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The LaTeX Companion (Tools And Techniques For Computer Typesetting)

This is the digial version of the printed book (Copyright © 2004). The LaTeX Companion has long been the essential resource for anyone using LaTeX to create high-quality printed documents. This completely updated edition brings you all the latest information about LaTeX and the vast range of add-on packages now available--over 200 are covered! Full of new tips and tricks for using LaTeX in both traditional and modern typesetting, this book will also show you how to customize layout features to your own needs--from phrases and paragraphs to headings, lists, and pages. Inside, you will find: Expert advice on using LaTeX's basic formatting tools to create all types of publications--from memos to encyclopedias In-depth coverage of important extension packages for tabular and technical typesetting, floats and captions, multicolumn layouts--including reference guides and discussions of the underlying typographic and TeXnical concepts Detailed techniques for generating and typesetting contents lists, bibliographies, indexes, etc. Tips and tricks for LaTeX programmers and systems support New to this edition: Nearly 1,000 fully tested examples that illustrate the text and solve typographical and technical problems--all ready to run! An additional chapter on citations and bibliographies Expanded material on the setup and use of fonts to access a huge collection of glyphs, and to typeset text from a wide range of languages and cultures Major new packages for graphics, "verbatim" listings, floats, and page layout Full coverage of the latest packages for all types ofdocuments--mathematical, multilingual, and many more Detailed help on all error messages, including those troublesome low-level TeX errors Like its predecessor, The LaTeX Companion, Second Edition, is an indispensable reference for anyone wishing to use LaTeX productively. The accompanying CD-ROM contains a complete plug-and-play LaTeX installation, including all the packages and examples featured in the book.  

Paperback: 1120 pages

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 2nd edition (May 2, 2004)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0201362996

ISBN-13: 978-0201362992

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Pocket Review: *The* bible to keep on your desk if you use LaTex.I love type. Ever since I got into computers, back when high resolution was a 132 column printer, I've tried to find ways to play with typesetting and fonts. I wrote a basic layout system in OMSI Pascal that drove daisywheel printers. I got to be quite an expert at nroff and troff. I used to hunt (without success) for a free copy of Scribe. I played with Lout, and a dozen other packages. But nothing, ever, held a candle to TeX when it comes to the quality of the output it produces.Ignore for the moment some of the uglier fonts than some TeX users employ, and look instead at the pages. Hold them up at a distance and admire the uniformity of the gray: no rivers of white to be seen. Look at the bottoms of the page: if the typesetter didn't totally goof off, they'll be vertically balanced: an open spread isthe same height on both pages (TeX'll add tiny amounts of leading to make it happen). Dig into the line-breaking, and you'll find optimization algorithms, which shuffle words back and forth trying to minimize the badness of the appearance.The output of TeX gives me a lot of pleasure.Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for its input. Don Knuth is clearly a genius, but as with all wizards, his creations can be tricky. In the case of TeX, we have a typesetting engine driven by a macro processor whose interpretation of syntax can be changed while it is in the middle of processing individual commands. Raw TeX is scary to deal with, so people don't deal with it. Instead, they use its power to write macro packages, abstracting the low level commands into something more palatable (and tractable). The most widely used of these is Leslie Lamport's LaTeX.

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