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Denominations Comparison

Best-selling Denominations Comparison Chart Features a Side-By-Side Comparison of 12 Key Christian Church Groups and the History of the Christian Church In a glance, Denominations Comparison Chart compares what each Christian church body believes about God, the Trinity, Jesus, the Scripture, and other spiritual issues. This easy-to-read pamphlet summarizes church history and beliefs of the different denominations on key topics. It includes a "Family Tree of Denominations" which shows the roots of today's denominations and when they organized. 12 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 33 inches long Denominations Comparison Chart Compares These Christian Church BodiesComparison of Liturgical Churches CatholicOrthodoxLutheran (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America; The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod)Anglican (Episcopal Church; Reformed Episcopal Church)Presbyterian (The Presbyterian Church (USA) or PCUSA; The Presbyterian Church in America or PCA) Methodist (United Methodists Church; African Methodist Episcopal; Free Methodists) Comparison of Non-Liturgical Churches Anabaptist (The Mennonite Church; Church of the Brethren; Amish)Congregational (United Church of Christ: The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches; The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference)Baptist (Southern Baptists, American Baptists; National Baptists)Churches of Christ (Christian Church, Disciples of Christ)Adventist (Seventh-day Adventist Church, SDA, 7th Day Adventist)Pentecostal Churches (Assemblies of God; Church of God in Christ)

Pamphlet: 12 pages

Publisher: Rose Publishing (July 2, 2003)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1890947350

ISBN-13: 978-1890947354

Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.6 x 0.4 inches

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This little pamphlet folds out with tons of interesting and need to know facts about the different religions. Most people stay stuck in their little circle, the same religion just because that's what their parents are, its time to discover other beliefs, I'm just saying read about them and know the difference, then make up your mind. The last section list words and definitions to a ton of religious terms. i.e. Pope/penance/apocrypha/clergy words like that to help you understand their meaning. There is also a family tree of denominations chart that shows when they started; it is really neat :)

You can spend a lot of time searching around on the internet for the answers this pamphlet lays out for you. It lists twelve major denominations and what they believe in an easy to understand format. Who each denomination thinks God and Jesus are, how we are saved, what happens after death, and other questions are answered.If you're stuck on the definition of a religious term, there's a handy chart on the back that explains what they mean. There's also a great visual family tree that shows how the denominations branched out.This is a great visual reference to understanding the different denominations today and what they believe.

It should be understood that this is a pamphlet and not a detailed guide to all, or even many, of the Christian denominations. Use it for a quick reference but refer to The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations by Ron Rhodes or the Handbook of Denominations in the United States 13th Edition: 13th Edition by Craig D. Atwood for a more exhaustive review.

This laminated folding Christian Denominations pamphlet is colorful and easy to use. It compares 12 common Christian denominations on several aspects such as when and why they were formed, and compares their core beliefs. It also has very brief descriptions of a few other smaller denominations, as well as a glossary of Christian terms.It doesn't go far in-depth into any of the denominations, but it's a good introductory comparison that you'll come back to time and again. I only wish that more denominations were compared, and that it was printed on thicker paper. Next time you wonder "Do all Christian denominations believe this way?" open it to find out!

This booklet is a good overview of denominations. If you're looking for something that is very basic and will give you a good overview this should work well, or something to give to the participations in a class you might want to teach. As a teacher you're going to want a lot more information.

Most people know the various Christian denominations believe just a little bit differently than one another, but they may not know what those differences are. This little pamphlet gives a quick side-by-side view of issues that are universally believed, but possibly emphasized differently; as well as those issues that, while they are typically debatable, define one group from another. Example: Presbyterians generally baptize by sprinkling water over the person's head, while Baptists endorse full immersion.The pamphlet doesn't have ALL the answers, but is an excellent starting point.Very good discussion tool.

These booklets from Rose Publishing are the best you can buy. Love that they are laminated so they are in great shape no matter where I take them. Best teaching tool I have found. Can't say enough about the. Great for the price. Perfect to carry in your Bible as well.

Very helpful for exploring the differences in Christian beliefs. I had some previous knowledge, but learned much more than I expected. We ARE a country of freedom of religion. They also have another pamphlet for non-christian beliefs. Unfortunately they chose to label it Cults & Other Religions. I hope there is tolerance for others' beliefs. It is in similar format, easy to understand and informative.

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