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Hacking University: Freshman Edition Essential Beginner's Guide On How To Become An Amateur Hacker (Hacking, How To Hack, Hacking For Beginners, Computer ... (Hacking Freedom And Data Driven Book 1)

Have you ever wanted to be a hacker?  Does cracking passwords and the exfiltration of data intrigue you? Free Bonus Inside! This e-book comes with another 60+ page e-book about everything you need to know about Spyware & Adware! That's TWO books for the price of one! Hacking University: Freshman Edition is a beginner’s guide to the complex security concepts involved with hacking.  Whether you are an aspiring "hacktivist" or a security-minded individual, this book can start you on your career of exploration. This book contains demonstrations of hacking techniques and actual code.  Aspiring hackers can follow along to get a feel for how professions operate, and persons wishing to hide themselves from hackers can view the same methods for information on how to protect themselves.What makes this hacking book different from other hacking books you might asked?Well it essentially brings the most up to date information that will allow you to start hacking today. Every skill has to start from somewhere and I firmly believe this book is the perfect platform to get you on your way to start a specialized skill-set in Hacking.By reading this book you will learn the following:The rich history behind hackingModern security and its place in the business worldCommon terminology and technical jargon in securityHow to program a fork bombHow to crack a Wi-Fi passwordMethods for protecting and concealing yourself as a hackerHow to prevent counter-hacks and deter government surveillanceThe different types of malware and what they doVarious types of hacking attacks and how perform or protect yourself from themAnd much more!Hacking University: Freshman Edition is a wonderful overview of the types of topics that hackers like to learn about.  By purchasing this book, you too can learn the well-kept secrets of hackers.Get your copy today! Scroll up and hit the buy button to download now!

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This book is good for beginners and gives a great content of hacking, it helped me so much. This book keeps it high level enough where a person with little to no experience can understand and apply the lessons and examples. The author has amazing skills in explaining the technical subjects in easy ways without spending much time in theories. Most people think generally hackers are bad but this book helps​ me identify the types of jobs a hacker could have and why big organizations and companies would hire a hacker. It's a good revelation that hackers are essential to any company's security system.

This book dosn't just instruct you on running a program to create an exploit, it takes you into the anatomy of one, how it works, and shows you how to code it. I agree that this book is for more experienced programmers, and is a fine overview for any C or Assembly programmer. I would definately recommend getting this book if you just want to get more control over your computer and programs, or if you want to make your computer and programs secure. Overall, it is THE book to get.

I think this is indeed an impressive book on hacking. It has been beginner friendly that anyone not having enough info about it will be learning a great deal with this book. And one great thing is that this book has some up to date info that will help anyone to start on the endeavor as soon as possible. The history of Hacking has also been discussed here, as we as some common terminology and jargon that one must know about. Indeed, reading this book has been educational.

This is a skill that can be used for good not just for bad but it can become extremely handy for emergencies. I'm not a total computer nerd but the concepts in here were easy to understand and especially interesting. These is something almost out of my reality so I find it quite eye catching to read. Great book.

If you are an aspiring hacker, or until learn this business, then I recommend to read this manual. You will learn a lot of useful information. How to bypass the security system, methods of protecting and concealing himself as a hacker and probably the simplest, what can a hacker crack the password from Wi-Fi.

This an amazing book of Hacking for begginers like me. I am not really interested in this stuff since I have always thought that this is wrong thing. However, this book obtains guidelines on how we can protected and secured from any malwares. Moreover, this well-written and comprehensive.

This book is a good introduction for anybody looking for basic information to start hacking or who is interested in learning more about this topic. You first get a history overview and after an must know basic information to start. At last you can learn some basic hacking techniques.

Very informative, lots of resources. Clearly written. I am not planning to be an adventure traveler, but found the information freshman completely helpful for the data driven I want to create. Highly recommend, and if you ARE an adventure traveler, you will REALLY love this book!

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