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How We Got The Bible Pamphlet: A Timeline Of Key Events And History Of The Bible (Increase Your Confidence In The Reliability Of The Bible)

How We Got the Bible covers the 10 key facts everyone should know about the Bible. This bestselling booklet, How We Got the Bible, includes a History of the Bible Timeline that explains the key events and most important people involved over the centuries. Few stories are as amazing and as touching as the story of how we got the Bible. This stunning pamphlet tells of the faithfulness and sacrifice by courageous Christians to bring the Bible to people in their own common language. This How We Got the Bible booklet is perfect for Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and church small groups.How We Got the Bible Answers the Questions Who wrote the Bible When was it written Where was it written How can we know it is reliable How We Got the Bible Covers the Main Events in the History of the Bible The History of the Bible: 1500 BC to AD 1455 From Moses to Gutenberg's Printing Press

Series: Increase Your Confidence in the Reliability of the Bible

Pamphlet: 12 pages

Publisher: Rose Publishing (April 1, 1998)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0965508269

ISBN-13: 978-0965508261

Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.2 x 0.4 inches

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This chart is for beginners and provides virtually no information on the bible in its formative stages prior to the fourth century. If you are looking for information from the early church such as the Muratorian List, Marcion, etc., this is not the timeline for you. The information does get broader after the fourth century if thats what you are looking for.

66 slides, though the Kindle reader says it has 325 "locations." Mostly text, and very basic overview of how the Bible came to be what it is today. Better to buy a real book on how we got the Bible, learn the details, and make your own slides. Glad I only paid 99 cents for the Kindle version instead of the buying the CD.

If your Sunday School / Adult Bible class wants to devote just one hour-long session to this topic, this is the resource to buy in quantity so everyone can have a copy.Many good folks who want to know every thing IN the Bible or want to know how to live ACCORDING TO the Bible do not have much interest in learning the HISTORY OF the the Bible. This li'l 12-page pamphlet is for them. It's also great for introducing the topic in a way that could well spark much interest to learn more.The heavy-weight, slick quality of the paper is excellent. The layout is attractive and easy to follow. The artwork is engaging. The information is balanced and selected with a good perspective for an introductory overview.It's easy and understandable if some folks are disappointed about what's been left out of this document. And a couple sentences suffer slightly in accuracy because there is not enough room to include enough words to do point justice. However, the concision required in 12 pages demands some painful culling. This handy li'l guide skillfully accomplishes what it sets out to do. I highly recommend it!

very handy chart of transmission of various paths of scripture to KJV and others...a VERY fascinating topic to study and learn about, by the way, and the moreone learns the more it all fits together and become understandable as to the courseof the biblical manuscripts and translations... at first it can be overwhelming, basicallyas it's really an untaught topic, considering its importance. fun topic, once you get into it.

These are in pamphlet form,with pull-out pages full of pictorials and text. The large Rose publishing book #1 has this section in it.This is a course that I teach at a Bible institute and is recommended it for my students. The pictures and print are very clear and excellent copies can be made if you want them in the 8"x 10" format in a notebook filing system.Of course the information is accurate and that is very important.The information, dates, facts, etc. agree perfectly with theological and historical researchers who have studied this for decades. The presentation is superb without being too heavy for the average lay person. This is a suggested purchase for Church School (Sunday School) teachers. Further, it will enhance your class presentation.This is a great addition to your personal library as well, especially if you want all of the material and information on this subject matter together.It is written so clearly that you need not be a biblical scholar or advanced student to understand. It does make this subject, which is mostly historical, an enjoyable read. It is a remarkable find at such a great buy.

This book is full of interesting historical info but wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for something more in depth explaining how the books were decided upon, how the order of the books was decided upon, etc.

Short and concise, this makes for excellent material for teaching the faithful on Wednesday or Sunday nights. It answers basic questions and teaches important church history in highlights and visual ways. It is not, however, a thorough study which would require a text book. Like all Rose Publishing materials, this uses a lot of graphics and charts to give the material.

How We Got the BibleAReviewByRobert BockI recently received an advanced copy of Rose Publishing's How We Got the Bible pamphlet. This is a great overview of how the bible has developed through the centuries. As with most publication Rose Publishing produces, this is richly illustrated.It is presented in timeline format, making it easy to follow. The timeline starts at 2000 BC and moves through history ending at 2005 AD. Under each year heading are listed the significant events and people responsible for translating and producing the bible as we know it. The last page is a chart depicting major translations in order of publication.What I like about this pamphlet, is its simplicity. The facts are presented in a condensed form. There is enough generalization to be significant, yet leaves room for further investigation by those who want to delve deeper into the material.The one fault I find is under the 2005 New English Translation (NET) more could have been said as to why the translation was produced. Also, in 2006 the NET was available as a print edition.

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