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Effective COM: 50 Ways To Improve Your COM And MTS-based Applications

In Effective COM, the authors, Don Box, Keith Brown, Tim Ewald, and Chris Sells, offer 50 concrete guidelines for creating COM based applications that are more efficient, robust, and maintainable. Drawn from the authors' extensive practical experience working with and teaching COM, these rules of thumb, pitfalls to avoid, and experience-based pointers will enable you to become a more productive and successful COM programmer. These guidelines appear under six major headings: the transition from C++ to COM; interfaces, the fundamental element of COM development; implementation issues; the unique concept of apartments; security; and transactions. Throughout this book, the issues unique to the MTS programming model are addressed in detail.

Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1 edition (December 13, 1998)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0201379686

Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 0.6 x 9.2 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (19 customer reviews)

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Although useful for revision in certain aspects (e.g. threading issues) of such a rich subject the book is, on the whole, weak. It presents an overly simplistic discussion of the problems of dual interfaces (of which there are many) and a nauseating prosyletisation of the much flawed technology MTS. The section on COM security makes a decent attempt at improving the knowledge of the reader, but fails as the writing is obtuse and laboured.Save your money, read the COM specification, and experiment. You'll gain a much deeper understanding than that speciously portrayed here.

This is an outstanding summary of diverse COM design and implementation guidelines. This is the only source of information currently available for mastering COM development beyond the basics. The information is presented in extremely concise form making it worth more than ten times its 200 pages. This book is a must for any professional component designer (as any COM developer should be). While not exactly a sequel to "Essential COM", this is in fact the next book to be read. It probably wasn't the main goal of the authors, but their description of security is the most comprehensive ever written so far.

The team at DevelopMentor has done it again! It's no wonder why their training company is so highly regarded when you look at the quality of information that that team generates! I want to personally thank the each one of these authors for putting together this long-awaited, fine text!When I'd finished my homework studying Don's Essential COM, reading this text, Effective COM, was a breeze. Effective COM truly helped button down some of the loose ends in my understanding. In Effective COM, the authors present the synchronicity resulting from various COM programming pitfalls. All of the intellectual heavy work has been done and is presented to the reader with clarity and conciseness. Along the way, the attentive reader is presented with many nuances employed by these COM experts. Rarely will you find such excellent coverage in a nutshell! I can not recommend this text anymore strongly!

From the general to the specific on topic ranging from MTS to security to IDL, this book contains a set of 50 guidelines that will help any COM developer. Even though the book uses C++ as its' primary language to demonstrate implementation examples, any COM developer will gain a lot by reading this book no matter what language(s) they use (see Item 9 for a great VB code snippet). I only wish the authors wouldn't have stopped at 50 guidelines! (I'll keep my eyes out for "Esoteric COM" ;) )Jason

Essential COM explains how COM really works but when it comes to specific problem you can't figure out what is the best solution to it. Effective COM goes further and presents good COM programming practices. It also clarifies some material from the former book that has not been explained in sufficient depth or lacks specific examples. However the chapter about security is not sufficient. If you are interested in COM security you must read another excellent book "Programming Windows Security" by Keith Brown.

Some of my customers are still using COM on Windows. Legacy code is still alive and viable in many large companies. But how do you find out how to become an expert in an ancient technology? You buy a reference that was written by an ancient wizard of that technology of course.This book has superior insights and advice from the age of the dinosaurs that can make you into the computer Merlyn of your company. Some of the advice contained here may even apply in concept to current C# design in .NET especially if you need to connect a C# interop stack into one or more COM objects.This book is not a beginner's reference and it specifically states that you must read the COM documentation to utilize it well. This means that the advice is sparce and efficiently presented. The result is that the text is terse and the book is only about 200 pages of relevant text. Personally, I think that the authors should have included far more code, but I saw that they covered the material thoroughly enough to be effective although it's a bit difficult to connect up all the details.I liked the high level presentation of the book but docked it one star for not being kinder to the reader. Nevertheless, it's still the best expert advice on designing COM on the bookshelf at this late date.

After reading Essential COM, this book is disappointing. Essential COM may be the best book ever writen on explaining how COM works. Effective COM is very misleading. Many will make the mistake of assuming the author did his homework in writing this book. As an example in point 9 of the book, he suggest that connection points require five round trips and that bidirectional communication can be established in one round trip. Both figures are incorrect. Empirical evidence proves otherwise. In fact, the point he is trying to make is completely false. His suggestion is that callback interfaces can be established faster than connection points. This is completely untrue. If you write an application that follows his model of using callback interfaces, it will be slightly (15%) slower than connnection points.

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