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Useful and amusing. I'm a novice backpacker and paddler, and I wanted a small guide to carry in my pack in case I forget the knots I've learned after a long day. This fits the bill. It's got all the knots I need and then some. They're arranged by category, including some amusing ones like "handcuff a burglar" and "escape from captivity." Funny categories aside, this has all the knots I need for canoeing and camping (well, I would like a marlin spike in here, too).

This little pocket-sized fold-out guide contains, on its 10 interior surfaces, information that will simplify living for anyone who has the use of both hands, and perhaps for some with only one. Well, maybe not every person, but surely anyone who ever encounters a piece of string, a thread, a rope, a necktie (long or bow), a ribbon, or just about any object long, suitably strong and sufficiently flexible. The introductory paragraph states that the oldest known knot dates from around 7200 B.C. However, objects such as beads and needles date back over 100,000 years, so humans have found knots essential for living for a very long time.Beautifully made colorful illustrations showing steps to take in tying an average of four knots adorn each of the ten surfaces, so about forty in all. As you might assume, the knots chosen are perhaps the ones most useful to the widest expected audience. Granted, some knots, with specialized applications to fishing, boating, and rodeos may seem beyond your ken. Yet, when just the right situation turns up in your life where that knot is just the ticket, there it is, if you can find the guide book.The knots are classified according to key functions to which they are especially suited, though actual usefulness of each probably is limited only be the scope of human imagination. Where two ropes (etc.) are involved each is given a distinct color, making it easier to follow the steps to make the knot.If you don't know how to tie a bowline, that knot is so useful you might want to buy the guide just to teach yourself and other important persons in your life how to tie it.I already knew how to tie the bowline and several other handy knots when I spotted this at my son's home. I thought this little guide so good that I immediately ordered one for myself. It's fun to look at, and I'm not the least sorry I spent the money for it.

My kids and I have started to go camping. At one point I knew how to tie some knots I needed for camping but I have long since forgotten how to tie them. NiteIze sells clever knotbones so you don't have to know how to tie a knot. These are great if you happen to have one handy. However, knowing how to tie a knot means you don't have to have a knotbone handy.This knot guide is great! It shows you how to tie a knot based on what you need a knot for: joining two ropes, pulling a log, tieing up a boat, anchoring your tent, catching a fish, etc.Easy to follow instructions in a form factor that is easy to put in your camping stuff.Great fun too!

Doesn't have a ton of content, but its laminated so it would be great in a boat or rv. Has a few of the most common knots. Also include 3 how to tie a tie knots. I put mine in the kitchen drawer for fast reference when I need it.

Great reference guide. This is a fold out guide to the most common knots and it is easy to follow and use. My kids (10 and 11) have successfully used this guide.

Most of the knots shown are of little use. Examples include Carrick bend, showmaker's knot, rethreaded overhand knot, canoe hitch, anchor bend, and knots to hitch a horse, rope a calf, tie down a calf, 4 knots for neckties, knot for making a ladder, and 7 knots for climbers.Better to get a more comprehensive knot book or a task specific set of knot cards like the ones for fishermen, boaters, climbers, etc.

Provides clear, simple instructions on some basic knots. I use an abundance of knots for a multitude of functions and I wanted to have a handy simple instruction guide I could keep in a purse/pack/glove box, etc. The product fills the bill. Very handy! Completely satisfied.

I give this as a gift to everyone I know. Comes in handy for so many purposes. even with a household of boy scouts we refer to the guide constantly.

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