurate). It is important to be able to state the facts plainly and connect them to form a coherent idea.

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