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My Dream Of Heaven

"My Dream of Heaven...captures Biblical truths with emotional impressions."- Rev. Billy Graham Facing Death and the Life AfterThis nineteenth century classic inspires the reader with new confidence and excitement about an eternal home and reunion with loved ones gone on before. It contains two missing chapters that have not appeared in print in over 100 years!The words of the author, Rebecca Ruter Springer, set the stage for this classic treasure from the original 1898 version. Within the pages of this little volume lies... "the hope that it may comfort and uplift some who read, even as it then did, and as its memory ever will do, for me, I submit this imperfect sketch of a most perfect vision."This version includes a foreward and afterword from well-known speaker and minister Vicki Jamison-Peterson.

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Harrison House (December 15, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1606830139

ISBN-13: 978-1606830130

Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 0.6 x 7.2 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (167 customer reviews)

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A friend loaned me this booklet while my daughter was dying. It was one of the most comforting and hope-giving books I've read. After my daughter's death, another friend who hadn't read Springer's book told me about a dream she'd had of heaven. It was very much like this book. Whether you're somewhat skeptical about dreams and visions, as I am, or a believer in this sort of thing, I think you will find this book comforting and uplifting. I've read several books about heaven and this is one of the best.

This was an absolutely wonderful book. It is really a shame it has not received wider distribution. It presents a wonderful vision of heaven from a woman who was near death from a severe illness. It offers much hope, consolation and encouragement. Many of the things Rebecca describes I have seen described in just little bits and pieces from other people who have had "near death experiences" or "visions of heaven". However, I have never heard of anyone who has had an experience on this scale (more than 100 pages). This book could change your life.

I highly recommend "My Dream of Heaven" as a life changing book that will impact your' heart and soul. Every Christian should read this book, it is by far the finest book on the subject of heaven that is yet to be released.

In this work we are taken on a journey to Heaven with Rebecca Rutter Springer as she lingers between life and death.Rebecca details her time in this wonderful place, with her family and friends. She tells of the beauty and peace that fill every corner of Heaven; the joy and love that binds every person with their Creator, and the excitement of seeing the untold wonders that every believer in Christ will partake of. I smiled when animals were revealed, for truly I have know that our Creator loves all that He has created and it brought me great peace to know we would be in a place where we could still enjoy the animals.I have read and enjoyed many books from those who have visited our future home and with each one I have added to my heart the great expectation of the unspeakable joys that await me, and this work has reinforced the knowledge within my spirit of those wonders.Death hurts, but the comfort of knowing what awaits us or a loved one who is a believer in Christ cushions the blow. If we could only understand death is but a gate-way to an existence where there is no more pain, no more tears and unspeakable joy, that fear would torment us no more. Yes, we would still miss the departing soul but we would know, through works such as this, that their joy is complete and we will see them again.My Dream of Heaven is a book that will comfort your soul and bring hope for your future. It just doesn't get any better than that.

This is the most glorious book. You can tell Oh No (an appropriate name) has never read this book, as all she had to say was to complain about Christians. What a shame she has such a closed mind. One cannot help but be uplifted to think of the wonderful place we will all go to someday at least those that believe and confess Jesus Christ as their savior. It is a vision of what happens when we get to heaven. It will comfort anyone who has had a loved one die, or for us who have wondered what heaven will be like. Glorious! Glorious!

I was so overwhelmed by this book that I actually thought that it was a gift sent from God in heaven to me alone (I found it in a resale shop and have never heard anyone speak of it before). When I went online to look this book up,I wouldn't have been surprised not to find anything mentioned as if it never existed at all. This book will show you God's continuous love. I must say this...I am extremely careful in what I read. I have to be sure that the book is of God because there are MANY counterfits that lead us away from Him and are from the enemy...false teachers. spirit witnessed with what the author experienced in heaven. I feel even closer to the Lord now...and this book has helped me trust in the Lord even more, and want His will in my life completely...even when I don't understand. This is a very easy read and if you long to develop an even closer relationship with the Lord..than this is the book to read. I could NOT put it down...and read it till all hours of the night until I could not keep my eyes open. I believe that this book is a miraculous love gift from God to His children that love Him. It details his love and care to every longing in our hearts. Heaven is going to be a continuous healing of any wounds inflicted here. Buy this book...I guarantee you will get more for everyone you love. I am! I thank the Lord every day for this book, and for His faithfulness, and kindness to me. You see, I prayed that He would bring books my way that He wanted me to read, and that would bring me closer to Him. He's sooo faithful and true! He's answered my prayers with this book.

I read this book many years ago and it still impacts me today. The depth of insight on the part of the writer is a complete pleasure to read. If you wonder whats on the other side, this is an excellent read. In my case, I have numerous older relatives that have questions about the end of their faith. It has been a great comfort to them as well as to me as they drew closer to the end of their lives. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be on death's doorstep to read this book! Read it now to bolster your faith -- you won't regret it. And, perhaps, like me you'll be able to be a blessing to your loved ones when their time is close.

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