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Oz Clarke's Introducing Wine: A Complete Guide For The Modern Wine Drinker

Unlike other wine books, Oz Clarke's Introducing Wine starts off with a guide to choosing the taste of the wine you want. In describing the flavors offered by wine in all its variety, Clarke provides a summation of the varieties and shadings of taste that are available, and then directs you to the grapes, regions, and producers that will give you what you want. Everything flows, so to speak, from taste. Comprehensive in its summation of everything you'll need to know about tasting, serving, and storing wine, Introducing Wine ends with a guided tour of the shelves of a wine shop. Here you'll learn how to find the taste you are looking for in the most practical and useful way. Vividly illustrated throughout, Introducing Wine is an indispensable companion for beginners as well as anyone who wants to brush up on the world of wine. Direct, unpretentious, and easy to consult, Introducing Wine is the best basic primer on the market, from a supremely knowledgeable and engaging writer.

Hardcover: 144 pages

Publisher: Harcourt (November 3, 2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0151006423

ISBN-13: 978-0151006427

Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 8.6 x 0.7 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (13 customer reviews)

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I sat down at the local Barnes & Noble with this book and four others: "The K.I.S.S. Guide to Wine", "Wine for Dummies", "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wine", and "The Complete Guide to Wine". Of the five books, "Oz Clarke's Introducing Wine" was (if I remember correctly) the most expensive of the five and, at 144 pages, the shortest--which made me question whether it was the best value. However, after comparing the five books, it's the only one I took home with me. Here's why: All five books covered my four major areas of interest (food & wine pairing, the characteristics of the different grape varieties and regions, how to serve wine and how to decipher wine labels), but the Clarke book, in my mind, had the clearest, most interesting and best written material. Also, the "Wine Wheel" graphics (pp. 13 & 18) and the Food & Wine Matching Charts (pp. 61 & 62) were, for me, worth the purhcase price alone. By the way, "The K.I.S.S. Guide to Wine" is a great choice for those wanting more in-depth coverage.

A very good introduction to the world of wine. Clarke spends the majority of the book discussing the basics: what to expect from different varities of wine, and what to expect from the various geographical regions where wine is produced. He spends little time on specific labels (although he does offer a few suggestions), so if you are looking for a buying guide this is not your book. It does not go into much depth, but it does a fine job of covering the subject in a light, engaging manner.

Just as I enjoy armchair travelling for its budget price, I like armchair wine books. Not all of us can afford to drink great wine daily, but it's fine to read about it and to heighten your appreciation when you do get the chance to try a great wine. This book is very easy to follow and does an especially great job on the various grape types (varietals) from gamay to nebbiolo and everything in between. It should answer almost anyone's basic questions about grapes and how wine is made. The flavor wheels and food charts are very helpful as are the regional breakdowns that make up part 3. I happen to like this breezy style, but if you want a stuffy wine book, don't buy this one. Our fearless author sticks in lots of his opinions, but in a way that makes us believe him.For the novice (and even for the expert who needs some brushing up), this is an easy to follow and helpful guide to a world of wine.

My wife and I enjoy a bottle of wine every month or so, but had no system in selecting our wine beyond the categories of price, red/white, and appearance of label. Nothing wrong with blind chance, but we wanted to know more about what we were drinking and how to select it.Enter Oz Clarke's "Introducing Wine". This is a perfect introductory book for us. He breaks wine into comprehensive but accessible categories - from "flavors" to regions to food matches to bargains. Also teaches you the basics of storing, serving, tasting and selecting.We are ecstatic to have this book. We also purchased "The Wine Bible" and "Oxford's Wine Companion" but have no plans to crack those open until we get the basics down from this one.

Can make someone with no wine knowledge learn all the basics and actually be able to "talk wine". Basic information to a greater detail. I was given this book and now keep gifting it to friends and family.

This book is especially useful for those who are first getting interested in the subject, and want to learn some very fundamental, but important facts to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of wine, and of wine with food. It's a good book from which to build your knowledge if you simply want to make better wine choices, or if you want to start a collection. It's easy to read with plenty of visuals that are well laid out. Wines are segmented by grape varietal, taste comparisons, and by country to enhance your learning.As a collector of wine, I also have many books on the subject,which range from basic to complex. I often find myself still referring to Oz Clarke's Introducing Wine, when I need a quick and solid reminder.

This is a brief, breezy three-part primer for the aspiring wine aficionado; liberally splashed with color photos of wine, wine country, food to eat with wine and Clarke with a glass in his hand.First he discusses wine flavors, what to buy and from where, according to pocketbook. Then he gives tips on enjoying wine: pairing with food, storing, buying, and deciphering the label. The last and longest section discusses wine by country: regions, characteristics and ten to try. An entertaining, non-threatening, useful guide for the beginner.

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