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Faced With A Map Full Of Blue Question Marks And No Idea Where To Start? Geocaching novices and pros alike are often daunted by puzzle and mystery caches. Ciphers, enigmatic photos, nonsensical text, or just a blank page -- it often isn't clear what the Co wants or expects you to do, and even less clear how any of it will lead you to a cache. This Book Will Help You Ask -- And Answer -- All The Right Questions. 300 pages of lessons, tips, tricks and hints for dealing with even the trickiest puzzle caches, plus step-by-step techniques that start with examining the cache page and lead you through codes, ciphers, steganography, math, music, and dozens of other common puzzle cache types will have you on the trail in no time.

Paperback: 302 pages

Publisher: (April 30, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 131275382X

ISBN-13: 978-1312753822

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.7 x 11 inches

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As an experienced puzzle cacher (1100+ puzzle finds and counting), I recommend this book highly. I am often asked how to solve puzzle caches and every bit of the advice that I have given (and more) is in this book.It's aimed primarily at those who want to learn how to solve the puzzles used in geocaches. I think it succeeds very well in this regard. There is a tremendous amount of good advice on how to solve puzzles. The walk-throughs, in particular, are good at showing how to approach a new and apparently impenetrable puzzle.Experienced puzzlers won't need the advice part as much, but there is still plenty of useful information here that will help solving puzzles. And it can also be useful for inspiring ideas for creating your own puzzles.

I bought a copy of this book at Geo-Woodstock this year, met the author, and there expressed my most-sincere praise for this book, which I had never seen before.You see, there are really TWO ways to look at this book. One way is to use it exactly as the author intended: to understand puzzle caches, to get ideas of how to solve the one that's presently vexing you, and to maybe come up with a new puzzle of your own. (Yeah, you always knew that puzzlers were diabolical ... you just didn't realize HOW diabolical!)But there's also another way to regard this, and it's really a testament to Cully's skill (and perseverance!) as a writer. In the 17 chapters and 9 appendices of this book, you'll find an astonishing cross-section of topics being discussed. Cryptologic history; steganography; music theory; electronic resistors; multi-segment displays; higher math; digital photography; the list just keeps going. Despite the astonishing number of topics covered, Cully covers each one very well. You can just sit back and learn A LOT of things that you never knew, by reading it from one cover to the other ... as, in fact, I did. He stays "on point" to the purpose and theme of the book, generally covering neither too-little nor too-much. And you say: "Gee, how interesting. I didn't know that ..."In other words: this is the hard-work of a genuinely gifted technical writer, and no doubt, a technical editor. Several years of earnest work went into this volume, and it shows. (At Woodstock, every copy he brought sold-out within hours, as I knew it would.)

I normally hate puzzle cache, you know the ones. They start out with some weird symbols or really don't give you much of an idea on how to even start solving it. I usually just resign myself to have that pesky Question Mark icon forever on my geocaching map. Now, with this book I at least have a fighting chance. The book explains several different types of puzzles and the best approach to solving them. Not only does it give you great advice on how to solve these, it the author walks you through an example and leads to the solution, but that's not all, after the walk through puzzle he gives you one to work out on your own. If you have trouble solving puzzle caches, this book is for you.

Awsome book, recommended for every geocacher and everyone that loves puzzles, this book covers a lot more then just how to solve puzzles, it explains in great detail the making of the puzzle, also explains a lot of other aspects of geocaching.

This book is amazing. I've always loved puzzles and riddles. I'm fairly new to caching and wanted to get the hang of the basics. Once I felt confident searching, I wanted to start challenging myself. This book does a great job of explaining things step by step and giving advice on how to use the web to help. I just solved my first cipher the other day, which I never would have done without this book!

A very excellent resource for those new to puzzle caching as well as those more experienced in puzzle solving. This books is jammed packed with information and techniques yet with a visually pleasing layout so as not to be overwhelming.

We are familiar with this book, so we knew what we were getting and are very pleased with it. It is very helpful when solving geocaching puzzles. It also has sample puzzles to solve and the only drawback is that it doesn't come with an answer key. Although we were in no hurry to receive this item, it came quickly via USPS on a snowy SUNDAY!

I'm an old school paper and pencil puzzle solver. I learned several new tricks and within the first 10 mins of paging through it, I solved a cache that had been vexing me for a while. I learned a few new ciphers also. Great book. Thanks!

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