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Beer: Tap Into The Art And Science Of Brewing

Written by one of the world's leading authorities and hailed by American Brewer as "brilliant" and "by a wide margin the best reference now available," Beer offers an amusing and informative account of the art and science of brewing, examining the history of brewing and how the brewing process has evolved through the ages. The third edition features more information concerning the history of beer especially in the United States; British, Japanese, and Egyptian beer; beer in the context of health and nutrition; and the various styles of beer. Author Charles Bamforth has also added detailed sidebars on prohibition, Sierra Nevada, life as a maltster, hopgrowing in the Northwestern U.S., and how cans and bottle are made. Finally, the book includes new sections on beer in relation to food, contrasting attitudes towards beer in Europe and America, how beer is marketed, distributed, and retailed in the US, and modern ways of dealing with yeast.

Hardcover: 239 pages

Publisher: Oxford University Press; 3 edition (April 3, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0195305426

ISBN-13: 978-0195305425

Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 1.1 x 6.3 inches

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I read this book, cover to cover in a couple afternoons. Even then it took me that long only because I had to do some other things. I thought this was a very well-written book, and fairly informative. It was nice to have all of this information in one handy little volume, although this is by no means a reference work.My Likes: This book reads like a museum exhibit at a brewery. I like museums and I like brewerys. The author lets you see some of the more in-depth processes that are not done directly at the brewery, tells you about how the brewery does things and gives you a general feel for how the industry works.My dislikes: The Author glosses over a lot of stuff. Some things are dealt with in great detail (like the malting process) while some other things are generally passed over (like brewing and sparging). Granted, this may have been because the author did not want the reader to become bored and inundated with things that you can find in just about any home brewing book on the market.Buy this book IF: - You are very interested in the business of brewing. - You are a beer expert and need to own every book about beer. - You are a homebrewer intellectual who likes to know everything about what you are doing.Do not buy this book if: - You are looking for a detailed description of the chemical reactions and biological workings of beer. - You already own a brewery (or microbrewery) - You are looking for a book that will help you make better beer.

In this book Charles Bamforth strives to give the nonprofessional a feel for the science and technology that gives us beer. He targets the beer aficionado, the nontechnical members of the brewing industry, and professionals who interact with the brewing industry such as suppliers, distributors and retailers.This is the story of an industrial, technical process and is not a book on home brewing or the art of brewing. Bamforth begins with a brief history and then delves into the world beer market and the forces that shape it. He follows up with an overview of the brewing process beginning with the raw materials through the production of beer with a review of the major beer styles. This leads to a useful chapter on the quality of beer, the different chemical and interactions that impact beer quality and how we sense these qualities. Chapters on hops and malt discuss how they are processed into the raw materials for beer. The chapter on what happens in the brewhouse describes the transformation of malt and hops into a fermentable liquid that will produce a beer with the desired characteristics. Fermentation transforms the raw wort into beer and then a chapter on downstream processing describes how brewers transform the green beer into a marketable product. Then Bamforth discusses the kinds of tests brewers use to confirm that the current beer meets the standards they have set for it. He finishes with a discussion on the future of beer. While this may be too technical for some readers, Bamforth takes a technical subject, makes it readable and does not dumb it down.Bamforth may challenge some readers but the book is worth the effort.

I'm a home brewer and an aspiring microbrewer. This book delivers an overview of brewing science in a readable and understandable manner. It is fun to read, especially if you are passionate about brewing. You should read this book if you are a serious home brewer or if you make a living off of beer. It will provide you knowledge to make and speak better beer.

Great book! I'm new in the beer world and wanted to have a quick look into process, ingredients and the art of brewing and it really gave me an idea. You will definitely not be a brewer after reading it, but you will be able to understand beer labels and reviews in teh internet. At least you'll know what they are talking about. I'm giving it 4 stars because there is a really tedious part where it gets too much chemistry on it, maybe someone will like it, ofr me that was the only boring part.

I bought this book because I took the course taught by the author of the book, Professor Charles Bamforth aka "Good Evening Charles." While I loved the class immensely, the book was a bit more difficult to love. The book itself attempts to be as humorous as Prof. Bamforth and while it does have a humorous tone, it sadly falls short. However, for what it lacks in Prof. Bamforth's colorful personality, it is extremely informative, with detailed explanations of every step in the the brewing process from the growing of the grains to the bottling and distribution. He also includes lots of information about current brewing powerhouses and cultural drinking trends because he does have personal relationships with Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, both of whom give guest lectures every quarter. Even if you don't plan to go into the brewing business, this is a very good book.

A very detailed primer with a wealth of information. IF this is a text book for a course I want to go back to college, especially if I can sample the course material as I study. I found it very informative and an easy read. My interest is in developing an on farm brewery and the information in Beer has been really helpful in getting me off dead center on a number of aspects of brewing. I'm sure that simply reading this book has prevented me from several potentially costly missteps. Having the advantage of Mr Bamforths' knowledge to draw on from this book makes it already a reference that I have returned to several times. I'm sure that as I move forward with my brewing hobby I'll continue to revisit BEER.

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