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Can I Ask That?: 8 Hard Questions About God And Faith [Sticky Faith Curriculum] Student Guide

Ever had a question about God that you were scared to ask? Ever felt like your hard questions get squashed, silenced, or brushed aside? We get that. We wrote this guide for people like you.  And we have good news. First, other teenagers and adults ask these kinds of questions all the time. Second, it's not only okay to ask hard questions, but it's actually important-some say essential-for your faith journey. And finally, God can handle it. God isn't anxious about your questions, struggles, or doubts. We don't think you should be either. Designed for use in small groups alongside the Can I Ask That Leader Guide, these eight sessions tackle the following tough questions:  What is the Bible, anyway? Why does the Bible contradict itself? Can I be a Christian and believe in evolution? Does God discriminate against women? Is Jesus really the only way to God? What does the Bible say about being gay? Does God endorse violence? And, How can I follow a God who would let Christians do such bad things? Whether you've never asked these questions before or you've been aching for the chance, this guide is meant to be a starting point for each conversation. Ready? Go ahead. You can ask that.

Paperback: 190 pages

Publisher: Fuller Youth Institute; Student edition (March 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0991488016

ISBN-13: 978-0991488018

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As the proud owner of 12 copies of Can I Ask That? (volume 1), I cannot recommend this book enough. I took my youth group through volume 1 at summer camp last year and continued it through the fall as well. I knew our time with the book had gone well and that the kids had liked it but I didn't know HOW much until we finished it and went through a second book by someone else. My kids (mostly high schoolers) were really bored with his book and greatly preferred CIAT and went as far as to tell me so explicitly. CIAT is so obviously formatted for small groups and with jr. high/high school students in mind. There's no cheesy jokes, it takes its readers seriously, it presents meaningful content in a discernable way, has conversation at the forefront of how its presented, and has the right depth of content...not too much, not too little.I'm doing ministry bi-vocationally and switched from researching and creating content each week to following books like CIAT last year when my wife and I had our first child and my other co-leaders all stopped due to their own kids. Now that we are having our second kid on the way, I'm all the more excited for CIAT volume 2. It really gives me so much more room in my schedule to be an employee, dad, and youth pastor and to focus my energy on building relationships each week with my kids, knowing I have solid content already set to go. Carving out time to research, prepare, and teach took a much larger toll on me after we had kids and my job (again!) ramped up its work load so your book has really been a major blessing to me and my youth group.

Have been using this as the basis for High School Sunday School for the last two months...great resource. We have really focused with the kids on the idea that, when they leave home for college and the "big world", they WILL encounter many whose views don't line up with a biblical worldview as they have learned in their homes and church over the years. The format allows a given church/denom to specifically make a point of what they teach is a proper interpretation of Biblical teaching.

After having worked with students in churches for years, one things is clear: They have questions about God, and often times they're very, very difficult to answer. This book is incredibly helpful in allowing students (and adults) to process legitimate questions that we all have. One of the things I love most about this book are the suggestions at the beginning about how to engage in this conversation with students. The authors were very careful not to assume the leader has extensive experience leading groups or discussions like this. If you're nervous about reading this book with students, don't be! I highly recommend this book for students, churches, and adults as we all engage in the journey of understanding God better together.

Excellent. Not only would this be a fantastic curriculum for any youth group, all Christians should read it! Promotes conversation and critical thinking about common questions asked by believers and non-believers alike. This book doesn't give answers. It guides readers in discovering their own convictions and helps them to articulate the why. It's important for Christ followers of any age and stage to have thought through these questions. I'm excited to go through the book with our high schoolers this summer.

This book has been invaluable part of our curriculum for high school students. By popular demand, they want us to use Volume 2 for next semester's class.. In fact, the parents want to have a class using the book for themselves!.

Having worked and served in youth ministry for a number of years, I am so excited about this book & the powerful tool that it is. I've watched a number of students sit back silently, afraid to ask controversial questions for fear of being out of line, inappropriate, or even rejected. This book boldly breaks down those walls; showing that it's not only ok to ask these questions, but its actually a necessary component to an authentic faith in Jesus. I highly recommend this book for any person working with youth. It facilitates authentic dialogue, creates a safe atmosphere for questioning, and the Leader Guide helps equip any leader to walk alongside youth as they navigate some of life's most difficult questions.

I am studying this book with my youth group. Very tough questions, and good discussions. Great prep for teenagers heading off to college.

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