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2011 Standard Catalog Of World Coins 1901-2000

The most universally accepted book on world coins with the most up to date pricing - it's the one you needThe 2011 Standard Catalog of® World Coins 1901-2000 offers information compiled from data provided by over 100 experts from around the world and garnered from a variety of internet sources including popular online auctions sites. With few exceptions, the values stated in this 38th edition have risen over those in previous catalogs.From researchers to collectors to dealers, everyone counts on this single reference. The Standard Catalog of® World Coins has been the hobby's central information source for nearly 40 years.Within these covers, you will find that each coin listing provides:Up-to-date values listed by date and gradeUniversal KM reference numberClear descriptions of obverse and reverse designsCoins struck in gold, platinum, palladium and silver offer the following ideal information for charting a course in this turbulent precious metals market:Total coin weightFinenessActual precious metal weightThe Standard Catalog of® World Coins is the coin catalog you've come to depend on and the one you can trust for the best in world numismatics.

Series: Standard Catalog

Paperback: 2304 pages

Publisher: Krause Publ; 38 edition (June 14, 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1440211582

ISBN-13: 978-1440211584

Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 8.2 x 2.6 inches

Shipping Weight: 5.7 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (25 customer reviews)

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It is fairly difficult to welcome a new edition of World Coins Catalog 1901-2000 with great expectations. One can assume that by 2010 the editors made sure that their work is complete (actually, it isn't - one 1 pound coin from Cyprus issued in 2000 is still missing although two other 1 pound coins from the same year were added, copper 3000 bolivares from 1999 from Venezuela is missing still although silver 6000 bolivares coin issued also to commemorate the Maracay Mint is included etc etc) so the new volume becomes interesting only for those who are interested in recent changes of prices i.e. dealers and investors. They will find in the volume some changes and revaluations (Poland is going up - not much of a surprise as a coin boom in this country has continued for over a decade now, Great Britain is going down - the changes are caused rather by the decreasing value of the pound rather then by a general loss of interest in British coins) but not really that much to justify the purchase of another issue.For those who already have the 2010 issue there is an additional reason why they should reconsider replacing it with the 2011 issue - there is no CD with the text of the catalog in .pdf files. In other words - if you have 2010 issue, think twice before buying the new one. If you don't have the catalog at all (if you collect coins, you really should) or you old copy is falling apart with age, look around first - maybe you can find the 2010 issue - it will be much cheaper now and the CD really does come handy if you travel with your laptop.

I was amazed to note that the coin weights and actual silver weights for coins from many countries were incorrect in this catalog. I have no idea what happened, but it needs to be fixed. In some cases, they appear to have truncated the coin weight in grams and calculated the silver weight based on the incorrect coin weight. In other cases, it looks like simply wrong information. As an example, KM-309, 311 and 318 all had actual silver weights of .0289 oz in the 2009 edition and now they are .0289, .0289 and .0278. On the nezt page, the weights of KM-310, 312 and 319 were all .0736 in 2009 and they are now .0736, .0718 and .0766. You may not care about the Netherlands East Indies, but check out Canada where there are also multiple errors. I haven't looked the gold coins, but I wonder if errors might also exist there.

OK, so these books are basically canonical lists of all the coins on the planet. In tribute, I will say a few words in canonical list format.1. Do not, under any circumstances, pay list price for these things. It has been my experience that your local library book sale is probably giving these away for a dollar. Since they're reference guides, libraries turn these over every single year. Don't pay $50 when you can get them for $1 at the annual booksale. They'll be a year out of date but who cares.2. Remember, the prices listed here are RETAIL prices. If you take your collection to the coin shop to sell it you'll get ... well, not the prices listed.3. These don't change all that much from year to year and when they do it's generally to reflect a change in the price of gold or silver.

2011 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 appears in its updated 38th edition to pack in 50,000 actual-sized illustrations and coverage of the latest values of world coins. It's a 'must' for avid coin collectors, filled with numerous detailed illustrations on every page lending to easy identification and valuation, and packing in several thousand pages of detail.

While values are off due to being out of date, everything else about this book is great. It is in depth, letting you know all about each coin. While it doesn't go into errors and such, it does cover many modern commemoratives. If you want accurate values, subscribe to a coin value newsletter, if you want to see what coins are more valuable, what they were worth, what they are made out of, or just want to find out what a coin is, try this book.

I was disappointed that the DVD-ROM discs were not included with this edition. The last edition I bought included them.

Second addendum to previous review and addendum.Let me begin by saying that I have been buying editions of the Standard Catalog of World Coins since before the 1801-1900 edition was published, in 1999. Until now, I have found only minor errors, usually involving the size shown for a coin depicted. The photo being either too small, or too large.At first glance, I was pleased to see this volume. My initial review was entitled At Last. Upon closer examination I have changed my mind. I added a negative addendum the yesterday. This morning I performed a section by section review of my volume, checking the start dates for each country, with the following results. Not only are 100 years of Spanish coins omitted, but Peruvian coins from 1901-1984, New Zealand coins for Ed VIII (1901-1910, and Geo V (1910-1936), as well as those for Nationalist China, among others, are missing. Did someone highlight the pages and hit delete? It would appear so. Sadly, I discarded my 33rd edition before thoroughly checking this edition. I have since ordered a replacement 33rd edition from a 3rd party vender. Needless to say, I will not be buying further volumes in this series over the Internet. I will have look to my local coin shops for hands-on examination. Both Krause Publications and are going to be losers on this one.

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