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Lord Arthur Savile's Crime And Other Stories

A collection of short stories by the famous poet, playwright and raconteur, originally published in 1891. You'll enjoy reading each of these witty and very funny stories: Lord Arthur Saville's Crime, The Sphinx Without a Secret, The Canterville Ghost, The Model Millionaire and The Portrait of Mr. W. H. Poor Lord Arthur Savile, about to be married to a sweetly innocent maiden, learns to his horror that a psychic can see a crime of violence in his palm. The clairvoyant tells Saville that before he can marry his beloved, he must murder a distant relative. What follows is a hilarious account of Lord Saville's various failed attempts through poison , explosives and more to do the terrible deed. After the last frustrating attempt he decides he rather murder the psychic instead! A typically charming offbeat collection of Wilde stories offering a twist in the tale. Timeless, classic and terrific!

Paperback: 116 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 15, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1448619076

ISBN-13: 978-1448619078

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Lord Saville one night listens to a chiromantist who tells him he has to commit a crime, whose victim is supposed to be a relative of some kind, before being able to marry his love. The tale is full of humor and shows how he fails, systematically, in his enterprise, because he believes the soothsayer. But the more humoristic the tale becomes, the more desperate Lord Saville grows. Till one night he kills the chiromantist. He has finally been able to rebel against the prediction and this rebellion proves the prediction is a fake. But a second dimension appears in the tale. The chiromantist had been introduced to Lord Saville by some woman who invites such oddities to her parties to amuse the audience. She behaves as if she believed in those ominous birds that she calls lions. And Lord Saville was naive enough to accept this prediction as true and unescapable because it had been introduced to him by this particular woman, in this particular situation. Men must not fall in the traps of social tricks that some women hire to give some life to their social evenings that would be very dull otherwise. Who is wiser? The woman who "animates" her social gatherings with such attractions? Or the man who falls in the trap of believing such predictions? The other tales of the collection are all just as funny by showing how some people are able to go beyond such appearances and reach another level of being that is some kind of game and it becomes a trap to the gullible ones.Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University of Perpignan

A humorous story published as part of a collection of stories by Wilde in 1891: Lord Arthur Saville's Crime and Other Stories .At Lady Windermere's final reception before Easter, at Bentinck House, Lady Windermere's chiromantist, Mr. Podgers is quite a hit, telling people about themselves and their fortunes.The chiromantist tells one Lord Arthur Saville that before he can marry his beloved, he must murder a distant relative. What follows is a hilarious account of Lord Saville's various failed attempts through poison , explosives etc to do the deed, before in despair , he rather murders Mr. Podgers himself.A typically charming offbeat Wilde story with a twist in the tale

A humorous story published as part of a collection of stories by Wilde in 1891. During a major social event at one Lady Windermere's her clairvoyant, Mr. Podgers is the entertainment, forecasting events for people, telling them things about themselves and their fortunes. However, Podgers tells Lord Arthur Saville that before he can marry his beloved, he must murder a distant relative. What follows is a hilarious account of Lord Saville's various failed attempts through poison, explosives etc to do the deed, before in despair; he decides to murder Mr. Podgers himself. This is a VERY funny story, reading the descriptions of Arthur's futile attempts a murder, reminds one of a Ealing Comedy. The other short stories are just as funny, and quiet enjoyable. For any lover of Wilde, wit, farce and fun!

Oscar Wilde has to be among few writers who can keep you smiling, thinking, wondering, entertained and amazed at the same time. The book starts with the title story which is funny in being outrageously silly while boasting a rich text. Each story is original and shows off Wilde's great hand in creating interesting and round characters. The last story is on a whole different level It must be said. How about Cyril Graham's theory that managed to convert me as well. All in all this is as good as a collection of short stories could get. 5/5.

Oscar Wilde never fails to surprise and amuse! Cleverly imagined and, as always, ingeniously written. One of the few writers who can give a character life and depth with just a few strokes of his pen. I especially loved the story centered around Shakespeare's sonnets.

Classic Oscar Wilde, very witty, bitting, wonderful social commentary, and entertaining. Well worth downloading and reading again. I'm reading all of Oscar Wilde's works and highly recommend them all.

I really enjoyed this book, especially Lord Savile's Crime - its very funny, and ends well, (its about a clairvoyant who predicts his Lordship will murder someone, and ends up being the victim himself. Each reader will cheer at the ending.Full of Wilde's trademark wit, its also a social satire, and Wild pokes his eye at the spiritualists of his day, which seem not much different today.Bottom line? Its a very funny read, many of Wilde well known quotations come from this book. You'll recognized them and enjoy popping one off every now and then yourself!

This book is great as a starting point for Oscar Wild's works.Short stories are always a good way to get to know a writer, especially a good one like Oscar Wild.I found all the stories in the book intriguing and interesting.

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