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Bea Gives Up Her Pacifier: The Book That Makes Children Want To Move On From Pacifiers!

An award winning picture book designed to help children who are struggling to give up their pacifiers. Children love it because it's a fabulous fairy story with beautiful illustrations, and parents love it because it enables children to kick their pacifier habit once and for all. The book follows the story of a little girl called Bea, who refuses to give up her pacifier. Then one night her mother persuades her to leave all her pacifiers outside her room for the 'Pacifier Fairy' to take - (in exchange for a special gift). Bea gets to meet the fairy, who shows her that it IS possible to give up pacifiers without shedding a single tear. The book teaches children why it makes sense to give up pacifiers, and offers up some fun ideas to stop them missing them once they've gone. After reading, parents can follow the book at home, and arrange an exciting visit from the Pacifier Fairy, to the delight of their child. Bea Gives Up Her Pacifier provides an easy, fun way for parents to say goodbye to pacifiers for good.

Paperback: 50 pages

Publisher: Little Boo Publishing (June 1, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0992616751

ISBN-13: 978-0992616755

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (52 customer reviews)

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Our 3 yr old LOVED LOVED LOVED her soother, and was just like Bea! I made her a little fairy doll, got her some fairy pj's, and dropped hints for a week or so leading up to the big night, like "Who of your friends still uses a soother?". The book and pj's were wrapped and I excitedly "found" them downstairs, and we took our time to read the book together. She was excited to put her soothers in a big brown envelope outside her door. The next morning, the fairy doll appeared, just like in the story! She was thrilled! She wanted to read the book many times for the first few days and wore the pj's for a week straight. She loved telling people that she gave them away and felt very grown-up. I'm not a big fan of fake stuff, I have a hard time building up even Christmas, but this was not only a positive experience, but a wonderful one. Thank you very much!Here's a picture of the doll I made from a Dolls and Daydreams pattern. The pj's were from Sarah's Prints. These seemed to match quite well with the fairies in the story, and are toddler-friendly (there are a lot of barely-clad fairies out there!). I was really dreading this day, and it turned out great!

This is a great book! After I'd read it to my daughter she actually asked me if she could leave her pacifiers out for the 'Pacifier Fairy' to take to fairyland. So we collected them up, like they did in the book, and left them outside her door when she went to sleep. In the night I traded them for a pink bunny purse that I knew she really wanted. She loved getting the gift, and after that, just seemed to accept that her pacifiers were in Fairyland and didn't ask for them once. The tips on how to stop missing them are a good idea, but we didn't even have to use them!Really happy Mum!

So my daughter is almost 3 and we have been having trouble trying to get her to quit the pacifier. I was at a loss. we tried cold turkey, tried giving it to other babies and I ran across this book online so I decided to buy it. I read it to her a couple times a day for a week and talked about how Bea is alot like her. She really got into the story and thought it was great that she could leave her paci for the paci fairy and get a gift. So after a week we found all the paci's and left them outside her door just like Bea does in the story and the next day she had a small gift. So far it has been five days with no paci and no meltdowns. She has asked about them and I just say the paci fairy took them to fairyland and she lets it go. So glad I found this book

My friend's 3 year old boy wouldn't stop using his pacifier, and it was a real problem for her. So when I read about this `magic' book in a magazine I thought I'd buy it for her in case it worked.Anyway I gave it to her on the Wednesday and when I went over to her that weekend the child had completely stopped using his pacifier, and was fine with it... My friend couldn't thank me enough..!She said she'd given up hope of being able to sort out the problem, and this book had been a bit of a life saver for her.Apparently the child had really enjoyed the story, and reading it had got him into the idea of `sending his pacifiers to fairyland' so that the fairies could use them (!)Not exactly sure how it works but I think that, initially, you read the story to your child, and then follow at home exactly what the mom in the story does. (Ie: collect up the pacifiers together, leave them outside the child's bedroom for the pacifier fairy to take, and then, during the night, sneakily trade them in for a good toy... )Anyway my friend has told me it worked a treat for her, and I should definitely give the book a good review, so that's what I'm doing! If you have the same problem it's clearly worth trying.

My 2.5 year old little girl was obsessed with her pacifier. We really struggled to get her to give it up. We ordered this book having heard wonderful reviews from friends and family in Britain about it. My daughter was really captivated by the story and the beautiful pictures. She happily gave up her pacifiers to the Fairy that very night and amazingly slept all through the night! We haven't looked back since. Thank you so much.

We read this to our two year old off an on for a couple of weeks, then the week we decided would be her last week with her pacifier we read it every night. Towards the end of the week she was asking to read it. We talked about the Pacifier Fairy coming to see her, just like she came to see Bea, then two weeks ago on Friday night we had her gather up her pacifiers and put them in an envelope for the fairies. She asked for it several times each day over the weekend and we reminded her that she gave it to the fairies and they gave her a beautiful doll, which placated her each time. It has now been two weeks without it and I couldn't be happier with how smoothly it went, especially for a paci-addict like our daughter. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone trying to break the pacifier habit.

Wow, this paci fairy book really worked for my almost three year old daughter! She never asked for the pacifier back! We are many months out from using this book now...she still asks to read it from time to time. The paci fairy left her a small toy and a card with a few dollars in it. Boy, did she love telling the folks at the dollar store how she earned her money to buy her toys!

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