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Profiting From EBay: Proven Tips For The Part-Time Seller

Proven tips from a successful part-time eBay seller for other part-time eBay sellers. Part-time sellers on eBay have their own unique set of challenges: limited time, limited space, and limited money to invest on items to sell. They don't need more books full of hollow promises about making six-figure incomes on eBay with only a few hours of work each week. What they do need are proven tips focused on the part-time seller that will help them maximize their profits. In Profiting from eBay, you will finds tips on: Determining your motivations for selling on eBay. Where to find items to sell. How to streamline the listing process. How to provide great customer service. How to maximize your profit. And much more! With honesty about her successes and failures, Claire Campbell writes with a clarity that comes only from years of selling part-time on eBay. If you are a part-time eBay seller who is looking to increase your profits and streamline the entire eBay process, this book is a must-listen for you.

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Listening Length: 1 hour and 25 minutes

Program Type: Audiobook

Version: Unabridged

Publisher: Mary Mitchell Release Date: June 18, 2015

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Language: English


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So I started reading this thinking I had a few things to sell and I wanted to avoid the garage sale. Im glad I ran into Claire's proven tips before I started trying to post some of my items which I thought would be an easy sale. I'm still not sure if im going to start ebaying part time, but my expectations will be kept in check, which will help me not give up when/if I start. I have to think through the time commitment to see if I'm going in all in. Before reading Ms. Campbell's "Profiting from Ebay" I thought all I had to do was throw a picture of my suit and label up and a low price and it would sell in seconds. Very helpful book and easy to follow, with GREAT examples (specially the suit one).

While searching for a book about selling on EBAY I found a treasure in Claire Campbells Profiting from ebay. Exactly what I needed know to get started. While there is a lot more to learn I feel like I have a firm foundation to start building on with the information in her book. I like how she walks you through the selling process. I'm kind of a slow learner so I appreciate the detailed explanations. I will read again and probably take notes this time and will definitely keep as a reference book. One of the things i liked about the book is where Claire talks about caring for her customers and when looking for items to sell, think about how they will feel when they open the package, If it were you would you be happy with it. I like the idea of buying and selling items that are different from what you could could go down to the store and buy anytime and the only reason you buy on ebay is to get a better price. I think I will searched for those types of items that bring back a memory or help create a memory like the bamboo carving set she talks about. Thank you Claire I'm really inspired and I hope you continue to share you knowledge of being a part time seller on ebay.

There are a number of guides to selling on eBay. This one is one of the more clear, concise, realistic, and genuinely readable ones I have come across. Anyone can throw together a list of tips in the world of online selling - and many have done just that. This book is actually enjoyable to read while still giving worthwhile and practical information. I found myself frequently stopping as I read to make notes of the ideas this book prompted.

This short and inexpensive book is an extremely helpful starting point for anyone considering selling on eBay in order to supplement their income. Very practical and easy to implement tips help to avoid many of the mistakes made by first time sellers.

Awesome book!! Motivation matters! I highly recommend this book for the part time seller on ebay. A lot of suggestions of what to do and what not to do to make a profit. This is an easy read with deep implications of how to be successful. There are a tone of tips in this books that has proven to be helpful to make a profit from selling. I really appreciated the chapter on customer service. Thank you for such insight and great suggestions!! Excellent, excellent book!! Highly recommend the read!

I found Profiting From ebay to be a practical, easy book to follow in understanding how to buy and sell on ebay. The book is easy to read and gives simple steps to making the best of an ebay entrepreneur.

Great book! Simple and effective practices make it easy to make money on eBay. Perfect for the part-time seller to maximize profits with limited time & money. Well worth the read!

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