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Sell It Online: How To Make Money Selling On EBay, , Fiverr, & Etsy

All new revised and updated version for 2014. Includes 78 pages of new content including sections on blogging, coaching, and training, building a local employment website, and how to write and sell Kindle books. Do you want to learn how to sell online? Sell It Online is your step-by-step guide to e-commerce success. This book will introduce you to the big four online sites: eBay, , Fiverr, and Etsy. The author, Nick Vulich, has completed over 29,000 transactions on eBay in the last 14 years. He knows the ins and outs of selling on eBay, , and Fiverr and is offering to walk you hand-in-hand through the selling process. Are you new to e-commerce? Are you struggling, trying to decide how you can get started?Contrary to popular belief, it's not easy. No. You won't have the boss riding your ass telling you what to do, but you will find yourself working harder than you ever did at your day job. You will find yourself short on cash, especially when you are first starting out. Like anything else, successfully selling products or services online, takes time. Anybody can go online, and list some items, and score a few quick sales. The key to being a successful online seller is being able to duplicate this process, day in and day out, month after month. Hold on tight because you're going to learn:How to set up a storefront on eBay and EtsyHow to list your first item on eBay, , Fiverr and Etsy. We're going to walk you step by step through listing your first item on each site. Along the way you will pick-up plenty of tips and tricks to make your listings stand out.How to source an endless supply of new products, no matter what you're sellingHow to position your business and yourself as experts in the products you sellHow to use Outright to track your profits and expenses

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Listening Length: 3 hours and 35 minutes

Program Type: Audiobook

Version: Unabridged

Publisher: Nicholas L Vulich Release Date: June 6, 2014

Language: English


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The net can support many more people than what it is doing today -- provided those in need of support go to the net and pick up the science and art of selling. Remember, practically everything sells on the net -- from used shoes to unopened electronic gadgets, with a lot if things in between.Of the numerous websites well-established sites, the author picks up Ebay, , Fiverr and Etsy. That is surely a good set to begin with because if you can master these, you can master any sales-related site on the net.Observations:*** The author introduces four major sites.*** Everything you need to know is explained.*** Practically anyone can sell using this information.*** Once you succeed with these four sites, you can easily expand to other sites.Recommendation:*** Comprehensive but simple explanation.*** Very Useful. Buy with confidence.

This book tells you how to use various websites to earn money. After I purchased it, I was not really sure that I needed to read it. I already understand how to use eBay and some of the other websites mentioned. However, the book goes into aspects of online selling that I had personally not considered. I think that this book is worth reading.

Sell It On Line is a great, realistic guide to what it takes to make money selling on eBay, , Fiverr and Etsy. No sugar coating or promises, just good solid information and advice as to what it takes to get started and keep going when attempting to sell your goods and services online.Having been an eBay Powerseller, and learning the hard way some of the pitfalls of that game, I was quick to recognize Nick's solid advice was both accurate and worthy of mentioning to those who hope to make a go of it online.Will this book help seasoned sellers from these online venues? Probably not a lot, however I learned a few things and looked at some things in a new way after reading this book.Will this book help those who are new to selling, or have just dabbled, but now want to get serious? Definitely!This book provides good, solid advice, tips, tricks and simple 'how-to' information for 4 online venues: eBay, , Fiverr and Etsy. If you've been considering selling online, read this book and think some more. There will be some who have an 'ah-ha' moment and know exactly what they want to sell, and will zero in on the right market for their product or service.Thoughtful advice and real suggestions you can put into action for yourself, make Sell It On Line a fantastic guide for future online sellers.

A great little book I will be perusing for some time.I have sold some things on Craigslist before so I was slightly familiar with it but much to my surprise, I learned a few tips and tricks.With Nick's explanation of how easy it would be to sell on , that just might be my next endeavor.So much of the advice is common sense but, when you have a busy life and many irons in the fire it is so nice to be reminded in an easy to read and understand format.I do like the idea of one book having great information on all the major selling sites. This is a nifty little book with some great advice in it.

As a fairly experienced online seller, both personally and on a consignment basis, I highly recommend "Sell it Online: How to Make Money on eBay, , Fiver & Etsy" by Nick Vulich. The book is a short fast read, but packed full of valuable information that you can apply immediately. Some of the great information mentioned in the book includes:-On eBay, put "best offers" on auto-pilot. This will save you time and effort by automatically accepting or rejecting offers you receive-On eBay, focus on filling your title with searchable brand/product names-don't worry if it makes any sense-Consider using to sell items-they don't have separate listing fees for each itemThese are just a few great pieces of information offered by Mr. Vulich in his book. While most books on online selling are vague, shallow, and full of little useful information, Mr. Vulich's book stands out from the crowd. Highly recommended for anyone who is either beginning or experienced in online selling

This is another good reference and instructional tool to have at hand. I find it easy to read and to use the information.

This book was great! It gave me some awesome ideas for making money across various website platforms. I'm also super pleased that the author had it on promotion and I was able to snag it for free. Made enjoying the book even sweeter! But, that being said, this book was good enough that it would have been worth paying for just to have for reference. It contains so many good ideas and concepts!

This is a nifty little volume (118 pages) that gives some sound advice to those wanting to set up an online selling business. The author explains the similarities and differences with the titled sites, does a walk-through of options on each (including fees), and discusses pros and cons of each. He gives examples, recommends additional books for more in-depth discussion of certain elements, and includes website addresses for further help. He even offers helpful advice concerning shipping. This is a dandy little primer for anyone interested in selling online.

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