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Patton Tanks (Images Of War)

The end of WW2 and the early Cold War years saw the need for a more powerful tank than the Sherman and Pershing tanks. The first Patton tanks (M46) were converted Pershings which saw service in Korea. As the Cold War intensified, the M47 with a more effective 90mm gun and turret went into mass production (9000 built) and countered the Soviet build up.The M48 entered service in 1953 and the M47s were sold off to allies whose armies were being rebuilt.The original M48 had serious deficiencies. Nevertheless over 12000 of numerous variants (MY8A1/A2/A2C) came into service. These were followed by the M48A3 which the Marines took to Vietnam.In the late 1950s the Americans overcame their aversion to diesel power and the M60 with its British designed 105mm gun came into service. By 1982 over 15000 units had been built in four basic models.Simultaneously 200 of the M48A5 with the 105mm gun went into service with the Army Reserve and National Guard and friendly foreign armies.To complicate matters, countries such as Israel made their own modifications to M48s which remained in service until the late 1990s.As this fascinating book reveals Pattons were made into specialist role vehicles, be they anti-aircraft, flame throwers, recovery, combat engineer.

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I note from certain reviews of this work published on .com, that other knowledgeable people have questioned the validity of certain aspects of this book. Interestingly, author and acknowledged tank expert Michael Green has addressed those issues in his replies (under comments) but the original reviews appear to remain unchanged.Michael Green lives in Dale City, California and when it comes to `Tanks' he really does know his stuff. In this excellent work, he provides us with a lavishly illustrated work in which he traces the requirement for a new battle-tank to replace the Sherman and Pershing which had, by that time, seen their day.After the endorsement of a professional foreword from Lt. Colonel K. W. Estes (US Marine Corps), Green gets straight down to basics by commencing with an opening chapter entitled; `The Patton Tank Genesis' in which he explains clearly the requirement for something to equal the German Tigers of WW2 and the trials and tribulations along the way. Having set the scene so well, he then provides further chapters on; the M46, M47 M48-M48A3, the Patton Tank in Vietnam, M48A5 and Patton Tanks in Foreign Service before culminating in a particularly fascinating final chapter which reveals the different variants of this versatile machine.Of those earlier mentioned comments, the book is criticised for not including the M60 series which many regard as a `Patton Tank.' As Green explains in his replies, however; whilst the M60 was a direct descendant of the M48, it was never officially classified as a Patton tank and TACOM did not consider it part of the Patton tank series. In other words; whereas all London buses are red, not all red buses are from London!

The first thing that needs to be said about this book is clarification of the title. "Patton Tank" refers to the M-48 series of vehicles. The M-60 series never officially had a name, but is often lumped into that name. I got caught by that, I should have known better.The M-48 series of tank was a logical evolution from the M-26 tank and served/still serves well to this day in some places or versions. Solid, reliable, it had a very good balance of protection, firepower and mobility. One of the many great features of this tank was the ability to upgrade & update the series through the present. Over 12,000 were made and served for forty years.This is a paperback book, all photos B&W, all of which are clear & crisp. Most are of tanks in action or combat. There are a few ghost diagrams showing ammo storage, a few images from the TM's (Technical Manuals). There are only a few shots of the interior of this tank.The first three chapters review the development & deployment of the M-88 tracing its origins to the M-26 Pershing tank. These are very well written and clearly explain the modifications made.Ch 5 -Patton tank in combat in VietnamCH-6 covers M-48 Israeli Yom Kipper warCh-7 shows M-48s in Foreign ServiceCh- 8 has 27 pages cover the variants such as M-88, AVLB, M-55, Sgt York and a few others.This is a very good, accessible book on the M-48 series. It's not a photo essay, provides nice details for modelers, but modelers are not the intended audience. Those who have served on the Patton Tank are the primary audience and will probably like this book very much. Much of this has been covered by R.P.

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