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Hacking: Basic Security, Penetration Testing, And How To Hack

Do you want to learn how to hack? Have you always wanted to hack? Do you want to learn more about hacking? Are you interested in the basics of hacking and successful at it? This easy guide will help transform and increase your hacking skill set. You'll be excited to see your skills improve drastically and effectively whenever you're hacking.

Audible Audio Edition

Listening Length: 2 hours and 33 minutes

Program Type: Audiobook

Version: Unabridged

Publisher: G/O Elite Publishing Release Date: September 17, 2015

Language: English


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Wow, what a terribly written book. If I could give 0 stars, I would. It appears that this person Isaac Sharpe, felt a sudden need to write a book and so sat down one day and in an inspired flurry, wrote down everything he could remember from the seminar he just took. Or something equivalent to that, because for example, there are so many typos and so many grammar mistakes that it is obvious no one read it a 2nd time before going to the printer. Even worse, there does not appear to be a Technical Editor involved at all. So nobody to fact-check or even double check some of Isaac's reasoning. For example, open the back cover to the headline, something akin to "Free Video on YouTube shoe this tactic," or something like that. He wants to "shoe" it to us? Obviously they meant "show" it to us, but when you're too lazy to even correct that, you know the rest of the book is worthless.

Just received this book and did a quick and rapid scan.The book provides information somewhere between complete noob to novice when it comes to hackers, and computers and the internet of things.If you grew up around and in computers then you probably know more than this book will tell you.-or-If your not so computer-wise it wouldn't be a bad idea to get this book and get some basic ideas on terminology and keeping your computer somewhat safe. (If your like my mom who never updates, changes passwords, or does scans.)This book received 3 stars because I expected more precise and in-depth technical explanations. The headline was slightly misleading as well, this book does not tell or even touch the subject of hacking for personal use. I also found some things that were outdated, even for 2015.Overall, this book is a very basic explanation on what hacking is and all the crazy terminology that surrounds it.

VERY basic definitions of informatics attacks, maybe will work if you have no idea of the subject... but sometimes tries to explain a complex subject in just a few words which has no value in my opinion. Also some definitions lack of computer professionalism: i.e. "zombie computer" or the particular definition (and sometimes contradictory) of what a hacker is. I would not recommend this book.

I was interested in this book because I heard about hacking, yet knew little about it. So glad that I read tjus book. Personally, I was suorised to learn that there are several types of hackers (even helpful ones, not all are bad ones).Thus book has very complete is like a textbook of HACKING 101.Because I am impressed with the helpful information, I use thus as a reference book now.This book is loaded with information.I feel safer now on the internet after reading this book, I am more aware of cyber dangers and whatvto look for.

Excellent book that covers many topics in one book, yet concisely ties them together well with an overview of how to protect you or your information. As a college student majoring in computer science, I have a strong interest in security and penetration testing. After looking around for a while for a good book to get me started, I settled on this one and I am very glad I did so.It was a great introduction to not only the tools involved in pen-testing, but the concepts and techniques behind those tools, so you actually know how and why you are doing things.

Mostly introduction about various methods of (scary) hacking.Securing method is ,as the title imply, basic.But, after reading this book, I got to recheck if my password is good enough and considering encrypt my Windows PC HDD.Not bad security awareness education for $5.71

Finally found something that gave me the basics in a way I could understand them. A lot of quality content in this book, I just bought the audio version as well to have as a reference. If you are new and looking for a good book that completely covers hacking and at a good price I recommend this read.

A few months ago I started my journey into de Hacking world. I have a cousin who works as a programmer, and he is teaching me some of the basic stuff about Hacking, and how to be make a good barrier against cyber pirates. To complete and complement my learning process, I’m doing some research on my own, and books have always been a good source of information (much more if they are digital).I have read 1 or 2 books about this subject, and all of them have been helpful. So, when I saw this book at a great discount price I didn’t have doubts to buy it. It is a very clear and concise book, and it has made me understand some terms that I didn’t have very clear at the beginning.

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