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C: Learn C In A DAY! - The Ultimate Crash Course To Learning The Basics Of C In No Time (C, C Course, C Development, C Books, C For Beginners)

CAre You Ready To Learn C?Welcome and have fun with C!Today only, get this Kindle Book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.Do you want to learn C? In that case, you've come to the right place! Learning C is not an easy work if you don't have the RIGHT system. It requires time, money and desire. You must search an academy or a teacher, achieve coordination with them, or worse, adapt your own time to their class times. You also have to pay the high fees, month to month, and what is even more annoying is this: you will probably have to go to a special place in order to practice the C techniques! You see, when it comes to learning C programming we are ALL in the same game, and yet most poeple don't realize it.I made this crash course for a reason… I made this course to give YOU a solution, to give you the RIGHT system. This crash course about C programming is not only going to teach you the basics of C programming in a didactic way, furthermore, you will learn C programming WHEN you want, and more important, WHERE you want (It could even be at your home!)I made this crash course to show you HOW you can learn C programming FASTER than you ever thought possible. I will teach YOU step by step C programming extremely quickly. I will TAKE you through a step by step guide where you simply can't get lost!This course-book will allow you to practice, learn and deepen your knowledge of C programming in an entertaining, interactive, autonomous and flexible course.End-of-Chapter Exercises "Tell me and i'll forget. Show me and i may remember. Involve me and i learn". Because we know that: each C chapter comes with an end-of-chapter exercise where you get to practice the different C properties covered in the chapter. If you are determined to learn no one can stop you.Stop procrastinating and start NOW! Learning C programming is something that is a really worth investing time. The C course is now available in and it is just for $2.99. This is a no-brainer!Crash it!Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn When You Download You Copy Today:Introduction to CBasic C SyntaxVariablesConditional StatementsLooping StructuresFunctionsSwitch StatementsPointersArraysStructuresStringsUsing Files in CReading Input from UsersTaking Command Line ArgumentsWriting Your First C ProgramMuch, much more!Download your copy today!The contents of this book are easily worth over $5.99, but for a limited time you can download "C: Learn C In A DAY!" for a special discounted price of only $2.99To order your copy, click the BUY button and download it right now!Acodemy.© 2015 All Rights Reserved-------Tags: C, C course, C book, C language, C book-course, C for Beginners

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This is a great intro to C (especially for programmers versed in other languages) , but this book (Kindle version) is riddled with typos, and badly. Declared variables that don't match the code that follows, etc. When the author introduces one of the most potentially confusing topics, pointers, this sentence isn't helping: "When you define a function within a function, it has a scope". Should have been "When you define a variable within a function, it has a scope."Author, if you send me a hard copy of this book, I will mark it up for you for free. But you have to promise to never use your editor again.

The book has no page number, no index, typos all over the place, and it's difficult to distinguish text from code (the same font is used for both). Very little time went into formatting the book. The book is OK if you're already a programmer & just need to learn C++. However, there's not much detail here. For instance, gathering user input is only ONE page.

I wanted to begin learning the basics of C++ do to my interest in computer gaming. Not really knowing where to start as I was doing this on my own time at home, I picked this up by chance. I have to say it gave me a very good footing in understanding the basics and has helped spring board me to more advance learning. I would recommend this to anyone who has only basic rudimentary knowledge and wants to build on it.

I did know C++ before I bought this book and I just wanted a refresher. This book is poorly organized. it refers to concepts that have not been introduced yet. This confused me despite the fact that I knew the material reasonably well. So I can guarantee that no one can learn C++ from this book in a day or fifty days ( or any other book). Of course the book is very short and incomplete which is understandable given its price. The book resembles some class notes quickly put together. The book needs major editing and even I can tell you that. There are a few interesting insights here and there throughout the book which tells me the author is a very good coder but coding and writing a book about coding are two different tasks.

The printed version has a very crude layout. There are several syntax errors throughout the book, especially near the end with classes and inheritance. By the end of the book, I feel like I wasted my time. Overall, do not buy this book as a replacement or supplement to a college-level C++ course.

This is a very concise introduction to C++ that can be digested in a single day, but the typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, and just plain mistakes make this an annoying read for a details oriented person, such as a programmer! There may be some useful information hidden in here somewhere, but my previous knowledge of general programming concepts was necessary to fill in the blanks and correct mistakes in my head as I read, especially when he uses a term he is defining in the definition of that same term. The author had done a pretty fair job of explaining line-by-line each example up until he finally introduced a concept new to me, namely Operator Overloads, when he suddenly introduced new syntax and variable notations which went unexplained and left me without a complete understanding of the implementation. This trend just got worse when he discussed OOP and Classes, and frankly, I just started skimming at that point and will look those topics up online. I guess if you knew nothing about programming and were writing your first 'Hello World' program, this might be useful if you could somehow guess what he meant to say through the typos and mistakes. Overall, pretty disappointing. Glad the Kindle edition was only $2.99.

Have you ever seen a joke book in a Christmas cracker?Ok, the production quality is not quite that bad. But, as others have noted, not far from it. Numerous typos, no page numbering or index. And many of the typos are serious, hindering understanding of the material.I've now read the book twice and have changed my initial impression. There really is a niche in the market place for a concise, very brief precis of C++ and coding. The advantage of the brief format is that you don't lose the woods for the trees. This book is very nearly such a product. If the order of some of the explanations could be changed that would really help the book. (Some material is presented before you have been given enough information to understand it.) Slightly more lucid explanation and a few more examples to give context could really help the book.If these changes could be made while not increasing the size of the book by more than 10%, this little book could really be a winner. Or at least a great little guidebook to C++. I'm changing my review from 2 to 3 stars.

Based on my research and this quick read, C is the way to go when it comes to programming because it is the most the commonly used language out there. The research says that when it comes to performance – speed of execution, C is unmatched. My curiosity led me to this book. If you need an easy and user- friendly guide to show you the basics about C programming, then look no further.

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