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The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes For Joke Burgers

An amazing cookbook! Not only does it teach you how to make the perfect burger and fries, all 71 recipes come with instructions and descriptions just as punny as Bob's daily creations. Not only is it a great cookbook, it even makes for a fun coffee table book to impress your friends! Is absolutely a must-have for Bob's Burgers fans and food lovers alike! I plan on making at least one of these burgers a week.It is easily one of my favorite books, up there with "Fifty Shades of Chicken" Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook(which is also a must-have!), so don't hesitate to get this!Pictured is the "Sympathy for the Deviled Egg Burger" from Season 4, Episode 16.

Bob's Burgers has been one of my favorite shows for a few years now. It isn't as popular as family guy, flashy as Archer, or as culturally daring as Venture Bros. but it has garnered a steady, loyal following through shockingly consistent quality. To those loyal fans, this is the book you've been dreaming of. All those terrific joke burgers have been lovingly collected into one book, that goes as far as to giving you the basics of making burgers AND fries, in easy to follow, step by step directions, that never talk down to the reader.On top of the great recipes the book is absolutely filled with amazing art work from the show. Yes, that's right; the cook book doubles as an art book. All this for, at the time of writing this review, under $12. Deals don't get better than this. If you love Bob's Burgers, this is a no-brainer. If you don't, that's because you haven't seen it. Take a second and go watch it, I'll wait....are you back? I know, right? It's amazing! I don't know why more people aren't talking about it either, but now that you know, why don't you buy this book? Not only are you getting awesome art, not only are you getting amazing recipes, but you're also supporting, what I'm assuming is, your new favorite show! Buy it now and thank me later.

I'm extremely impressed with this book! It's very well manufactured, and it would make a great coffee table book if you weren't inclined to use it. In other words, you can put it on a table and it will look nice if you're too stupid to make the amazing recipes inside. The care that Cole Bowden put into crafting these recipes is astounding, and having professional chefs tweak the recipes to perfection was a great move as well. The only concern I have is that America's cow population will slowly die out... and it will be all my fault......

By far one of the greatest purchases we've made. It has a burger for every single flavor type, and then some. Plus, the cartoons inserted cleverly and alluding to different episodes round out the book well. And the recipes are also super helpful, especially when calling for fried tomatoes and okra and going the extra mile to give a detailed recipe for that, not just telling you to have fried okra on hand to add to the burger. That is only one example. If you love Bob's Burgers, you will love this cookbook. It really is that simple. Featured is the "Do the Brussels" Burger.. but I like to call it the "Every day I'm brusselin'" burger.

I wish it has every single burger from every single season but there is still an endless number of recipes and the artwork in it is amazing! A definite must have for any cook that is a Bob's Burgers fan!!

My boyfriend gave me this book and I absolutely love it! I've been a big fan of the show and now we watch and laugh at them together. I was so excited to receive this!! We haven't made any burgers yet, but I will update when we do. A great addition to your library. :-)*Update 5/3/16 - Our first try was the "Blondes Have More Fun-gus" burger. Who would have thought that peanut butter would go well with a burger?? It was delicious! Except we got so caught up in the burger that we forgot to make the fries. Haha!

I am in love with this cookbook! My family and friends have had fun choosing burgers to make at our cook-outs. My personal favorite is "Don't You For-Cheddar Bout Me". If you are a fan of the show and love burgers, this is the book for you! A lot of the burgers are fancy smancy, but it is fun to recreate food from the show.

Book was great. Arrived quickly and in great condition. Ive tried a few of the recipes as well and am not dissapointed.

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