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The Big 15 Paleo Cookbook: 15 Fundamental Ingredients, 150 Paleo Diet Recipes, 450 Variations

Your No-Fuss Handbook for Paleo Recipes to Keep You Satisfied Every Day  Going Paleo doesn't have to mean going crazy. Wasting time, energy, and money on expensive ingredients and difficult recipes is the last thing anyone needs when trying to adopt a new way of eating. The Big 15 Paleo Cookbook offers the exact opposite: fantastic recipes that won't break the bank or take over your life. With over 150 Paleo recipes that are well rounded, easy, and delectable, you'll never have to wonder what to cook. In each of the 15 chapters you'll find 10 must-make recipes based on one of the 15 foundational Paleo ingredients, along with a couple of variations to give you even more options. Many dishes can be paired to create larger meals based on whatever ingredients you already have on hand. And with labels that indicate which recipes are dairy-free, nut-free, vegan, and those that can be made in 30 minutes or less, Paleo cooking is virtually stress free. KEEP IT SIMPLE No-fuss recipes with ingredients that are easy to find any time of year make cooking Paleo stress-free, while suggested variations on each recipe add exciting seasonal or international influences. FAMILY FAVORITES Author Megan Flynn Peterson, of the popular blog Freckled Italian, shares some of her family's most-loved recipes, as well as the staple dishes that you can always find in her kitchen. MIX IT UP Rather than learning to cook a select few recipes, this cookbook provides the learn-by-doing fundamentals of cooking and eating Paleo, enabling you to cultivate your own repertoire of fun, innovative Paleo recipes. Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce * Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Thighs * Burger Bowls * Báhn Mí Tacos * Fish Stew * Coconut Shrimp with Mango Sauce * Cauliflower Fried Rice * Sausage and Kale Soup * Crustless Broccoli Torte * Stuffes Squash * Beet-Noodle Salad * Curried Sweet Potatoes * and much more!

Paperback: 238 pages

Publisher: Rockridge Press (August 16, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1623157692

ISBN-13: 978-1623157692

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I LOVE. THIS. BOOK. 3-4 years ago, Megan was actually the one who got me into paleo. I had a weird relationship with the diet, mainly because I was always tempted by paleo "frankenfoods" - ie. brownies made with coconut flour and pancakes made with arrowroot. They were, quite frankly, disgusting and nothing near the original. It made me leave the diet and, while I've always But this book? This book solves all of those problems. It puts easy to make, flavorful and interesting dishes that aren't complicated right in the palm of your hand.Megan organizes the book into 15 different "staples" of the Paleo diet. These include protein like pork, chicken, eggs and beef as well as side dishes including brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and beets. Throughout the book, there are "Paleo pairings" helping you pick out what the best side dishes are for certain proteins and vice versa. Additionally, each recipe has two variations that you can use - making the dish interchangeable and full of variety.The good part about this is none of these recipes include some of these paleo "frankenfoods" - they're straight-forward and clean. I'm ALWAYS on the internet looking for new recipes and I was truly surprised to realize that I hadn't seen most of these recipes before! So, if you're nervous about buying a cookbook with recipes you can just find online, then don't be. The recipes are clean, healthy and flavorful and you probably won't even notice that you are eating "paleo" (and you can even add in some non-paleo recipes easily if you want, like rice and soy sauce). Seriously, these recipes will pay you back in dividends - there is so much variety!I would highly recommend this book! I was NOT given a free copy for this review - I bought it and truly love it.

My boyfriend and I have tried the anti-paleo diet for the last year, which involves stuffing your face with as much sugar, dairy and pasta as possible and never leaving the couch. Delicious, but now none of our clothes fit. This book is a great inspiration for us to get back into cooking and following a healthier lifestyle. Lots of delicious options using some of my favorite meats and veggies! Megan's book offers practical recipes for anyone interested in eating healthier, paleo or not. I'll miss you though, non-paleo brownies.

When I first looked at the Big 15 table of contents — which is organized into 15 Paleo ingredients — I thought "I hate most of these." Cauliflower? No. Beets? Nope. Sweet potatoes? Yeah, still no. BUT. I read through a number of the recipes and bookmarked so many. I was really inspired by Megan's story of how she became a Paleo eater and how discovering Paleo helped her fall in love with food again. I don't know if I am ready for the Paleo lifestyle just yet (probably should work on those ingredient dislikes first!), but these recipes look incredible and I cannot wait to try them! The book itself is very well designed and organized, and I love how each chapter is organized by ingredient. The variations for each recipe are clever and unexpected, too! (I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.)

Wow -- after looking through many Paleo cookbooks, this is one I know I will use frequently. The recipes are simple, and then the author adds extra ways to vary the recipe or to enhance it or ideas of what to serve with it. Terrific book! Very happy I purchased it.

Megan's book makes it easy for those who aren't Paleo but are interested in the diet. I really love that it's divided up by the 15 top ingredients of a Paleo diet and I have to admit that I really enjoyed the Beef section, Squash section and the Brussels Sprouts section. Also, spiralized noodles is something I must add to my repertoire.

You would be hard pressed to not be able to find a recipe in here you wouldn't want. The simplicity of each recipe along with the numerous variations makes this a great cookbook to use. I do not follow a paleo diet fully, but by just using this cookbook I am cooking healthier and way tastier dinners.

This is the perfect book for beginners to the Paleo diet or the seasoned veteran! Megan breaks down the Paleo diet into 15 main ingredients and provides simple recipes that anyone can follow. There are no special tools or ingredients needed to make recipes work. She gives a simple explanation of the Paleo diet at the beginning as well as what foods are allowed and not allowed so the beginner can get started quickly. Best of all: you won't feel like you're compromising by following this cookbook. The recipes in The Big 15 Paleo Cookbook make some of the best meals I've ever had and follow the spirit of the Paleo diet; you will not find recipes that try to force Paleo ingredients into otherwise non-Paleo foods. One thing I've found in Megan's cookbook that I don't find in others is the stories or backgrounds with each recipe. Some pages give a glimpse into the author's life while others offer suggestions about how to prepare or serve the dish. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in getting started with the Paleo diet or Paleo experts looking for hundreds of simple, delicious recipes!

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