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Nose, Legs, Body!: Know Wine Like The Back Of Your Hand

Wine should enhance life, not complicate it.But you stress at reading a wine list, right?And it sounds like a different language when people talk about wine, doesn't it?That's how wine columnist Len Napolitano felt as a self-conscious wine amateur until he cut through a web of peculiar wine terms and complex subjects and transitioned into a practical wine professional.With this informative and entertaining new book, Nose, Legs, Body! Know Wine Like The Back of Your Hand, you go from wine beginner to wine savvy. Napolitano fits a bounty of information into 50 concise answers to common, yet critical, wine questions and concludes each chapter with hands-on wine tasting exercises to do at home.As you begin to understand wine and appreciate its potential to complement so much in life, you open new possibilities for joyful experiences in socializing, dining, and everyday living. So, let the wine education begin! From learning the basics to discovering the how's and why's of a great wine, your confidence will grow when talking about and choosing wine in any situation.Nose, Legs, Body! helps you:Strengthen your passion for wine by knowing its most pertinent terms, processes, and stylesGain confidence in making wine selections--at restaurants, wine shops, or onlineImprove your wine and food pairing experiencesLearn wine subtleties through experiential instruction inside each chapter.In an age of tweets and texts, Nose, Legs, Body! fits right in. You learn about wine with clear, brief explanations...simple, fast and easy! Len Napolitano, "wineologist" on TV's Fine Living Network, guides you in your first steps in wine--essential to exploring, learning, and tasting. With sincerity and whimsy, Len examines a wide range of subjects as you gain new and practical knowledge of wine in a concise and informal question-and-answer format.Nose, Legs, Body! is perfect for social wine drinkers, businesspeople who entertain wine-savvy clients, cooking hobbyists, food service professionals and anyone transitioning from a beer or martini as his or her beverage of choice to a crisp pinot grigio or robust cabernet sauvignon.˃˃˃ Learn wine with Nose, Legs, Body!˃˃˃ Stimulate conversation using your wine knowledge˃˃˃ Impress guests with your wine selections and food pairings˃˃˃ Picture yourself scanning a wine list with confidence!Questions answered in Nose, Legs, Body!1. How does wine get so many flavors and aromas?2. How does wine get color?3. What makes chardonnay, or any wine, taste different among producers?4. Why are some wines blended?5. Why are some wines filtered?6. Why is wine aged in oak?7. What is a wine appellation of origin?8. What is a vineyard-designated wine?9. What is terroir?10. What is the relationship between wine and weather?11. What is hang time?12. What can be learned from a visit to a winery?13. What's happening at a winery during harvest?14. Do sulfites in wine give me a headache?15. What is organic wine?16. What is tannin?17. Why do some dry wines taste sweet?18. What is a "hot" wine?19. What should I look for on a wine label?20. What's better--cork or screw cap?Plus 30 more, with quick-reference tables & glossary!Start increasing your wine intelligence today! Get Nose, Legs, Body!

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Publisher: Wineology Press (June 29, 2013)

Language: English

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There is still a lot of mystery, ignorance and fear about wine. Some of it is no doubt still maintained by those with various vested interests. This can act as a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy as the uncertain become even more uncertain about the strange language employed, the wide range of prices and the elitist air that still follows wine about.All of this for what is effectively a bottle of coloured, flavoured liquid. Maybe this book will help more people get a foothold on the wine ladder and possibly encourage them to be a more proactive, confident wine consumer who feels capable of determining for themselves what they might drink, rather than rely on the possibly vested interest of a waiter to push a particular bottle your way or use the fallback position of a bottle of the house red, white or rosé.Here the author - himself a fairly accomplished wine columnist and all around expert - takes a honest, open look at what wine is and seeks to make it understandable for the average consumer (and self-taught "expert amateur" who might have missed a lot along the way). Yet this little book manages to achieve a lot without being patronising in style or tone, without fear or favour and without it feeling like you are undergoing an initiation ceremony for a secret society. It is just like sitting down with the author or another expert and saying in everyday language "hey, why does...?" and getting a similarly clear, jargon-free, informed reply.Overall this is a good little book. The text is a little too small (remember, us older folks like wine too but our eyes don't like small text) and the book's binding is a little too tight and this creates anguish for book lovers as we don't like damaging a book's spine.

While walking around at the Los Angeles Wine Fest a month ago I came upon a book signing. Author Len Napolitano was sharing his book, “Nose, Legs, Body”, with wine 101ers! Now, with a copy of my own to review, I set about the task of learning a wee bit more about the author and the book.Len NapolitanoExcerpt From the Website…Len Napolitano, “wineologist” from 2003 to 2011 on TV’s Fine Living Network (now Cooking Channel), guides you in taking your first steps in wine—essential steps to exploring, learning, and tasting. With sincerity and whimsy, Len examines a broad range of wine subjects as you gain a new and practical knowledge of wine. Chapters are organized according to meaningful subjects wine lovers want to know, explained in an informal, question-and-answer format.Nose, Legs, Body! is perfect for social wine drinkers, businesspeople who entertain wine-savvy clients, cooking hobbyists, and food service professionals. It’s also for anyone transitioning from a beer or martini as their beverage of choice to a crisp pinot grigio or robust cabernet sauvignon…ReviewI was once asked during an interview if my wine knowledge is still relevant to my wine 101 audience, now that I’ve had more education over the years. Maybe. However, in reading Len’s book I searched for tidbits that would not only interest wine 101ers but a few wine 201ers, as I expect that some of my readers have also grown in their knowledge, and interests. Let’s see how I fared: People will not necessarily come up with the same wine descriptors when they describe their wine. There is no accurate answer; it’s all based on your own experience. Len gives less than a three-page explanation on how red wine gets its color.

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