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On The Threshold Of Transformation: Daily Meditations For Men

For men, pain is very real. So is the power to transform it.In one of the opening meditations of this book, male spirituality expert Richard Rohr writes, “We need to fail, to fall, to jump into the central mystery of our own existence, or we’ll have no way of finding our true path.” Those words serve as the starting point for a potentially transformative experience, one in which men come to grips with the fact that some form of suffering or letting go is essential to achieving wholeness, holiness, and happiness. With nearly every man dealing with some form of hurt in his life, On the Threshold of Transformation acknowledges the pain and deals with it directly and redemptively. While much of our culture today would have us believe that failure and suffering are inherently bad, Fr. Rohr helps men see that pain—in whatever form it takes—is a primary doorway through which they can pass to reach their authentic, best selves, which is where they will truly encounter God. Ultimately, this book of 366 daily meditations helps men learn how to transform their pain so they don’t pass it on. With Fr. Rohr as their guide, the path to male spiritual transformation can be found and followed.

Paperback: 400 pages

Publisher: Loyola Press (September 1, 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0829433023

ISBN-13: 978-0829433029

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I am a well educated, modestly successful healthcare executive with a relatively stable life, in spite of the successes and failures that I have experienced in my five decades on the planet. As I recently grappled with compelling themes and questions that were an inevitable part of my transition into mid-life, and the second half of life, I found myself reflecting on the fact that, as an avid reader, I had gathered a great deal of valuable information over the years. Yet, I found myself disillusioned about how little transformation I had actually experienced as a result of my studies."On the Threshold of Transformation" came into my life at a time when I needed a "daily confrontational", not a daily devotional guide to spur me toward renewal of my commitment to strive for a more meaningful and mature perspective on the coming years. If you are concerned, as I am, about whether or not your life is moving toward integrity or despair, this remarkable collection of meditations will be indispensable to your journey!I am tired of passing my pain to others around me. I am ready to grow up and transform my pain, to return to wholeness in the second half of life. I believe that focusing my prayer life around the themes and questions posed in this collection of meditations is already making a positive difference in my life. And, I believe that there are many men out there just like me, who would be open to such a transformation. Now is the right time, and this book is the right message!I recommend these inspired writings with the deepest conviction that they will offer invaluable insights to any man who is ready to "man up" and really,really grow up...

I was sitting in a waiting room yesterday and this book was on the table next to me. I opened it to the meditation of the day and was blown away by what I read!THE MALE JOURNEY: Shadow Boxing, Tuesday, September 7, 2010It takes so much energy and effort to suppress what we find unacceptable in ourselves that we can have very little energy left for anything else. This is why some people exist in a stew of aimless anxiety, nameless dread, free-floating fear, generalized anger, and irritated exhaustion. Thses are all indications that we've placed a great portion of our unacceptable self in exile. We have no patience, no forgiveness, no mercy, but only harsh judgements. No gospel.We then project our own sick symptoms onto the screen of our outer world and call it reality. We don't see the world as it is; we see the world through the prism of our anxiety, fear, and other rejected emotions. This is what creates the worlds of conspiracy theories, militia movements, and the hateful rantings of radio and TV personalities. People are largely fighting their own fears and denied shadow selves. If there is no real shadow boxing with the self, the boxing ring of life becomes scary indeed. This is much of our world, brothers.What shadows am I fighting right now?I fingered through the book as I waited for my appointment and, though I am a women, I could relate to many of the reflections. Very powerful and life transforming meditations!

I am an avid reader of Rohr's wisdom literature and am generally a big fan.This book disappointed me. In my opinion, these short sayings and conclusions from Rohr's writings are not sufficient in depth to teach much wisdom. If you're looking for a good Rohr devotional guide, look elsewhere.His other self written devotional guidebooks are much better.Radical Grace: Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr

There is a lot in here for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God. Not every reading is for everyone all the time but as I have moved through the readings I have returned often to pages that I initially just passed over as not relevant for me. A very helpful way for me to begin my day and then reflect on during the day.

Christianity is about being transformed into the image of Christ, and less about obeying rules. This is a book that will give men plenty to think about with very little time spent each day reading, but (hopefully) a great deal of time thinking about what they read!

This daily reader has really helped me expand my spirituality and challenged my intellect in numerous ways. Rohr is radical for the times, like his inspiration, Jesus the Christ. This book is an essential part of my daily regimen and I can't wait to start my day with its metaphysical perspective. It progresses nicely, carrying you along the path that Rohr has travelled to reveal "the second half" of life. This is must read for any man that feels any emptiness or betrayal by the false promises of our materialistic society.

A book dealing with deeply spiritual (not-religious, mind you) reflective thoughts on masculinity with a quiet AND determined effort to influence the "over-mothered" and the "under-fathered" men in western society.This is a simple, but by no means a light weight "Men's meditation." You WILL MEDITATE on these profound thoughts. Each of its 365 reflections are designed to be read in less than a minute but "meditated" over a minute, all day, week, year, or life. Some of the thoughts will challenge your "religious" upbringing perhaps they reflect the thoughts in between the lines of the Bible of Jesus' words and possibly conversations He may have had with His male disciples. Not easy stuff to swallow due to their spiritual 'rawness.'Men will get a perspective of why real men can learn the value of crying for others during their virtual/ego-driven age and the value of laughter as they age. Women can benefit from the reading for "understanding men" and INFORMATION ONLY, not ammunition.Serious inner soul work can start within these pages.A. Chevalier

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