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Space Toys Of The 60's: Major Matt Mason, Mighy Zeroid Robots & Colorforms Outer Space Men

Toy collectors will treasure this anthology of space toys and robots designed in the 1960s.

Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Collector's Guide Publishing, Inc. (October 1, 1999)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1896522378

ISBN-13: 978-1896522371

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches

Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)

Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (28 customer reviews)

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I'd recommend this book for serious collectors rather than nostalgia buffs. Be warned that it's about Major Matt Mason, Zeriods & Colorform Space Men ... PERIOD. Since it was called "Space toys of the 60's" I thought it might contain some of the other hundreds of 60's space toys as well. Not.== PROS ==> Lists far more MMM & Z sets than I knew existed, if it's not complete it comes close.> Color pictures of each toy> Descriptions of each toy's attributes & actions== CONS ==> Poor quality pictures> Poor quality paper> Poor quality bindingBuy it if you're looking for a reference. If you're looking for an artsy coffee table book, you might look elsewhere.

i wanted ALL of these toys as a kid. now they are $$$$ collectibles. supposedly tom hanks has been trying to make a Major Matt Mason movie.....i'd love to jump head first into the merchandising finally

A Collector's Guide to Major Matt Mason, Mighty Zeroid Robots and Colorforms Outer Space Men. Veteran collector and author James Gillam details the story of toys inspired by NASA ventures into space.SPACE TOYS OF THE 60's could have been the Major Matt Mason collector's dream come true. However, be warned that the quality of the paper and the image quality of the photos is not very good. I wish the publisher had done a much better job and creating some high quality images that I would want to look at over and over again. Looking at these pictures, as a substitute for expanding my collection, is not fullfilling.All in all though, being the ONLY book out there right now with any information on Major Matt Mason, this is a pretty good book. At leaset it has photos of all of Mattel's Major Matt Mason - Man in Space figures, vehicles and buildings with detailed descriptions, construction and instruction sheets, product catalogs, collector's reminiscences, prototype information, and company histories.If you can find a used copy for around $5 it's worth adding to the library as a reference.

Major Matt Mason. Outer Space Men. Zeroids. These names will rekindle many forgotten memories for those of us who were little boy astronauts during the exciting Space Race of the 1960's. Jim Gillam's book takes a thorough look at these fantastic Space Toys that fired the imagination of many 'children of the 60's' - myself included.Mr. Gillam is quite knowledgeable on his subject material, which is written from the viewpoint of an adult collector, although casual readers will not be alienated. The author has obviously spent a great deal of effort in tracking down obscure factory produced variations of these figures & vehicles as well as foreign (European) release information. The book is nicely laid out with many colour photographs to enhance the informative text and is an excellent trip down memory lane. So go curl up with a big glass of Tang & relive those carefree, sub-orbital days of your youth. Space Cadet Walker, Over & Out.....

Simply put, if you collect Major Matt Mason, Zeroids, or Colorform Aliens toys, or if you just dig cool space race nostalgia from the late 1960's, then you must get this book! It's filled with hundreds of photos and descriptions of these three toy lines -- more pictures than I would have thought possible. It's an outstanding piece of work worth twice the price! Relive your childhood and see the best space toys the 60's had to offer.

Space Toys of the 60s is a great book with loads of photos! If you are a collector of Major Matt Mason, Zeroids, or Colorforms Aliens, then this book is a must for you. Plenty of detail describes variations among the different items (Did you know that Calisto had both short and long boots?), a great help for discriminating collectors. Even if you aren't a collector, but just want to remember the fun you had playing with these toys when you were younger, this book is the ticket to memory lane. I love it (and I wish I still had all of those toys!). Thanks for the memories, James!

...than this "Time Machine" that Mr. Gillam has produced. He left no stone unturned. Covered ALL details and variations very thoroughly. I discovered 3 OUTER SPACE MEN in my attic and a Scorpio in my basement. When I was looking for a reference guide to these 60's Spacemen, I coincidentally saw "SPACE TOYS OF THE 60's" on EBay. I said it, you'll say it: "That's how I would have done it!"

If you're interested in collecting space themed toys from the sixties or if you'd just like to take a trip down memory lane , then buy this book. It's filled with great photos and loads of information on Major Matt Mason, Zeroids and Colorm Aliens. I've never come across another book that is a more concise guide on the subject. An excellent buy.

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