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How To Be An Adult: A Handbook For Psychological And Spiritual Integration

Using the metaphor of the heroic journey--departure, struggle and return--the author shows readers the way to psychological and spiritual health.

Paperback: 122 pages

Publisher: Paulist Press; a edition (May 1, 1991)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0809132230

ISBN-13: 978-0809132232

Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 5.2 x 7.8 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (138 customer reviews)

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I am a clinical psychologist and am loathe to recommend self-help books as most of them are just ways for the author to make money by tapping into the reader's anxieties about themselves. Most offer superficial and simplistic solutions that offer little more than false hope but will keep the reader "coming back for more" from the self-help industry. NOT SO THIS LITTLE GEM! It is one of the two most solidly written and thought through books on personal growth I know of (the other is The Road Less Travelled, by Scot Peck). It's the kind of book you will need to read slowly and meditatively, perhaps even only a page at a sitting. It's also the kind of book you can expect to benefit from reading through again after a year or two on your shelf.

I bought two books by this author: How to be an adult, and How to be an adult in relationships. Both are excellent.Even though their titles begin with How to... these are not self-help books.This is a little book, but it will take you quite some time to read it - I still haven't finished my copy. You will want to read a single page and contemplate what is said there and how you can implement it in your own life.UPDATE Feb 19, 2006: Read it 3 times so far. I find something new to work on every time. This book describes exactly the person I want to become. The most important book I have ever read!

Our bookshelf has over fifty self-help genre books I am guessing. I just got this one and it stands out. It's highly readable and offers important principles to live by. Much wisdom in here. Get this book for yourself and pass it around to your friends. We can all learn these lessons.

Some authors speak too much creating confusion. Others speak too little leaving the audience wanting for more. Here is an author who has spoken the right amount.The ideal person benefiting from this book is one who has an element of self-awareness, has prior exposure to basic psychology, has made efforts towards emotional well-being and self-development. For such a person, each sentence in this book appears pregnant with meaning.Any topic such as hurt, guilt, anger or fear can be taken with an attempt to understand its causes and manifestations, followed by ways to resolve it out. "Completing" the book in the traditional sense should therefore not be the objective. Rather, sentences or paragraphs are read and gradually digested like a cow chews the cud. Any part of the book can be read at any time. This book seems like a timeless reference manual.The author assumes that the word "Adult" in the title means emotionally stable and spiritually growing. Hence the expanded form of the title might be "How to grow into an emotionally stable and spiritually integrated person"."How to be an Adult" will strengthen your appreciation of the nuances of emotional well-being and increase your commitment for emotional growth.

Deceptively short at only 118 pp (my Paulist Press edition, excluding appendices), this book distills universal truths about self-esteem and love into a volume that is profound in its simplicity. Each time I pick it off my shelf to glance though, I am astounded.

having read hundreds of psych and spiritual books, this one tops my list. Short, sweet, packed with page after page of nuggets you can contemplate and integrate it offers the best value and wisdom around. read it and re-read it many times. if you truly allow it to sink in and do the work, it will change your life.

This book provides a logical and helpful outline of stages of growth in behavior, relationships, psychology, and spirituality. Every chapter has fresh ideas and insights (really). Written from a Jungian perspective. Neither pop-psychology B.S. nor self-help mush. Practical, articulate, concise, and wise.

This book is incredible!The main thing I love about this book is it's density, it is not diluted with "filler", everything int he book is profoundly useful, well-organized, and well-developed. I really appreciate that the book stays focused on its thesis - psychological and spiritual integration; the author has not - as waaaay too many authors do - used the book as a spotlight to show off himself, his gimmicks or as some self-promotional ad. Even better, the book is not so devoid of the author's style as to be a cold textbook; the content is presented in a warm, compassionate and human voice. In this sense, it seems the author has achieved a perfect balance. I believe every non-fiction book should be this concise, precise, and human.Another amazing thing about this book is it's layout. It is very easy to go back and find the section you want to review because the book is organized just that well. He inserts useful quotes along the way, and at very appropriate sections.After reading only the first 20 pages, I was in love, I've ordered about seven more copies and given them to my like-minded friends.One thing that bothers me a little, which has nothing to do with this book in particular, but has everything to do with useful advice in general, is that those who could benefit from it most probably are not open enough to hear it. To be interested in reading this book, I figure you're pretty open-minded and on the right track already. Those who are furthest from the type of adulthood taught in this book probably can't get past the title. Perhaps their ego is too afraid of to admit to needing to be taught "how to be an adult".

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