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For The Children's Sake: Foundations Of Education For Home And School

Shows parents and teachers how children's learning experiences can be extended to every aspect of life, giving them a new richness, stability, and joy for living. Every parent and teacher wants to give his or her children the best education possible. We hope that the education we provide is a joyful adventure, a celebration of life, and preparation for living. But sadly, most education today falls short of this goal. For the Children's Sake is a book about what education can be, based on a Christian understanding of what it means to be human-to be a child, a parent, a teacher-and on the Christian meaning of life. The central ideas have been proven over many years and in almost every kind of educational situation, including ideas that Susan and Ranald Macaulay have implemented in their own family and school experience. For the Children's Sake will benefit parents and teachers in any educational setting-homeschooling, public school, or private school. This new edition features an updated cover design.

Paperback: 166 pages

Publisher: Crossway (June 17, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1433506955

ISBN-13: 978-1433506956

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This book set the vision in my mind for the type of education I'd like to provide for my children -- warm, intelligent, full of life. A living education full of living books, living ideas, living people! For the past eight years, I've tried to re-read this book at least once a year to keep my vision fresh and my mind focused. This is the one book I always recommend -- or give as a gift -- to anyone as they first consider the idea home education. A real treasure!

This book was worth my time this Sunday morning to sit here and write a review on it. I have my dog-eared copy on my bedside bookshelf, where only the most loved or currently read books may reside. This book falls into both categories.Last night I picked up the book to read a snippet before falling asleep. I just let the book open where it may and it opened right where I needed it -- on a page that explains how a mother might discipline her unmotivated (lazy?) child without demeaning him. She should encourage him, saying, "I know you can do this. You did ___." (and there she gives an example of a time when he did something to completion).As another reviewer mentioned, this book is not a book for only homeschoolers. It is written for teachers and for parents.Some quotes that I underlined in my copy:"Excellence is a habit." pg. 37"The adult, whether teacher or parent, has to be able to enjoy and understand what he or she is reading with the children." pg. 39"In the Bible, the result of wrongdoing was usually related to the offense." pg. 45"If you expect what is good, and are not shocked by the reality of the faltering footsteps toward it, you will be well on the way to leading." pg. 51"Children obey best when their lives are as fully satisfying as possible. If minds are interested, skills are being learned, loving relationships are enjoyed, creativity is encouraged, beauty in art, nature, and music are appreciated, hours are spent in free play - why these children will be well on their way to having their sinful natures put in the back seat!" pg. 55(she goes on to say why -- it's because "sinful natures expand like a malignancy with boredom, loneliness, passivity, tiredness, etc.")"Our first concern is to open the door to the knowledge of God." pg. 92

This book totally shaped the way I raised my children. I read it when my children were small - they are now 22, 20, and 14. I have to say that it was the most influential book I ever read on raising a family. I see the beautiful fruits of the wisdom in this book, now that they are grown. I'm ordering another copy now for my niece. She is thoroughly Christian, but in a freeing not restricting kind of way. I put that sketch book in their hands, read to them "real books," exposed them to nature and GOOD MUSIC, taught them about God but "not too much" to turn them off (such a danger with very parents who are committed to raising a Christian family). Susan, I wish I could thank you in person or that you read my review sometimes. THANK YOU. PS Read her parents and brother's books, too!! (Francis Schaeffer (for apologetics), Edith Schaeffer (her books, too, were pivotal for me) for creating the right kind of home), and her brother Frank Schaeffer (and his religious journey). He changed my life in other ways, more profoundly than I can say in this public forum. Its an incredible family - read all you can get your hands on.

Mrs. MacAulay interprets the principles of Charlotte Mason, an English school teacher with ideas similar to Maria Montessori (but grounded in Scripture). Miss Mason lived from 1842-1923 and her writing is a bit flowery for today's readers. This book gets to the essentials of her philosophy outlined in this mottto "I am, I can, I ought, I will". What that means is basically that teachers need to help children understand their deep value to God, expose them to many activities so they can discover their gifts, teach the unchanging morals of Scripture and guide children in making moral choices for themselves.

I began homeschooling our children in 1985 using a workbook program. I read a review of this book in Mary Pride's Big Book, and borrowed it through InterLibrary Loan. Now I have my own copy! This book is a short introduction to home education philosophy as well as practice. Charlotte Mason included in the Preface of each of her 6 volume set called "Home Education", 18 Principles as a synopsis. If you are following these 18, you may be said to be a Charlotte Mason person. All 18 are explained in this book, in a short and easy to read format. I recommend this book to anyone considering homeschooling, or who is tired of the way they are learning and living now. CM is a Christian literature-based educational philosophy. It is a Discipline, an Atmosphere, a Life - and this book can show you how to get there.

As a parent considering homeschooling, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It presents an appealing overview of what homeschooling and family life can be at its best. It takes the ideas and methods of Charlotte Mason and shows how they can be incorporated into any family, whether homeschooling or not. The information on "living" books makes the book a must read for any parent.

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