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Minecraft 1.9: Brothers In Arms -- An Unofficial 1.9 Minecraft Adventure (Minecraft Secrets, Minecraft Guide, Minecraft Handbook, Minecraft Seeds, Minecraft Diary)

Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update Adventure!Check out a brief introduction to our hot, new adventure:“I was falling for what seemed like an eternity, my legs twitching all the way down as if they were trying to make me swim. I vaguely remember cutting full speed through the wispy clouds but I don’t recall landing, which must mean it didn’t actually hurt me at all. I woke up face down on what seemed like a beach, but it was the strangest beach I’ve ever seen in my life – the sand was orderly arranged throughout the beach and none of it was sticking to my clothes or skin. I pushed myself up on my feet and started exploring. Sheep were bleating on a nearby meadow and a single chicken was trying in vain to climb out of a shallow pool. In the distance I saw beautiful vistas, lazy meandering rivers and – are those lavafalls? Then it struck me – I’m inside Minecraft!An immense feeling of joy overwhelmed me as I started hopping around, punching trees and eyeing the nearby mountain where I would build my stronghold. It is going to be awesome, with a massive armored knight statue on top of it. “This is the best day of my life”, I thought as a squeaky voice came through the clouds: “Hey, wake up, wake up, heywakeupwakeup” and ripped the world apart. The ease with which I was moving in the dream world just a few moments ago was suddenly shattered and I felt my real body, with all the weight of the real world concentrated on my eyelids. I moved them just so I can confirm my suspicions – it was my younger brother rocking my arm, interrupting my sweet dream with the terrible timing that younger siblings are wont to have. “What is it?” I said annoyed. “Minecraft 1.9 is out, yes it is, it just came out, I am already playing it, come on brother”, he blurted. I suddenly felt a new rush of energy in my body and jumped out of the bed. Now this is what happens when dreams come true.”Combat Update ready!The new Minecraft 1.9 update, also known as the “Combat Update”, focuses on bringing challenge into encounters with various hostile mobs found inside the game: skeletons will now try to smartly outmaneuver you while baby zombies have become a veritable danger rather than just a nuisance. Also, this update enriches The End dimension with more content, adds new graphical elements to the interface, new potion, arrow and block types, shields and an off-hand slot while changing how brewing works. There is so much content here that it’s hard to make sense of it all by listing it, so let’s take a deep breath and jump right into it… Take action, not now, but right now, and download this exciting Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update adventure!

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This book is an amazing detailed helpful overview of the latest version of the Minecraft 1.9 also known as combat update. I learned a lot from this book like the end dimension with more content, added new graphical elements to the interface, new potion, the dark fortress, the dragon, and much much more that is why i love this book. It is so helpful especially if you are a beginner. I highly suggest you buy this book! Thank you and godbless.

I have to say that this little book is neatly organized and I quite liked it. Further additions and explain some of the changes since 1.9 update counter, there is a short story for you to enjoy. Although I'm playing this game, but many things were new to me in this book and to implement the exit. I really like this guide and recommend this book to everyone.

To be honest I really don't like the Minecraft game so I was a bit hesitant but I gave it a shot and it was as really good story. I really don't get the game but the story was solid and I am sure people who like Minecraft will enjoy it even more. The images are a cute touch and make the story more enjoyable.

I got this book for my brother. He has this "thing"for minecraft stories. I took the liberty of going through it before giving it to him. I noticed that the book does not only contain a story It also contain something like a review of the new minecraft 1.9 also called the combat update.I find it interesting that the author was able to incorporate it into a story. My kid brother love this book because I did not only get him a minecraft story, but also a story with some applications to the game.

I totally enjoyed reading this Minecraft adventure story. Each scene, especially the ones that came with screen capture images, made me want to recreate my own version. It’s good to know there is an update which makes Minecraft all the more exciting to play. I commend the author for giving an excellent overview that is also a walkthrough, but in Kindle form.

If you are just starting out then I highly recommend this book because the game will actually be easier and funnier to play. I found this book informative because it provided with detailed descriptions and images. An excellent guide! Highly recommended.

This is a good little story that you and your kids will love! Even if you have never heard of Minecraft, your kids have, trust me. They'll be sure to enjoy this book! I would recommend it to anyone who likes Minecraft or whose kids like Minecraft!

It was a well written book, I should say. I do not play Minecraft nor I read anything about it. But when my little cousin ask me to purchase it, I tried. And when I started reading it, the book started to entertain me. Although there are terms that I cannot understand. I must say that this is such a great book! Well done and great job!

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