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The Complete Book Of Camaro: Every Model Since 1967

This is a Camaro book like no other. The Complete Book of Camaro covers the entire production history of Chevrolet’s iconic pony car, from the original concept car, code-named Panther, to the latest and greatest fifth-generation sensation. The Complete Book of Camaro showcases in photos, text, and technical specifications every model since 1967. If Chevrolet built it, it is here. This lavishly illustrated book details all five generations of the Camaro’s production run: the original models developed to fight the Mustang in the pony car wars of the late 1960s; the second-generation cars that became icons of American automotive styling in the 1970s; the third-gen cars that helped to lead the muscle car renaissance of the 1980s; the refined fourth-generation models that continued to demonstrate GM’s engineering prowess through the 1990s; and finally, the blockbuster new fifth-generation Camaro that has taken the world by storm. In addition to the production vehicles, prototypes, show cars, anniversary editions, and pace cars are all covered. With extensive details, specifications, hundreds of photographs, and a trick book cover featuring an RS-model headlight door that slides open when the book is opened, The Complete Book of Camaro is the ultimate resource on Chevrolet’s legendary pony car.

Hardcover: 288 pages

Publisher: Motorbooks; First edition (January 28, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0760339619

ISBN-13: 978-0760339619

Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 1.2 x 11.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (48 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #207,428 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #42 in Books > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Antiques & Collectibles > Transportation #65 in Books > Arts & Photography > Vehicle Pictorials > Automotive #114 in Books > Engineering & Transportation > Automotive > History

This book has an attractive cover and looked worth my while. In this case I am very glad that I judged the book by its cover. The inside is even better. Newhardt has done a grand job organizing and constructing this book. Year by year descriptions, stats, etc. Fantastic photos explaining the history and evolution of the Camaro. If you have a keen interest in the Camaro or would like to learn even more this book should certainly be on your list. Eye candy, to be sure, but this book is so much more. I would think those in the market for an older Camaro or those wanting to accurately restore one would be remiss if they did not get a copy of the book. This book takes the reader all the way from Camaro's genesis to the most current iteration of the proud marque. And it does this in a very enjoyable way. Great book.

... don't you love that? The word "but" in a subject line... makes you cringe. Well, exactly.This book is a very nice book, BUT the binding is glue with some sort of deficient glue. It's either old, and brittle, or it wasn't good glue to begin with.I ordered one book and was happy to receive it until I opened the front cover. The binding between the first page and the cover immediately 'cracked' and separated thus exposing the fiber and glue of the binding. A disappointment, and I figured a replacement book would do the same, but decided to give it a try. I contact for an exchange, and received the new book promptly. Kudos to sales support.The second book? Same as the first, binding immediately cracked upon opening the cover. It's simply a poor product. The pages are crisp and vibrant with color. This book just has a poor binding procedure or an inferior glue was used to secure everything together. I will see if I can post a picture in the 'users photos' above.Anyway, until finds a new distributor, or offers it at a significantly reduced price, i would recommend staying away from this book.Side note: The front cover has a hole designed in it so the headlight panel of the 69 Rs which is pictured appears closed. When you open the cover, the image behind it changes so the headlight opens. It's like a pop-up book. This, in my opinion, is not why the binding is having problems. When you operate it, it's the page behind this page that separates.Pass on this for now, and pick up a copy of "CAMARO: Forty Years" by Holmstrom and Newhardt. A nice book in it's own right, without all the binding problems that this book has.

This book has been highly informative and interesting. I originally bought this as a gift for my boyfriend, but now he even has me looking through it. The pictures are great, you get a long timeline of cars, and you get quality info. Great buy :)

This is a great book for the Camaro lover. It has everything in it about Camaros you could ask for. I choose this book because of the description about the book and the other reviews. It is the best book out there if you want to know everything there is to know about all the generations of Camaro and the concepts. I truly recommend this book for all Camaro enthusiasts.

I received an older title Camaro book, Camaro:40 Years as a gift several years and this was THE best Camaro book I'd ever owned. This latest Newhardt Camaro book is just recycled photos from Camaro: 40 Years. I also found a HUGE error in this new book that ANY Camaro fan would have immediately picked up: a caption for one photo claims the Z/28 was only put on hold for a year - 1975. WRONG!! GM/Chevrolet stopped Z/28 production in 1975 AND 1976. I didn't read the book word for word, I already know the story. I just flipped through the pages and read captions. I was let down by already published photos and a statistical error that should not have even been published.The cutesy sliding front cover doesn't justify the price of this book. Unfortunately, the Camaro:40 Years book has an exorbitant selling price, so the "rational" option is to buy this book. If you DO own Camaro: 40 Years, I would advise to save your $$$ because there really is nothing new. Unless of course you are mesmerized by the functioning of Camaro RS headlamp covers.

Gave this as a gift to both my father and my girlfriend's father, both of whom have owned Camaro's over the years. They both LOVED the book. It is a must have for any Camaro enthusiast. Great images and information that is sure to be a blast from the past for all the gear heads out there.

I have always Liked David Newhardt's books and his style of writing.I have his other Camaro books and Trans-Am Book,I Love Camaro's my Dad had an Small(Base Camaro V6,1986,Silver Metallic Coupe) and I always recall with great fondness it's tight yet cozy confines and the lovely sound even if it wasn't the V8 or wasn't the optional wider bodywork base car or The IROC-Z/Z28.This is an well written and Well-edited book,Great Layout and quite an Hardcover.(It does not come with an dustjacket,but does have an neat Trick involving rotating headlights and the cover!)Many Pictures,some I have seen some others that I was surprised to see that I have not seen.Although titled Complete I would have like for it to be so,with an picture of every model of every year yes I know that would be an undertaking but that is the title,Nonetheless it does not take away from the Book.It has Production facts near the index along with the corresponding years found beforehand.It covers up to the Mention of the current 1LE(not yet released at time of book release.)and also of the Return of the Z28(again.)Concepts,Tuners,Pace Cars,Engines and everything else for the Fan and for the Starter,America's True And Only PonyCar(I Miss the Other F-Body) not The Mustang but the Camaro,The book is an must-own and Must-read for 2013.

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