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Cast Bullets For The Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

Finding the right cast bullet to perform in your black powder cartridge rifle can be a pursuit of disappointment or reward. Matthews puts into perspective the tools and techniques used to make your cast bullet shooting a success.Table of ContentsChapter1 Things You Should Know About Cast Bullets2 Should You Use a Paper Patched Bullet?3 Is Heavier Better?4 The Lyman 457125 with Shades of Indians and Black Powder Smoke5 The Lyman Schmittzer Bullets6 What's wrong with the Old Postel Bullet?7 The RCBS Black Powder Silhouette Bullets8 The Redding-SAECO Black Powder Cartridge Bullets9 The NEI .458-560-PB, A New Concept for the Black Powder Cart. Rifle10 Selecting the Bullet Mould11 How to Dress Your Bullet Mould12 Should You Use a Hard Alloy Bullet?13 How to use the Greenhill Formula with Cast Bullets?14 How to Find the Minute-of-Angle Bullet

Paperback: 133 pages

Publisher: Wolfe Pub Co (January 2, 1996)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1879356457

ISBN-13: 978-1879356450

Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 6 x 8.8 inches

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This book should be titled "Various Bullet Casting Molds I have used for 45-70 Black Powder Cartridge Rifles" by Paul Matthews.Buy this book if you are interested in or new to BPCR and want to learn about some of standard mold/bullet designs out there for the 45-70 rifle. (See list of molds below)Don't buy this book if you expect to glean some of Mr. Matthews significant expertise into "Casting" bullets or Black Powder Cartridge Rifle competition -- as this is NOT the focus of the book.1. It is about his experiences with CAST Bullets from specific bullet molds, not about the actual process of CASTING Bullets....2. It discusses several bullet molds Mr. Matthews used for competition with various 45-70 Black Powder Cartridge Rifles. He briefly touches on a long range 38 and 40 caliber BPCR caliber as well.Main emphasis of the book, These molds:A. The Lyman 457125 -- 45-70 "Government Ball" and custom copiesB. The Lyman 457132 -- 45-70 "Postell" and custom copiesC. The Lyman 457658 -- 45-70 "Schmittzer" cast spitzer typeD. The RCBS 45-500-BPS 45-70 long range silhouetteE. Redding/SAECO #740 -- 40 caliber Ballard design.F. NEI .458-560-PB -- 45-70 long range bullet.3. It only *BRIEFLY* discusses:Using Paper patched bulletsCasting your own bulletsMold selection/prepSelecting the right bullet for the rifleLoad developmentFitting those bullets to your rifle.

I've shot cast bullets in an 1873 Trapdoor rifle thru trial and error years ago and I am going to get back into shooting black powder cartridge rifles so I've started to do some researching before I purchase any rifles. This book identifies the molds that have worked for the author and from what I've learned, his information is sound and based on a long history of firing BPCR loads for competition and hunting. Good information, the book isn't long enough for an in depth discussion on each mold and the processes, but it certainly gives more than enough to get started and will be a valuable reference to keep handy on the loading bench.

Covers the basics very well. Give insight to the history and development of BP loading. Overall, A good read for those who are just getting into BP in single shot rifles. Be aware that shooting BP can become an active addicition.

this book is all you want to know about casting bullet for obtain better accuracy of your rifle and material

This book is just what I needed. It explains everything you need to know about working with casting bullets. Check it out! Its a great book!

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