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Wilton Decorating Cakes Book (The Wilton School)

This was my first time at cake decorating and I was determined that this summer would be the summer for this project. I searched for several books, but in the end the cheapest book I bought (this one) was the one that I turned to when I wasn't sure about the process. It also gave me the confidence to get creative.

I was pleasantly surprised to order what I thought was 1 book and receive a 6-pack of these 40-page booklets. These would make great gifts for friends interested in learning the basics. It covers baking, leveling, stacking, icing the cakes; preparing the cake board, making and coloring buttercream and royal icings, preparing bags, filling with icing; bag position; decorating with various tips (round, star, petal, leaf). Then it gives instructions for specific projects including a bear cake, fish cake, swirl-topped cake, lettering, cupcakes, clown cake, balloon cake, star cake, castle cake, flower/heart cake, baseball cake, big cookie.

I bought this book to help me out with decorating cakes and cupcakes as a beginner. I have found this book to be an excellent reference for the first time decorator. I ended up buying two different tips that did not come with my cake decorating set, that I have found very useful. I bought the cake curved spatulas, from ,that work very well. I also bought the bench knife, and found a 16" cake lifter, and a 18" cake leveler. I got all these great ideas from this book. I bought other things in the book from , however, the list goes on too long to keep mentioning everything. Buy the book, great starter outer! Oh yes, I always take a look at all of the good and not so good reviews for every product I purchase from .comSincerely,Super Chef David

This book helped quite a bit in my cake decorating class- to the point where I probably could have learned all I needed from the book and skipped paying the $500 for the class. I even got a job as a cake decorator, so this book has definitely improved my skill to the point where I can make money off of what was once a hobby.This book is good to show you basic skills- there are flowers, basic borders, and basic fondant instructions. It's good for starting out, and getting a feel for cake decorating before trying more advanced cakes such as tiered or completely fondant cakes.Note: You'll need THICK frosting for the flowers in this book. Follow the Wilton recipe, and you should be fine.There are also some very good ideas for cakes in this book. Not only the cake on the front cover, I showed an idea to a woman getting married from inside the book and she wanted it for her wedding (yes, that good.)I would highly recommend getting this book if you want a good overall idea of how to start decorating cakes. But remember- always make sure your cakes are level, and ALWAYS get a good smoother comb. The book may say to use a spatula, but... it's so much easier to use a smoother.

I'm new to cake decorating and I love this book it gives good pictures and step by step instructions for all their cakes I've done 3 of them and the one on the front is my most requested.... I recomend it to anyone who has an interest in cake decorating

My last Wilton yearbook is from 1992. I bought this 2011 version because I wanted to see some new ideas. I'm very disappointed with this version. Almost all of the cake decorating ideas involve either cake pans that are shaped like cars or animals and colored in with little stars; or the regular cakes that are made in regular pans but are all decorated with rolled fondant booth covering the cakes and used as cut outs for flowers and shapes (as shown on the cover). This is not the type of cake decorating I was expecting, at least not exclusively. There is a big difference between piping out shapes, lines and designs with icing and using edible play dough and sticking your creation on a cake. I would have thought there would be more than 3 or 4 regular icing cake decorating ideas. Why do they even bother selling decorating tips and turn tables? I just purchased a turn table and a set of devices that make designs on the sides of the cake, a cake that is decorated with regular icing. Come on Wilton, did you run out of ideas for using frosting tips? I wish I could have flipped through the book before I bought it. If anyone knows which of the books between 1992 and now that have more cakes decorated with icing please let me know. Since I already have all of the recipes in my 1992 version and there are only 3 or 4 decorating ideas that I can use, I basically I paid $13 for a catalog showing all of the accessories and pans that they sell.

I purchased this booklet to share with my 10 year old aspiring chef and it fit the bill perfectly. Shows how many decorating projects are done with easy to read and understand directions plus lots of pictures. Recommended resource for beginners of all ages!

I'm definitely a beginner in cake decorating and wondered if a book would be enough to get started. I ended up ordering this DVD anyway and I'm so glad I did. It's very easy to use (each lesson is only a couple of minutes, easy to watch a few at a time) and full of helpful tips that I don't think I would have found in books alone.

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