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Beginning IPhone Development With Swift: Exploring The IOS SDK

The team that brought you the bestselling Beginning iPhone Development, the book that taught the world how to program on the iPhone, is back again for Beginning iPhone Development with Swift. This definitive guide to the Swift programming language and the iOS 8 SDK, and the source code has been updated to reflect Xcode 6.3.1 and Swift 1.2.There’s coverage of brand-new technologies, including Swift playgrounds, as well as significant updates to existing material. You'll have everything you need to create your very own apps for the latest iOS devices. Every single sample app in the book has been rebuilt from scratch using the latest Xcode and the latest 64-bit iOS 8-specific project templates, and designed to take advantage of the latest Xcode features.Assuming little or no working knowledge of the new Swift programming language, and written in a friendly, easy-to-follow style, this book offers a complete soup-to-nuts course in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch programming. The book starts with the basics, walking through the process of downloading and installing Xcode and the iOS 8 SDK, and then guides you though the creation of your first simple application.From there, you’ll learn how to integrate all the interface elements iOS users have come to know and love, such as buttons, switches, pickers, toolbars, and sliders. You’ll master a variety of design patterns, from the simplest single view to complex hierarchical drill-downs. The art of table building will be demystified, and you’ll learn how to save your data using the iPhone file system. You’ll also learn how to save and retrieve your data using a variety of persistence techniques, including Core Data and SQLite. And there’s much more! What you’ll learnEverything you need to know to develop your own bestselling iPhone and iPad appsUtilizing Swift playgroundsBest practices for optimizing your code and delivering great user experiencesWhat data persistence is, and why it’s importantGet started with building cool, crisp user interfacesHow to display data in Table ViewsHow to draw to the screen using Core GraphicsHow to use iOS sensor capabilities to map your worldHow to get your app to work with iCloud and moreWho this book is for This book is for aspiring iPhone app developers, new to the Apple Swift programming language and/or the iOS SDK. Table of Contents1. Welcome to the Swift Jungle 2. Appeasing the Tiki Gods 3. Handling Basic Interaction 4. More User Interface Fun 5. Rotation and Adaptive Layout6. Multiview Applications 7. Tab Bars and Pickers 8. Introduction to Table Views 9. Navigation Controllers and Table Views 10. Collection Views 11. iPad Considerations 12. Application Settings and User Defaults 13. Basic Data Persistence 14. Hey! You! Get onto iCloud! 15. Grand Central Dispatch, Background Processing, and You 16. Core Graphics: Drawing with Quartz 17. Getting Started with Sprite Kit 18. Taps, Touches, and Gestures 19. Where Am I? Finding Your Way with Core Location and Map Kit 20. Whee! Gyro and Accelerometer! 21. The Camera and Photo Library 22. Application Localization23. Appendix: A Swift Introduction to Swift

Paperback: 828 pages

Publisher: Apress; 1 edition (November 19, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1484204107

ISBN-13: 978-1484204108

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.9 x 9.2 inches

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I got this book from another store, not since it was a little expensive here. Its not like any other programming book, its an experience that kind of stays with you.This book is fabulous. I have been wanting to learn the iOS development from a long time. When Swift came out, I jumped right on to it. However, there weren't many books or resources available online. Most of them taught the swift dynamics and none of them taught how to build a real app. I mean, I get what classes are, protocols are, but then what?This book has that real meat. It teaches you how to use Xcode from scratch. If you have used other IDE's like IntelliJ or something, I am sure you might be laughing that whats there to learn in an IDE. I thought the same, and I have to admit that I was being dumb. You just can't learn Interface Builder on your own. Yes you can type code and do the same things as you do in other languages form day 1. But building the interfaces is kind of complex at first. And this book takes you from step 1 to Step 100 without missing even a single one of them. The authors have done a wonderful job in detailing each and every step, click that you do on Xcode. Its the first programming book of this nature that I have read.If you are a beginner like me who knows programming and wants to build an iPhone app, this book is for you. Thats the bright side of it.The dark (gray) side now: This book assumes you know what programming is. Its not a no brainer course. It assumes you know what swift is and how to write code in swift. The main focus is not on making you learn about swift. The book teaches you how to use swift and Xcode to build apps. They have an appendix at the end which talks about basics of swift.

There are just so many books out there that either assume you are an idiot or an expert: this book presents example after example taking you from the basics to a great understanding of iPhone Development with Xcode and Swift.Each example gradually builds up, working with what you have already learnt and uses small apps that are sufficiently complex that they do represent the real code that you will want to use. Because Swift is building on an existing heritage of code, there are many obscure ways of using the iPhone SDK to achieve what you want and need. This book gently takes you through each step, showing alternative approaches as you work through the book (particularly with Xcode there are many different way to do the same thing, but this book gradually shows you those ways); equally, with the different toolkits, it is obvious that Apple has migrated between ways to do things (e.g. function parameters to closures). This book gives you an excellent starting point for what ever you want to achieve.It is one of the very few programming books I have ever read (and worked through all the non-trivial examples) from start to finish, finding new nuggets in every chapter. Even at the end, when I finally went through their overview of Swift, I found answers to aspects of the language, that while I could use, I did not fully understand.A word of advice: Do not second guess the authors, and assume that because you would have done it differently, they are wrong: frequently later in the chapter they point out shortcomings in their original code and show how to improve it or explain why they have taken that particular approach.

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