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Loading The Black Powder Rifle Cartridge

Author Matthews brings the black powder cartridge shooter valuable information on the basics, including cartridge care, lubes and moulds, powder charges, and developing and testing loads. (Reloading Historical Educational Firearms)Table of ContentsChapter1 A Few Basics2 Lubrication and Lubricants3 The Grease Cookie4 Bullets and Bullet Moulds5 Casting the Bullet6 Care of the Cartridge Case - Before and After7 The Powder Charge - Black, Pyrodex or Duplex8 Loading the Black Powder RifleCartridge9 Developing and Testing the Load10 The "Tragedy" of it All11 What It's All About

Paperback: 122 pages

Publisher: Wolfe Pub Co; 1St Edition edition (January 1, 1993)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1879356201

ISBN-13: 978-1879356207

Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 6 x 9 inches

Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces

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Book is well organized and provides a good summary of one man's experience. It is not however, the last word on all aspects of loading black powder cartridges. A beginning black powder loader will find helpful information on all aspects of loading black powder cartridges. The book leans heavily towards .45 caliber but the information is equally applicable to .38, .40, or .50 cals. The book recommends many specific products and provides addresses from which the reader can order. Altogether, a valuable reference that even experienced shooters will find enjoyable.

Like other Paul Matthews books this is a b&w 6"x9" paperback. It comprises of 122 pages with 22 illustrations, mostly amateur photographs. The book is obviously intended as a budget publication, but even so it uses better paper and what feels like a more durable paper back (cover) than Mr. Matthews' book - The Paper Jacket.The book covers the basics such as lubrication, grease cookies, bullets, moulds, casting, case care, the powder charge for BP, Pyrodex and duplex loads), as well as the actual cartridge assembly and load testing in sufficient detail to get one started without having to go through the entire learning curve by trial and error. Upon putting the book down I knew that with it in one hand I would find my way loading the .577/450 Martini that prompted its acquisition. I did however have a feeling that I would have liked more on accuracy development, but only then I realized that Mr Matthews' follow-up book: More How-To's for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Shooter, provided exactly that.This is an unpretentious book. It provides everything you will need to get started and then some. Its format and price indicates that its objective had been to serve as a beginners guide to newcomers to black powder shooting. It fulfills that objective and the reason I bought it for, but it is not the be-all and end-all regarding the topic. I learnt considerably more than expected and I am happy to recommend it to black powder beginners like myself.

I bought a few of Mr. Matthews books while doing some personal research on Blackpowder cartridge shooting and found this book to be one of his better books.While I don't think it is detailed enough to guide the total novice through the many processes involved in loading a cartridge (Matthews doesn't claim that it is either)you do get a lot of information. I found it interesting that Mr. Matthews believes that modern blackpowder isn't as good as the old time stuff was sometimes known to be.It doesn't do much brand this or brand that but gives a sort of autobiographical account of the author's years of experiences and things that have worked for him. As examples, you'll get whole chapters on casting the bullet, the powder charge, lubricating the bullet, loading the cartidge.I think it might just be enough to give a novice an idea of whether or not this is something they want to get into. For the person who really does want into the field I'd think you might want more details on equipment but it is still a worthwhile book to own.

For those interested in preserving a disappearing art, Matthews books are without equal. If there is a criticism, it is for the degree of duplication of some material. That is probably justified in that each booksstands on it's own quite nicely. If you have the Matthews collection, or even part of it, that's pretty much all you need.

I shared some of the contents of this book with some current national level BPCR shooters, who say its decent info, but very dated. However its great perspective material and a good starter for the total novice.

This seems to be the definitive book on BP reloading. Too much time was spent on things not really to do with BP reloading, but that can be skipped. . The author would have been interesting to know.

Although the information in this book is somewhat dated in that some of the materials described by the author are no longer available, I did find it to be both educational and informative as I am new to blackpowder cartridge reloading although I've been shooting blackpowder muzzleloaders for many years. I recently bought a 45-70 Pedersoli sharps rifle and want to continue to shoot blackpowder as was original to this rifle in 1874 and this book has provided much needed guidance in that pursuit. I would recommend this book to any one, like myself, that is trying to maintain the "old ways" in using blackpowder for cartridge rifles.

This is the definitive primer for people looking to get into the sport. BPCR can be called the "Master Class" for shooters and handloaders and Mr. Matthews breaks down the basics into easily understandable sections.

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