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Measuring The Digital World: Using Digital Analytics To Drive Better Digital Experiences (FT Press Analytics)

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO NEXTGENERATION DIGITAL MEASUREMENT: INDISPENSABLE INSIGHT FOR BUILDING HIGH-VALUE DIGITAL EXPERIENCES! Helps you capture the knowledge you need to deliver deep personalization at scale Reflects today’s latest insights into digital behavior and consumer psychology For every digital marketer, analyst, and executive who wants to improve performance To win at digital, you must capture the right data, quickly transform it into the right knowledge,and use them both to deliver deep personalization at scale. Conventional digital metrics simplyaren’t up to the task. Now, Gary Angel shows how to reinvent digital measurement so it delivers allyou need to create richer, more compelling digital experiences.   For more than a decade, Angel has helped leading global enterprises succeed at digital. This bookreflects all he’s learned. You’ll find valuable guidance on understanding visitor intent… creatingcustomer taxonomies… digital segmentation… integrating VoC research… and using behavioralanalysis and controlled experiments to investigate what drives customer choice.   Angel will help you measure the value of every digital interaction more accurately, identify specificdigital behaviors that predict success, and create a comprehensive measurement paradigm thatintegrates all your digital spaces.   With flawed tools and siloed analytics, you’re blind to what’s really happening online. But you don’thave to be. Gary Angel will help you make the invisible visible… actionable… profitable.   Most common digital metrics are virtually useless. They measure the wrong things in the wrong ways. They don’t link digital activity to customer attitudes and behaviors. They don’t work well with today’s powerful analytics tools. Above all, they don’t help you improve your performance.   This book gives you a better way.   Gary Angel, leader of Ernst & Young’s pioneering Digital Analytics practice, presents a comprehensive framework for capturing the right data the right way, so you can comprehend digital behavior at a far deeper level.   Angel shows how to transform “raw facts” about digital behavior into meaningful knowledge about your visitors… what they were trying to accomplish…how well you helped them… how you can personalize and optimize their digital experiences from now on… how you can use measurement to provide deep personalization at scale.   More rigorous, integrated, and usable than any competitive book, Measuring the Digital World will help you create, deliver, and consume digital information with unprecedented sophistication. Whether you’re a digital analyst, marketer, user experience designer, or executive, you’ll find it indispensable.   Why conventional digital metrics are arbitrary and misguided Refocus on what you need to know, not what you don’t   Capture the “why” Integrate VoC research and behavioral data to build better, richer, more accurate segments   Go beyond snapshots: understand your customer’s entire digital experience Understand how your customers’ views and behaviors evolve over time   Segment in three dimensions for a multichannel world Treat each channel as part of a larger, integrated, sequential journey  

Series: FT Press Analytics

Hardcover: 272 pages

Publisher: Pearson FT Press; 1 edition (December 19, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0134195086

ISBN-13: 978-0134195087

Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.1 x 9 inches

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Really glad Gary Angel wrote this book (been hoping he'd write for a while) as a fan and follower of his writing for some time.Let me say a few words about this wonderful work of his - its more a book for an advanced analytics practitioner than a beginner (though a beginner will benefit from reading at least the first few chapters) the author has been careful to stay away from being vendor specific, a wise decision that will keep the book current for years to come. The first few chapters explain why digital is so hard to measure (because we're really measuring people) and distills much of the content of what he has been writing about at SEMANGEL (his blog) for the last 10 years or so.When I got past Chapter 4, I began to realize the book was really for a data architect/analyst who will combine segmentation, data wrangling and master data management together; the descriptions of fairly intricate processes one goes through while working with digital and omnichannel data were very precise (though it would be difficult to relate to outside that use case and job function) and I was able to relate to most of it but would probably need to be doing those tasks on a regular basis as my primary job function to fully grasp everything the author is talking about in the later chapters.The other thing that I found interesting and different about this book is that it was written entirely in the first person voice, as a practitioner sharing what he has found to be true based on the all the analytics implementations done over close to 20 years - all which is very valuable. Its also validating that its possible to write a technical book without citations. I will try to integrate much of the analytics advice in this book with my Web Analytics classes in the future.I highly recommend this book to all analytics readers because it provides a viable framework from which to understand both the digital and omnichannel world.

Measuring the Digital World nails it -- It provides an easy to grasp framework for jump-starting or building our your team's analytics capabilities. It is a playbook and a bible at the same time. I especially like his concept of the Two - Tier Segmentation approach (focusing on the Who and What they are trying to achieve first) and then laying on his Functionalism approach which basically turns analytics on its head and asks the simple question "What is that page trying to achieve?" Is it a router page with the goal of taking the user to a specific page or just an information page? This is a must read -- and should be kept near your desk so if you need to look smart to your boss, your teacher, your co-worker, you can just pick it up and read a chapter or two. "Thank god there's an angel in the digital world!"Check out the author's website: [...] or his short videos @ [...]

This is a masterpiece that uses very simple words and stories to convey a much more accurate and useful approach to measuring and optimizing the digital world than has previously been available. Reminds me of how the greatest scientists can make sophisticated concepts accessible to everyone by putting them into plain language. That's exactly what Gary Angel is doing with this work.The book effortlessly takes the bottom out of questionable blanket statements that have been a common refrain among analysts and pundits for years such as: "Just identify your key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure against them and you'll be fine". Not so, as the author reveals with effective examples..Drawing on the author's decade + of consulting work with enterprises across many verticals, the book includes practical samples of tried and proven segmentation approaches. It also builds on and updates the author's earlier methods such as functionalism. So even for readers who may be familiar with bits and pieces of the author's methods, this book puts them into a greater whole and improves upon them.It's not every day that you get to learn the details of how a successful consultancy helps its customers get value from analytics. This book should be much higher priced given how much practical value it provides. A must have for every digital analyst and those who are responsible for driving outcomes through digital channels.

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