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Modern PHP: New Features And Good Practices

PHP is experiencing a renaissance, though it may be difficult to tell with all of the outdated PHP tutorials online. With this practical guide, you’ll learn how PHP has become a full-featured, mature language with object-orientation, namespaces, and a growing collection of reusable component libraries.Author Josh Lockhart—creator of PHP The Right Way, a popular initiative to encourage PHP best practices—reveals these new language features in action. You’ll learn best practices for application architecture and planning, databases, security, testing, debugging, and deployment. If you have a basic understanding of PHP and want to bolster your skills, this is your book.Learn modern PHP features, such as namespaces, traits, generators, and closuresDiscover how to find, use, and create PHP componentsFollow best practices for application security, working with databases, errors and exceptions, and moreLearn tools and techniques for deploying, tuning, testing, and profiling your PHP applicationsExplore Facebook’s HVVM and Hack language implementations—and how they affect modern PHPBuild a local development environment that closely matches your production server

Paperback: 270 pages

Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (March 1, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1491905018

ISBN-13: 978-1491905012

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I've developed PHP applications since version 4.0, back in the days when all methods were public. Now, most of those codes are considered legacy. Before reading this book, there were many gaps in my understanding of PHP 5, not only in its new features, but also in the new best practices. This book alone helped me to upgrade myself to PHP 5.6 confidently.The author knows how to present stuff clearly. By giving real world examples, he wants to make sure you really get it. The book is easy to read and very well written. However, it is assumed the reader already knows how to code in PHP; it is not a book for beginners, or to learn PHP's basics.Unlike online tutorials, the examples in this book are modern, for example, the author uses a component from Symfony framework to demonstrate the Namespace usage. Not only the author explains each new feature with clear examples, but he also covers best practices for each feature.The author is well-known because of his work at, you can get an idea on his opinions on this website. To conclude, I highly recommend this book.

Excellent ROI. I have been a web dev for almost 20 years and was a "hard-core" PHP guy for some of those years, then didn't touch PHP for over 8 years. PHP grew up while I was off in Python land! In my opinion, Josh Lockhart's Modern PHP is a must-read for any PHP programmer. Sure there are lots of things he could go into deeper, but this book was needed--an excellent overview of almost everything a PHP developer needs to know from installing and configuring PHP and web servers, code style, recommended directory structures, the newer supported object oriented concepts, testing, debugging, profiling, deployments, using Composer, and even a good overview of HHVM and Hack--enough to help you know if you want to dive in more at this time.I will surely be referring to this book to lean on some of Josh's recommendations as I setup new projects.A little additional Josh Lockhart plug--I learned about him when I chose to use his Slim PHP micro framework in my latest project. That project was rolled into production about 90 days ago to very happy customers. I am delighted with Slim. It does the very basic plumbing I'd rather not code and does it very well. Then it stays the heck out of my way so I can write my own PHP to do what I need to do.

This book does a great job of explaining traits, interfaces and a number of other language features I was fuzzy on. It even goes through configuring a server with nginx, deploying your project and more admin stuff I needed to improve on. I was really excited to see that stuff covered so well. It's also cool to learn a bit about HHVM and Hack. Great book, highly recommended.

Overall this is a great concept for a book, and I like that it's a lean book. At the same time, I wish the author had spent a bit more time on some topics. He does a very fast overview of most topics, and though some topics can be explained in a page (generators), he could have spent more time on others that require a bit more explaining (closures and attaching state). So in some places it's great, and in others it mainly serves to tip me off that I need to go... somewhere else... and learn about Topic X.

This book is for Intermediate to Advanced PHP writers. I think beginners would find some value in it, being exposed to some of the more standard practices of PHP, but it might require a second glance once you've actually written some code for a while. I would just like to thank the author for touching a lot of amazing points about modern PHP in a fun and well organized way. It was actually a fun, interesting read from start to finish. I think that it only languished in technical detail when and for as long as it needed to. I went away from PHP around 5.3 and came back months before PHP 7 came on the scene. This book was exactly what I needed to catch up and see what amazing things were happening in PHP and the community. I could see it being a great read, too, if you're fairly familiar with PHP.

I was recently asked to evaluate web development options for a start up and needed to get my head around modern PHP. This book was one of the books I purchased for that purpose. No book is perfect and this book has gaps, but it is something I would recommend to those wanting to get into PHP. The utility probably declines for experienced PHP programers, but there could still be some gems. I also purchased and reviewed Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 (Learning Php, Mysql, Javascript, Css & Html5). Lockhart's book (Modern PHP) goes along way towards addressing my views on the short comings of Nixon's tomb on web technologies (also a good book). There are areas that could be improved in Modern PHP. The appendix on frameworks is a bit light in my opinion and would benefit from more development. A discussion of IDEs would also be useful, but these issues are not show stoppers. I enjoyed the section on frameworks and components and I found the discussion on Laravel verses other frameworks helpful, but I just wanted more details. Don't expect a glossy presentation or extensive code examples. Instead this book provides valuable insights and is worth every cent. This book together with Nixon's book is a good combination. I've definitely made good use of this book and am looking forward to grabbing an O'Reilly code Cookbook. If you know programming, but are not an experienced PHP programer and need to get your head around the subject matter quickly then this book should be at the top of your reading list.

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