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HACKING: Beginner's Crash Course - Essential Guide To Practical: Computer Hacking, Hacking For Beginners, & Penetration Testing (Computer Systems, Computer Programming, Computer Science Book 1)

Ethical Hacking Tutorial Right At Your Fingertips! Updated and Expanded for 2016Please Note: You Don’t Need a Kindle Device to Read this Book. It’s Available for Immediate Reading by Downloading a Free Kindle Reader to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.EASY TO USE, ON POINT, INFORMATIVE, AFFORDABLE!This playbook guide is made with the purpose of teaching you how to be an effective hacker. It will enhance your skills, improve your technique and make you a pro in the world of hacking. Hackers play an important role in maintaining security and preventing cyber-attacks from others who have more malicious purposes. Ethical hackers break into systems legally and ethically. This book is built for ethical hackers interested in scanning ports and seeking vulnerabilities, examining patch installations to ensure they can’t be exploited, and many other penetration testing methods. This book has a lot of things in-store for you, including:•Basics of ethical hacking and penetration testing•Building the Testing Lab•Penetration testing tools•Performing a Network Scan•Exploiting the Findings of the Network Scan•Social Engineering•Tools and techniques to evade antivirus•Password CrackingDownload this book and open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you’re interested in hacking for a career or a hobby, have a read through this guide. By the time you’re finished, I’m certain you’ll feel that it was time well spent!Get in the Game by Clicking “Buy Now” at the Top of this Page Today!Note: This book is available to read for free through Kindle Unlimited and Prime.

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Hacking for beginners is a great guide that can help you understand how it works and what it really is. This made me think about how secure my computer is, how strong is my password and other important information that anyone should know. I like how straightforward it is and easy to understand. This is a very educational and fun read!

A lot of this information just goes way over my head usually, but as I started reading, the explanations in it made a lot of sense. I read through it, and I think it can be an excellent guide for hackers.

I picked it up for my partner, he's an IT freak and pretty interested in "ethical hacking" , He seems to be enjoying his read. !(I didn't even know that such a concept existed until I found this book).

I find this book extremely helpful. I always thought hacking is used only for people who want to get into someone's personal computer and take information. This book has actually changed my perception on hacking. It focuses on ethical hacking and penetration testing which are used in protecting information from anyone who might steal information and perform malicious attacks to your system.I like how detailed this book is, it makes complex terms that are mostly common only to IT specialists easy to understand by an average person like myself and someone who is totally new to the hacking world. Excellent guide in building a foundation in white hat ethical hacking.

Good book for list of tools and where to get them for each type of hack. Though I only gave the book three stars as it didn't show examples of what the results of the use of the took(s) would yield. The author expects the reader to build a test computer network system and download OS and hacker tools to learn with. I personally was hoping to learn more by reading before jumping in with both feet.

I truly enjoyed the flow of the book, list of programs, and sample scripts. As a noob I can't comment on how up to date or relative the information is however, I can tell you that it provided valuable insight into how varied the security industries job focuses can be. As a web developer and low level certified IT tech, I found the tools and explanation of some of the tools uses to be invaluable. If you're looking for a starting place in understanding ethical hacking that won't leave you lost in the weeds give this book a read. :-)

Really useful stuff! I'm not totally new in hacking but I found some very valuable tips and tricks in this book that I've never heard of before. The book is what it promises; a crash course. You learn a lot in a short time and there's a lot of useful information without any fluff.

If you're looking for a quick little guide on how to protect your systems against hacking vulnerabilities, this is it. This is a short read on the basics of hacking so you can properly protect yourself. Nice little guide.

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