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Fermentation For Beginners: The Step-By-Step Guide To Fermentation And Probiotic Foods

WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER Fermented foods are a delicious and rich source of nourishment. Many of our favorite everyday foods like beer, wine, cheese, bread, and yogurt, or beloved family traditions like sauerkraut, corned beef, and kimchi, are the result of fermentation. Besides adding complexity and flavor to many foods, fermentation is also proven to add amazing health benefits--from promoting healthy digestion to allowing our body to fully absorb the necessary nutrients in our food. However, many beginners are skittish about starting the process of fermentation for the first time. With straightforward guides, delicious recipes, and step-by-step instructions, Fermentation for Beginners takes the stress out of at-home fermentation. Whether you are trying fermentation to improve your health, or just want to explore this time-tested culinary skill, Fermentation for Beginners will be your guide to the art of fermentation and the science of probiotic foods. Fermentation for Beginners will show you how and why to ferment your own foods, with: 60 delicious fermentation recipes, from pickles to yogurt to sourdough bread to wine 13 key ingredients for fermentation 9 top health reasons to eat probiotic foods Step-by-step instructions for safe and effective fermentation Overview of the science behind fermentation Tips on starting your home fermentation laboratory With the right combination of microbes and a little skill, Fermentation for Beginners will give you all the tools you need to start fermenting your own foods right away. 

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Drakes Press (November 27, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1623152569

ISBN-13: 978-1623152567

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I have been fermenting things for a few years, but I remember how scary it was when I was just starting out. I looked for step by step instructions and photos showing how-tos and finished products. If you have never been exposed to home fermenting before you really need that kind guidance to feel comfortable with the process, at least I did - I mean, what if I did it wrong and poisoned my family?? How small do I chop or shred? Is it supposed to look like that? (I threw away my first batch of Kimchi because it looked weird - turns out it was probably fine) Now of course I know fermenting is perfectly safe (and easy), but I remember those early days.I bought this because it had recipes that I couldn't find in my other fermenting books (miso, tempeh, rootbeer, etc.). While I generally like what I see recipe-wise I don't think this is a good beginner book; there is too much left out of the instructions for someone just starting out - things like weighing down veggies during the ferment. It is mentioned in the chapter intro, but not in the recipes. People that have even a little fermenting experience will know this and do it without being specifically told each time, but newbies really need that in the recipe. The recipe for Kombucha says to cover vessel with cheesecloth, but if you do that with a single layer of run of the mill cheesecloth all you will be creating is a fruit fly buffet. There are no photos or drawings in this book for guidance - no big deal if you know the basics of fermenting, but for a real beginner no how-to images can be a source of frustration.I found an error in the recipe for rootbeer - it has you add the ginger bug just 10 minutes after the liquid is taken off of simmer. Big oops - that's a sure way to kill your bug.

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