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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Skyrim Library, Vol. II: Man, Mer, And Beast (Skyrim Library: The Elder Scrolls V)

Delve deeper into the lore behind one of the most successful and critically acclaimed fantasy games of all time, Skyrim. Featuring in-game texts on factions, landscapes, creatures, heroes, and dragons.

Series: Skyrim Library: the Elder Scrolls V

Hardcover: 232 pages

Publisher: Titan Books (March 15, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1783293209

ISBN-13: 978-1783293209

Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 1 x 10.2 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (22 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #11,352 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #38 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Gaming #63 in Books > Computers & Technology > Games & Strategy Guides #63 in Books > Humor & Entertainment > Puzzles & Games > Video & Computer Games

As a fanatical and obsessive Skyrim lover, the books from the Skyrim Library exceed my expectations. Before I got these I was wondering if they would really do justice to the books from my beloved Skyrim, especially at this price. Boy howdy. These books are gorgeous. They're thoughtfully done, with a textured hard cover and metallic text on the front and a spine, making it look and feel special. The pages are designed to look like parchment in an old, slightly worn book, and the inside of the pages near the binding is printed to appear to be worn and loose (it's just designed to look loose-the binding is perfect). The book consists of 231 pages of text from the in-game books on the subjects of Races (eg. Birds Arise!), Creatures and Beasts (eg. Cats of Skyrim), Warfare (eg. Killing Before You're Killed), and Factions (eg. The Nightengales: Fact or Fiction?). The stories are interspersed with beautiful artwork and maps on nearly every page. Get this book!

Another excellent addition to the Skyrim Library. Like the first, this hardcover collects various in-game books from the video game Skyrim and presents them in an excellent format complete with LOTS of very nice concept-art style illustrations throughout. This particular volume focuses on a lot of the bestiary style books as well as biographies of certain historical individuals.For any Elder Scrolls fan who enjoys the lore of the series this is an excellent and worthwhile addition to your collection. I'm very happy with the first two volumes and can't wait for the third to be released so I can get it as well!

If you liked reading the in-game books and want your own hardcopy, this is fantastic. Exterior of the books has a lovely texture and inside is luxurious and glossy. Personally I find most of the stories boring but that's not why I bought this book so that doesn't matter. :)

2 is a harsh rating, but it is warranted by anyone who actually played Skyrim and enjoyed its actual lore. There are several small lore issues, mostly related to the (much hated) Elder Scrolls Online canon mismash, but one huge thing is unforgivable. This book, like Volume 1 and 2, seem utterly unaware of the Redguards and their existence in Tamriel, let alone Skyrim. Literally, nowhere in the 'races of skyrim' section will you even find the word 'redguard'. The closest thing to it is a half page pirate tale of someone with a Dunmer name, and a picture of what is obviously an Imperial wearing mixed imperial/yokudan garb. I dont know if its a race thing or what, but this series is unaware redguards are a playable species in the game. Heck, Elder Scrolls: Redguard was an actual game taking place mainly in Hammerfell. The previous books mentions of hammerfell only passively mentioned it as one of the places where dwarves once lived. If you played Skyrim (or any other Elder Scrolls game) and even half read the lore, you would know the Yokudans/Redguards have as long as history as the Nords, and as rulers of Hammerfell, they defeated the Thalmor...heck, its one of the main reasons Ulfric (A primary ally or villain of Skyrim depending on how you play) is leading the Nords in revolt...because the Redguards proved they didnt need the empire to defeat the Thalmor.Anyway, without getting too much further into the lore, the authors choices in this series begs several questions. Does this mean the Redguards are being written out of the series? Did the writer just skip over the redguard lore for some reason? Did the writers actually play the game?Other than that, and a few other statements which fly in the face of in game lore, it would be a great book.

If you like Elder Scrolls lore then this is a MUST read! It contains all the stories from the game and I have read most of them so far. Very handy for reading that last book in a series from the game that you just can't find anywhere.

***This book was reviewed for the San Francisco Book Review***Skyrim Library Vol. II: Man, Mer, and Beast, by Bethesda Softworks, like the first such compilation, gathers together the various books of lore to be found throughout Skyrim. This one has sections on races, creatures and beasts, warfare, and factions.The first- races- has stories and history relating to the various groups of men, elves, and dwarves, among others. My favourite was the Ahzirr Trajijazaeri, and those parts relating to the Dunmer.Next up- creatures and beasts- has lore and tales concerning everything from giant cats, to ice wraiths, to horkers. There's even a few recipes! My favourite was Ode to the Tundrastriders, and Cats of Skyrim.Warfare has tales of bravery, and fierce battle, along with more practical information regarding fighting skills, armourcraft, and weaponcraft. I particularly enjoyed the Black Arrow.Factions is the last section, and it covers various groups to be found throughout Skyrim. My favourite were the Brothers of Darkness, and the bawdy tale of the Thief of Virtue.Each section was chock-full of wonderful artwork, to illustrate the various tales and bits of lore and history. This is especially useful for people new to the game, or who like fantasy stuff, but have no interest in playing it. There are even hidden pages of riddles and logic problems!I've played Elder Scrolls since Morrowind, and loved them all. They are such vastly immersive games. I enjoyed finding and reading the books and tales in-game. The Skyrim Library volumes do full justice to them, and are filled with beautiful sketches and paintings. If you love Skyrim or just enjoy fantasy, be sure to check out this second volume of the Skyrim Library- Man, Mer, and Beast!

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