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An Illustrated Guide To Mobile Technology

Have you ever wondered how wireless communication has evolved from the clack-clack-clack of the telegraph key to the high speed wireless networks of today? Have you wanted to know the difference between 0G, 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks? And what exactly is a digital cellular network anyway? And why does it matter to you that your smart phone can talk to a network that is "digital" and "cellular", and not analog and hub-and-spoke? We'll answer all these questions in this book. And speaking of the smart phone in your hands, if you have wanted to "get in" on the mobile apps ecosystem and build a business around selling mobile apps, I'll show you how to do that in this book as well. In the section of consumer mobile apps, we'll analyze the DNA of immensely successful smart phone apps. We'll look at what it takes to make your app stand out from the crowd. I'll also explain the revenue models that you need to know to capitalize on your's app success. Similarly, if you are the owner, CEO, CTO, VP or a senior decision maker, this book will help you answer three important questions: How can I use mobile technology to: Increase sales and improve my top line Improve customer satisfaction Improve operational efficiency and boost my bottom line In the section on enterprise mobility, I do a deep-dive into several business segments, namely Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain, Field Service, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism. You will learn about mobile-enabled multi-channel and orthogonal selling strategies, brand projection and augmented reality based selling techniques. You will learn how to do mobile enabled context based selling, and how to use technologies such as GPS, Beacons, VLC, etc. to drive footfalls into your store and increase the customer’s basket size. You will learn about mobile marketing and promotions systems, and how to use mobile technology to improve customer satisfaction. I will also explain how to harness the full power of mobile technology to perform delivery management, direct store delivery, warehouse management and field service. In the chapter on healthcare, I explain how mobile medical apps, consumer medical apps, and mobile technology enabled healthcare systems are bringing about a renaissance in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment on an anytime, anywhere basis. You will also learn about member self-service apps and field service automation apps for the health insurance domain. In the chapter on banking, I will explain the concept of the “mobile bank branch”, and how SMS banking works, how mobile to mobile money transfer systems work and how digital wallet services work. In the chapter on Hospitality, I will show how you can harness mobile technology in all three phases of your customer’s travel experience, i.e. before, during and after their return from travel. In the section on mobile technology, I dive into the technological underpinnings of mobile enabled ecosystems. This section is for you, if you have wanted to know what is FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, FDD, TDD and other curiously named wireless protocols, and why millions of people can talk on the open airwaves all at the same time without getting overheard, or why mobile spectrum is so expensive. If you are curious about what exactly lies inside your cellular phone, or how your mobile phone connects to the network and starts a call, this section will satisfy your curiosity. You will also learn about the internal workings of mobile operating systems what makes mobile OSes and processors so special, and how push notifications, mobile device management, MEAPs, mobile enabled websites or a dozen other mobile enabled eco-systems work. And finally, in the epilogue we'll try to peer over the horizon to see where mobile technology is headed and in doing so, I'll touch upon 'wearables' and automotive mobility and the internet of things.

Paperback: 364 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 22, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1508496129

ISBN-13: 978-1508496120

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This is an interesting book. It starts with a large section on the history of mobile technology, which is a very good read, and ends with a description of where mobile technology is headed. Frankly, I had not known just how vast this field is before I started reading the book. I liked how the author smoothly brings you from the past to the present of mobility in the history section. The section on consumer apps is also very interesting. If you sell mobile apps for a living, you should definitely read section 2. I skimmed through some of the chapters in the enterprise mobility section. It's well put together, and looks very methodical and thorough, although it ism't quite as well illustrated as the rest of the book. Section 4 in my opinion is very technical. You won't be able to understand everything described in this section unless you have at least a basic background in science and technology. I can see that the author is trying to explain the technical concepts in this section in layman terms, but I think you really need a technical bent of mind to understand section 4. Liked the epilogue. This is where you a good sense for where this field is headed in the coming decades. It's a large book. Overall, a good reference to have in one's collection.

A comprehensive, well written, and well-organized survey of the state-of-the-art of mobile technology. Easily could serve as a textbook or a reference book for a university-level course.Last year a friend was developing an Android app for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), enabling them to communicate patient data and telemetry to a trauma center. Would Sachin Date have covered this type of application his Illustrated Guide? Surely enough, there it is, under a section called Mobility in Healthcare, on pages 165ff. in the print edition.

I was looking for a book that would teach me everything about smart phones and apps. This book definitely got me off on a good start. I liked the chapters on consumer mobile apps. Lot of useful tips for people (such as myself) who want to launch an 'apps' business. I will agree with the previous reviewer that some of the material is quite technical. I think if you are an engineer or somebody technical, you will understand it better. I come from a liberal arts background, so am I afraid I was probably able to understand it only at a shallow level. Nonetheless, I dare say I acquired a much better understanding of mobile technology after reading the book. Hence the 4 stars.

An intuitive way to learn about the nuts and bolts of Mobile technology. Lucid language and relevant illustrations make this book very simple to read, easy to understand and quite interesting as well. Great starting point for students and professionals interested in mobility.

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