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Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide

Whether you need full-text search or real-time analytics of structured data—or both—the Elasticsearch distributed search engine is an ideal way to put your data to work. This practical guide not only shows you how to search, analyze, and explore data with Elasticsearch, but also helps you deal with the complexities of human language, geolocation, and relationships.If you’re a newcomer to both search and distributed systems, you’ll quickly learn how to integrate Elasticsearch into your application. More experienced users will pick up lots of advanced techniques. Throughout the book, you’ll follow a problem-based approach to learn why, when, and how to use Elasticsearch features.Understand how Elasticsearch interprets data in your documentsIndex and query your data to take advantage of search concepts such as relevance and word proximityHandle human language through the effective use of analyzers and queriesSummarize and group data to show overall trends, with aggregations and analyticsUse geo-points and geo-shapes—Elasticsearch’s approaches to geolocationModel your data to take advantage of Elasticsearch’s horizontal scalabilityLearn how to configure and monitor your cluster in production

Paperback: 724 pages

Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (February 7, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1449358543

ISBN-13: 978-1449358549

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I recently had to get up to speed on elastic search quickly, and I'm very glad I chose this book to do it. The first part of the book - about a hundred and fifty pages or so - cover what you really need to know. After that, topics are revisited in exacting detail and organized so that you can find what you need to know when you need to know it. Although most of the book covers usage - i.e. from a developer's perspective - administrator concerns are discussed in depth as well along the way. One word of warning - all of the examples use the curl (web) interface, rather than any of the client interfaces such as the Java or Python interfaces, which is likely how you'll be using it. This is a good, language-agnostic way to present the material, but be aware that you'll have to go back and read the online documentation to learn how to work with your client language of choice. However, after having finished this book, I had no trouble understanding the online reference documentation to do so.

While a lot of the content comes from the documentation, it's organized in a much more organic fashion. The book covers everything from the underlying distribute system internals to design to sophisticated querying to administration/maintenance. If you're using elasticsearch, and you're serious about it, get this book.

I've read several books on Elasticsearch but this one is by far the best. I enjoyed reading every section of every chapter, and went back to correct what I was doing wrong for the last two years. Wish I'd had this book from the beginning!

This is not a good intro book or even a good book period. I read this and was left with many questions. I mean just a simple topic of searching on multiple types, and/or on multiples indices is buried somewhere and I haven't even found it yet. As compare to Elasticsearch In Action book, the same topic is covered in chapter 2, page 38, a very early in the introduction. Also, if you get a printed copy of Elasticsearch In Action book, you will get a free Kindle edition, so I will highly avoid buying this over Elasticsearch In Action book. And yes I have no ties with any of the authors :), just want to throw it out there.

While the writing and explanations were often great, several of the code examples are no longer current. For example, the examples in the first chapter helping you enable the Marvel plugin don't work (the syntax was updated over a year ago.) Granted, the examples used in the book are for ElasticSearch 4.? whereas I'm working with 5.5, but I expected an update so I could follow along with the examples without having to break to understand changes.The book mentions that ElasticSearch's RESTful API can be accessed using tools from largely every language (eg Python), but makes no mention of issues that come from using python's "requests" library. A section on language-specific implementation (if only a brief primer on the use of ElasticSearch's wonderful Python library) would have been helpful while retaining the language independence that the book is right to pursue.All of these would normally be "nice-to-have" features, but I expected a bit more given how I kept having to refer back to the official documentation as I read.

There is plenty of relevant Elasticsearch information provided in this book. There are sections that explain in greater depth the behind-the-scenes activities. The reader is made aware of which material is primary knowledge and which parts are supplemental.

I've read the online version of this book. It explains all essential parts of the elasticsearch in simple and elegant manner. And, the book has supplemental chapters if you want to know some topics in more detail, for example, how clusters work inside the elasticsearch. You don't need any other book if you have this.

It was as advertised, but it wasn't really what I wanted. It's dated. It's incomplete. It should have been thrown away instead of being sold. But it was what the seller said it was, and I bought it. What I wanted was more state-of-the-art. Maybe I should stop relying on books and just surf the web for what I need to know.

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