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Flash CS5: The Missing Manual

Unlock the power of Adobe Flash and bring stunning animations to life onscreen. It's easy with Flash CS5: The Missing Manual. You'll start creating animations in the first chapter, and learn to produce effective, well-planned visuals that get your message across. This entertaining edition includes a complete primer on animation, a guided tour of the program's tools, new illustrations, and lots of details on working with video. Every chapter in this book provides step-by-step Flash tutorials. Beginners will learn to use the software in no time, and experienced Flash designers will improve their skills. Learn to draw objects, animate them, and integrate your own audio and video files Add interactivity, and use special effects, morphing, and much more Use Adobe AIR to create full-blown, desktop applications with Flash Check your work with the book's online example files and completed animations Discover new Flash toolkits and features such as Frameless Animation Learn how to automate your drawings and animations with ActionScript 3.0 With this book, you can get started with Flash CS5 with little or no programming experience. You'll learn in jargon-free English exactly what you need to know to use Flash effectively, while avoiding common pitfalls right from the start. 5 Ways to Build Flash CS5 Projects Faster By Chris Grover Whether you’re creating the next South Park, showing video on your website, or designing a cool desktop game, you’re eager to get that project out the door as fast as possible. Here are five ways to save time when you’re building Flash projects: Start Fast with Templates 1. Start Fast with Templates. With Flash CS5 templates, all the tedious, time-consuming setup is done for you. For example, you can choose between two different photo album templates--one even uses XML (extensible markup language) to manage the photo files. Almost a dozen different animation templates provide pre-designed control over movement and other visual effects. You can find working examples for drag-and-drop interfaces, lip syncing for animated characters, and walking figures using IK Bones. 2. Make It Move with Motion Presets. Want to make text zip onscreen, hang around long enough to be read, and then zip off? Want to make a ball drop from the sky, hit the ground, and then bounce back up? These are the kind of actions you can apply using motion presets. Simply drag a preset onto the object you want to move. Once you’ve applied a motion preset, you can tweak the motion using the usual Flash tools. 3. Hook Up with IK Bones. With IK Bones, the drawings in your Flash animations can have more realistic connections. You can connect the hip bone to the thigh bone, and then specify exactly how those bones rotate and affect each other as they move. In Flash CS5, the new Spring property lets you fine-tune the action and reaction for different types of motion. 4. Code Quickly with Code Snippets. Flash CS5 provides code snippets that you can drop into your projects and then customize for your own purposes. You’ll also find snippets for ActionScript tasks, like starting and stopping movies, timeline navigation, animation motion and effects, loading and unloading external files, and working with audio and video. 5. Step Lively with Code Hinting. Code hinting is more than just a reference manual. It also auto-completes keywords and chunks of code. That both saves time and keeps spelling errors to a minimum. Code hinting also prompts you to fill in parameters if your statement requires them.

Paperback: 778 pages

Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (June 4, 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1449380255

ISBN-13: 978-1449380250

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With the new recent version of Flash CS5, there are lots of new upates that Flash designers are looking forward to, mostly the improved ActionScript interface, better "bones" animation, improved text rendering, improved physics, better cur points for shape tweening, etc.All the new features are explained in detail in this new version of the every popular Adobe Flash book. The classroom in the book series has been the defacto standard in learning Flash and all its new version updates over the years. This book is no different, the author goes through all the great new features and explains them beautifully and in great detail.Table of contents:Chapter 1: Getting AquaintedChapter 2: Working with GraphicsChapter 3: Creating and Editing SymbolsChapter 4: Adding AnimationChapter 5: Atriculated Motion and MorphingChapter 6: Creating Interactive NavigationChapter 7: Using TextChapter 8: Working with Sound and VideoChapter 9: loading and Controlling Flash ContentChapter 10: Publishing Flash DocumentsI really enjoyed chapter (lesson) 6 focusing on interactive navigation. No matter what web technology you use on the web, you always need a navigation system and this chapter really explains it well. The author first talks about the various methods flash designers/developers can create navigation menus with Flash and with other technologies (CSS and JavaScript) and then goes into the example that shows a really neat way of using interactive movies, invisible buttons and a little AS to create a cool looking, visually pleasing menu.The author also really explains ActionScript 3.0 very well when needed in certain chapters.

I'm pretty familiar with several of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, but I could never quite figure out Flash Professional, at least in the few times I opened it and tried to play around with it. On the one hand, it seems like a content design and animation program; on the other hand, it seems like it's a visual programming interface. Because of that, the timeline doesn't quite work the way you'd expect if you come to it from programs like Premiere Pro or After Effects. If you want to animate something, for example, you have to create what's called a "motion tween" and each animated object has to have it's own unique "motion tween" layer. Plus, layers work a bit differently than in other Creative Suite Programs like Illustrator or Photoshop.I knew I was in over my head, and did what I always do when I can't figure out a program: pick up a guide. I think it's helpful to have a broad overview before really trying things on my own, because then even if I don't remember everything from the overview I'll remember what's possible and know where to look when I'm stuck.

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