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Rikugun. Volume 2: Weapons Of The Imperial Japanese Army & Navy Ground Forces

"Rikugun: Guide to Japanese Ground Forces 1937-1945" is the first nuts-and-bolts handbook to utilize both the voluminous raw allied intelligence documents and postwar Japanese documentation as primary sources. This second volume covers the armament of the ground forces. It takes advantage not only of postwar Japanese research, but also the extensive technical intelligence efforts of the Allies near the end of the war, and the postwar investigations that have heretofore generally been ignored to provide a complete examination of wartime Japanese armament. The book is divided into twenty-three sections covering all categories including not only the standard arms, such as machine guns and coast artillery, but also more esoteric items such as bridging, chemical weapons and assault equipment. Each section provides both production and technical data, as well as a discussion of the unique characteristics of each weapon and its place in the force structure, accompanied by over 300 photographs and numerous data tables.REVIEWS this is the best reference on the subject I have seen to date. If you have any interest in the equipment used by the Japanese during WW2 then I suggest you check this one out. Well done to author Leland Ness for another excellent book to accompany his earlier Rikugun volume 1Military

Paperback: 448 pages

Publisher: Helion and Company (December 19, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 190998275X

ISBN-13: 978-1909982758

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This is the second volume of Lee Ness' study of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. This volume provides a survey of Japanese army weapons and equipment. This is the first English-language book in many years to deal with this subject. Most earlier books were a simple re-hash of wartime intelligence manuals. Ness' book is a major step forward in detailing IJA weapons and is based on a great deal of new research. To begin with, it examines a much broader swath of weapons and equipment than the old wartime manuals. Aside from obvious subjects such as small arms, field artillery and tanks, it also covers many overlooked areas such as combat engineer equipment, air defense radars, coastal defense weapons, chemical weapons and communication equipment. In addition, it covers subjects that were only vaguely understood in the 1945 manuals such as Japanese rocket weapons. The treatment of the individual subject areas is not limited to a simple technical description. They provide a deeper context about the development and deployment of the weapons, and for the first time, provide a considerable amount of production data on the weapons. The photo content is fresh and interesting, but reproduction quality is not the best due to the use of soft paper. Overall, this book is a giant step forward in detailing the IJA of World War II, and a "must-have" for anyone interested in the IJA or in WWII weapons.

This is the second volume in Leland Ness's excellent study of the Imperial Japanese Army and is devoted to Japanese weapons and weapons systems of all kinds. Previously the best book on this subject was the U.S. Army's Handbook on Japanese Military Forces, a wartime intelligence manual subject to the limitations of information available at the time. Using a wide variety of newly discovered documents, Mr. Ness has broadened the scope of those wartime efforts and has provided us with a virtually complete and accurate description and evaluation of many Japanese weapons both those well known and many less so. He provides in many cases production and development information not available elsewhere. Mr. Ness has also drawn on Japanese language sources and has had the book vetted by experts in Japan. This is a valuable reference of interest to both the casual reader and the military specialist and I expect it to be the standard work on this topic for many years to come. I strongly recommend it and suggest that it should be a part of any book collection dealing with the IJA and the IJN.

Mr. Ness did a great job writing this book. It has tremendous depth about the Imperial Japanese weaponry describing not only the technical details about rifles, canons and equipment but also in what relationship it was used. I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to know with what kind of equipment the IJA was able to conquer such vast land in the 1930 and the beginning of the 1940.

I enjoyed the book on Japanese ground forces. It went into every weapon system that the Japanese used in wwII.

Great book of all the different types of equipment and weapons

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