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The Taste Of Wine: The Art And Science Of Wine Appreciation

The definitive text of tasting and evaluating wine by the recognized world authority. Physiology of the senses, the role of memory, analysis and training, pitfalls, illusions, tricks and techniques. How to determine and define quality and value in wine. Practical guidance on statistical interpretations, tasting tools and wine vocabulary. Essential for all wine professionals and serious wine lovers. 6 1/2 x 10 inches, graphs, charts and illustrations.

Hardcover: 258 pages

Publisher: Wine Appreciation Guild; 56712th edition (June 10, 1997)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0932664644

ISBN-13: 978-0932664648

Product Dimensions: 9.9 x 6.5 x 0.9 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (15 customer reviews)

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First of all, this is the essential text for anybody seriousin developing the skills and the vocabulary to discuss thetaste components of wine. Solid reference books on thesubject of wine do not come along every year. Last yeartwo titles by Remington Norman (Rhone Renaissance andhis second edition of Great Domaines of Burgundy) couldbe added to that pantheon. But for every serious book likeEmile Peynaud's or Remington Norman's, there are dozensregurgitating reviews on a 100 point scale from tradepublications. A second edition of this classic text couldhave been a special event, but instead John Wiley & Sonschose to add a couple of paragraphs of new text andrepackage it as a new edition. How could one possiblyimprove upon the original seminal work? We do not knowbecause this effort seems to have been knocked off in alazy afternoon. I read most of both and found wholechapters left intact. A true second edition may haveincorporated photos (more than the four included)such as those found in the original French Le Gout du Vin.But until then the first English translation is still in print(ISBN0-932664-64-4) at a better price $39.95 vs. $54.95.This is an amazing book, but its new format is a bitdisingenuous.Michael

This second edition is little more than a repackaging of the first edition, and a poor one at that. Even in the preface to the second edition, collaborator Jacques Blouin offers no specific examples of updates to the first edition. There is a new chapter, The Interpretation of Tasting Tests, which is somewhat interesting, but the first edition is complete without it. This second edition has only a summarized contents page versus a very detailed version in the first edition. Incidentally, the second edition does not come with the dust jacket pictured. (Twice, I attempted to secure one with a dust jacket, to no avail) It has a blank, solid black front and back cover. To add insult to injury, the second edition is almost four times the price of the first. Buy the first edition.

Prof. Emile Peynaud has revolutionized winemaking practices, initially at Bordeaux and France and, from such fulcral places, in the whole world. Procedures now taken for granted, like production lowering, using only good grapes, cleanliness and extensive use of inox steel, are linked to his heritage. A lifelong teacher of Enology, Peynaud examines, in this book, the scientific foundations of tasting, in a way easily understandable, even for the novice. His writing style is tipically french and quite agreeable. A must for winelovers.

This is the premier wine book for understanding the taste and texture of wine. The translator has done an excellent job of taking difficult French expressions and concepts and translating them into readable english.Secondly the merchant was quick to send the box.

I purchased this book for a class and it is extremely dry reading. Its translated from French and the author really talks in circles . He uses none traditional words as though he deliberately searched a thesaurus for the words. I would not recommend this book, there are better written ones available.

Very technical and informative. This is a great book for a wine drinker. I learned very much from this book.

For those who really want to get into wine on a deeper level, Emile Peynaud is truly one of the great writers and teachers of wine. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to really "get it"!

To read Emile Peynaud is a great honour and luck for everyone involved in wine sphere. I like this professional and pithy book. It's excellent for the deepest understanding wine nature.

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