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Bedwetting And Accidents Aren't Your Fault: How Potty Accidents Happen And How To Make Them Stop

From the authors of It's No Accident, the definitive book on childhood toileting troubles, comes a supportive, engaging, highly informative, and cleverly illustrated book for children from preschool through elementary age. Little ones will love Dr. Pooper and the wily rabbit. Older kids will appreciate the respectful tone and amusing illustrations. A must-read for preschool and elementary teachers and family therapists, too! Readers will learn what really causes most accidents: a clogged colon, which presses on and irritates the bladder. The book urges families not wait around for children to outgrow accidents or bedwetting and explains how to make the troubles stop for good. A Q&A with Dr. Hodges at the end explains the research behind his approach. This book is an ideal companion to It's No Accident, which explains in detail the therapies described in Bedwetting and Accidents Aren't Your Fault.

Perfect Paperback: 40 pages

Publisher: O'Regan Press; First edition (November 24, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 099087740X

ISBN-13: 978-0990877400

Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.3 x 0.3 inches

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I guess I'll be the first person to review this book. It's so new that it still smelled like printing ink when we got it!If you're not familiar with the It's No Accident book, then this children's companion book it's going to sound really weird to you. It would still be helpful to children and adults unfamiliar with main book, but it's not a typical children's potty training book. So know that before you buy.We are working with our pediatrician and following the It's No Accident book protocol, so this children's book has been very helpful to our three and a half year old. He likes this book and wants to read it every day, often while he's on the toilet :)As the person reading the book, it can be a little confusing to know when to read which parts because there is the main text, LOTS of character thought bubbles, signs, etc. It takes a few reads to find your stride. But it's more of a free form read, and for young children who like books to be predictable this can be confusing, because different people will read it different ways. And honestly we skip over some stuff that doesn't apply to us (like the page spread on enemas) and add some dialog on stuff that that does apply to us.I wish this book had focused a little more on not "holding" and going to the potty RIGHT when you feel pressure. Don't get me wrong, it does talk about this, I just wish it would have focused on it a little more.Overall it's a good book and delivers a lot of information in an easy to understand way. In fact, it's such a good "Cliff's Notes" on the main book that it's a great read for peripheral caregivers like grandparents, babysitters, and spouses who never finished the main book!

As a physical therapist that treats children with bowel and bladder incontinence, as well as constipation and other conditions I have found this book to be very helpful and valuable. There are no other books that I have found yet that provide the content that this book offers, as well as being appropriate for a wider range of ages. The information that is presented is not only accurate and evidenced based, but it is explained in a way that kids can relate to and understand. It is also nice that the information is presented at a level that both younger kids can learn form but older kids are not bored with or turned off from. So far my favorite page that I keep referring back to with the kids is the one with the stretched out T-shirt picture resembling the rectum. It is helping kids and parents understand the implications of getting stretched out and why things can take time to improve. Some of the pages in this book have a large amount of information so I actually find it helpful to read the pages slowly and stop and explain or talk about each different piece on the page. I tend to point out certain points or pictures on each page and relate them to the child and their problem which makes the pages less overwhelming and allows me to use this book as a good teaching tool. This book addresses topics that are not well understood and serves a very underserved population and for that reason alone having a trust worthy source of information is very helpful.

I'm grateful to have found this after so much frustration, anxiety, and misery dealing with my 6-year-old daughter's bedwetting. I first learned about the book on Dr. Laura Markham's FB page (she is my parenting guru). Then I heard her interview with Dr. Hodges, which was eye-opening. I finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and realized my daughter's issue was probably due to constipation. I immediately ordered the book and had it in hand when an x-ray at the pediatrician confirmed it. I feel lucky our doctor was on board with the x-ray and took me seriously. We did a laxative clean-out and it was so great for my daughter to have this book during the process. It took away so much of her fear and embarrassment, and it made her feel like, well, as the title says, it wasn't her fault! She also got a real kick out of Dr. Pooper -- what kid wouldn't love that name? -- and the bunny rabbit. She has had her first dry nights ever and wants to go on her first sleepover. BTW, the poop chart at the end of the book is in our bathroom now and is a really good resource.

As a pediatric physical therapist, I have been treating kids with bladder and bowel incontinence for the past 4 years. Without a doubt, this book has changed my practice for the better - giving both myself and my patients a resource that is unparalleled in its simplicity and content. Since it was published in December, I have used this book with each and every one of my patients. The illustrations easily demonstrate what were challenging concepts to convey to kids and parents and I LOVE the page explaining what happens to the bladder when the bowels are full. The stretched-out t-shirt analogy to the constipated colon is genius!The simple fact that there is now a book about leakage issues immediately helps put kids at ease, knowing that they are not alone in dealing with these challenges comes as a huge relief. This book also empowers kids in a way that helps them to realize they can take charge of their bodies in ways that are positive, inherently improving their quality of life - which is THE most important thing.I highly recommend this book to any child or parent who is struggling with bladder or bowel leakage issues - along with Dr. Hodges' 'Its No Accident' book.

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